my name is heath. I was born on July 4981 I had open heart surgery when I was a baby I was very sick when I was a baby..the doctors didn't think I was going to make it they thought I wouldn't live but I did  then when I was 12 years old I had Scoliosis.  it were your spin curves I had to get two metal rods in my back so I can't play foot ball or any sports I can play basket ball maybe base ball I m not really a sports guy my hobbies are listing to collecting super hero like spider-man or the Avengers going to movie theaters watching movies and TV series I love the older classic shows my favorite classic show is called family ties I love Michal j fox hes my favorite actor even since I saw back to the future part movies  I knew he was my favorite actor for TV series I love to watch cartoons and comedies  I don't watch today comedies cause of the cussing  and nudity but I do like the big bang theory I also been watching this  show called the middle I also liked 8 simple rules staring john ritter my other favorite show is called  home improvement its really funny it stars movie star Tim Allen I also like walking out side.


Heath Jackson