The Alstead Flood

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This is the page where you can get all the info I have on the flood that overtook Alstead, NH, on October 9, 2005.
Please note: I did not take these photos, nor do I own their images. Nor do I know their owners. If you see your images posted here and want me to remove them, please contact me and I will.
The Alstead flood book "Too Much Water Too Much Rain" is now available. Pick up your copies at the Alstead Town Office, the Shedd-Porter Library, Tammy's Brickhouse Floral Shop in Alstead, the Alstead Village Market, Toadstool Bookshop in Keene, the Village Square Books in Bellows Falls, and from the publisher at

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To see PICTURES, click on the links below. The map highlights the areas you'll be viewing starting upstream at Warren Pond, walking downstream.

WARNING!!! If you access the internet using a PHONE line, going to the following pages will lock up your PC!!!

1 - Warren Pond to Cooper Hill                         4 - Kmiec's, Vilas Pool, and the S curve

2 - Cooper Hill to the 12A Junction                  5 - Alstead Village

3 - The mile below the 123/12A junction       6 - River Street to Drewsville, and Cold River Bridge


MORE photos of the Alstead flood are posted at smugmug, here and here.

MORE at, here.

Dennis Croteau's photos of (first) Walpole, (then) Alstead here.

There are some here at WKNH radio's site.


And here are pictures from other area towns:

Route 12A on the Surry side of Alstead Center.

This is actually in Surry. 

Rte 12A in Surry:

Rte 12A in Surry:

While we're in Alstead Center, let's skip over to River Road in Surry... Suzanne drives this road home from Alstead. When Jess and Ni took Greg home during the auction, they were told not to drive over River Road. Now I'm glad they took a different route.

Alstead Fire Department.

This one's taken in Acworth but I had to include it because I like Acworth. 

This is Route 10 in Gilsum.

On October 9th, so many NH roads were closed that Channel 9, WMUR in Manchester, NH, posted a page of road closings. It looked dire for Alstead.