Kmiec's/Vilas Pool/the SCurve

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Page down to see flood pictures of the Vilas Pool road, Kmiec's corner, and the s-curve below Kmiec's.

This is Kmiec's corner from above. The two brooks - Cold River and Warren Brook - flow from the right and converge over there on the left. In the center of the photo you can see the imprint of where Kmiec's Garage stood before the flood. Just to the left of the imprint you can see the blue caps of where the gas pumps stood. 

Same corner, looking downstream at where the S curve begins. The road from Vilas Pool joined right there at the beginning of the curve where there's a chunk taken out. Notice the road's nowhere to be seen. The flood waters came down 123/12A from the bottom left to the top right of this photo.

The beginning of the S curve. At the upper right you can see the blue topics of where the gas tanks used to be. Before the flood, Warren Brook (from the right) joined Cold River (from the left) higher up than this, at a spot that's not in this photo.

The imprint of the former gas station and the blue caps where the gas tanks were.

One last look before we go down and take a walk around.

This is the old Kmiec house. 

And this is Kmiec's house. What a shame, huh?

Brad and Kitty Kmiec's house across from the big yellow house.

Vilas Pool road. This is taken from the Acworth side... Kmiec's corner is up ahead. This road joined with route 123/12A just before the S curve. Notice that this road is washed away. This side of the hill did not take a direct hit from the flood water, but the volume must have backed up around the curve and taken out this section of the road.

Somewhere around Vilas Pool.

This is the road near Vilas Pool.

And teh road down closer to Kmiec's corner.

Kmiec's corner, looking upstream. 

Kmiec's corner, looking upstream, up Rt 123/12A.

Kmiec's corner. The blue caps are there on the right.

Kmiec's garage.

The corner at Kmiec's garage.

Kmiec's Garage (it's gone):

The chunk of missing road just before the S curve. Looking downstream.

This is what that same section looked like a week later. That's a temporary bridge. Alstead is beyond the backhoe and the pool is to your right up the road a ways.

Same corner, taken from the other direction, lookup up toward Vilas Pool.

Here's the temporary bridge that spans the new riverbed at Kmiec's corner. It looks like a fireman's ladder to me. 

Here's the S curve downstream from Kmiec's corner.

These next shots are taken at the bend just below Kmiec's corner.

S curve, looking back toward Kmiec's corner.

Same perspective, later, with rescue crews.

The National Guard tending repairs, taken from Kmiec's corner. 

The S curve a week later, cleaned up and actually driveable. With the temporary bridge way in the background.

This was a week after the flood, across the road from the Alstead Elementary School.

This is across from the elementary school. 

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