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Because there are so many people working very hard trying to train their own Service Dogs (SDs) and not enough available good Service Dog Trainers across the country, HELPERDOGS is offering an on-line course for interested "Owner Trainers" (OTs).

The training, handling of a Service Dog In Training (SDIT), and the close "teamwork" between canine and human partners is exceptionally individualized.  This requires special training for each SDIT and human partner making a class type situation impossible for SDIT teams to succeed. So......   

We've developed a new idea.  We have set up "course blocks" in which OTs in varying stages of their training and SD Team partnership can work with HELPERDOGS and with each other.  The newer teams will be able to learn from the older teams.  The older teams will be able to review their work while interacting with the newer teams.  Everyone, at every stage, will have the same opportunity to learn about public access training, Federal and State laws about SDs, how to deal with people who challenge their civil rights to public access with their SD or SDIT, and the extra care necessary to maintain a working SD or a SDIT.

HELPERDOGS shares this information by helping our clients assess their own needs - what a dog can do to mitigate their disabilities and allow them to have a more independent lifestyle.  We guide the OT through basic training, public access skills, as well as legal knowledge.

How do we do this?
    1.  Weekly e-mail "private lessons and homework".
    2.  Weekly e-mail "group goals".
    3.  A scheduled real time chat each week.
    4.  Suggested reading materials.
    5.  A private email list for our clients to consult with us and each other.
    6.  An outline and forms to guide and track each client's training progress.
                Module 1    "Your Dog"
                Module 2    "You"
                Module 3    "Keeping a Journal"
                Module 4    "Making a Wish List"
                Module 5    "Making Lesson Plans"
                Module 6    "Training Tasks"
                Module 7    "Public Access Skills"
                Module 8    "The
HELPERDOGS Public Access Test"
                Module 9    "The
HELPERDOGS Application for Certification and Identification"
    7.  A telephone number for bona fide Emergency problems.
    8.  All seven chat topics will be announced at the same time before the block begins.

After completing a 7 week "course block", HELPERDOGS will offer an "open book" test.  We know our clients will have learned enough to pass it. We will give a certificate for completing the seven week "course block" when the test is passed. 

IF a client wants
HELPERDOGS to certify their SDIT as a working SD, they must send us:

        1.  A video of the disabled partner working with the SDIT in public and at home.

        2.  Our required notarized form.

        3.  A Doctor's Script stating the person is disabled and benefits from using a Service Dog.

           We will carefully review all of the submitted information.
            If we agree that the SDIT is a working Service Dog, we will issue a
HELPERDOGS Certification and ID.
            If we do not agree a letter with our reasons and suggestions to complete the SDIT's training will be sent to the client.

YOU MUST REMEMBER:  You are the trainer.  HELPERDOGS will guide you through a program tailored to your needs. We also strongly suggest that you attend a local manners or obedience class with your SDIT.


   1.  The Home Schooling Course and its outline can be paid for by check or money order made out to:    Judith Sacks


 2.  Each course's outline and forms cost  $30.00 and are only available when  a first course block is taken.  They are not sold separately from the course.

 3.  Each course is a 7 week block which costs $70.00.

 4. Clients can reregister in the same course until they are confident that they are ready to progress to another course subject. 
 5. Other courses will address specific issues such as: task training, public access, the ADA, individual state laws,  service dog and veterinary care in more specific detail.

 6. Each course will continue to have a real time chat, continued access to the private
HELPERDOGS e-mail list, and group goals.  In addition, each client will receive a personalized weekly e-mail lesson/homework assignment, and may correspond with HELPERDOGS by private e-mails if clarification or help is needed.  

 7. New course blocks will begin approximately every 8 weeks and will be posted on our Calendar Page.

 8. A new client is welcome to join any course block late, and every effort will be made to help the client catch up to the group already started.

 9. All fees must be paid in advance.

Please contact  HELPERDOGS  before sending any applications or fees to confirm that a course is being offered.  Please use e-mail for this initial contact.

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* To register click on the Application Form bar below and follow the instructions.

11. When the form is complete print and mail it to
HELPERDOGS with $100.00 for the first 7 week Home Schooling course block.   Be sure to sign  the form you snail mail.

  12.  Each additional block will cost $70.00.  When the form is complete print and mail it to HELPERDOGS with $70.00 for the additional block.  When the form is complete print it out, be sure to sign it, and mail it to HELPERDOGS.

13.  After completing at least one (1) course block IF a client wants  HELPERDOGS certification and ID,  the Fee for reviewing the required information is $25.00.  When the form is complete print and mail it to
HELPERDOGS with $25.00.

To save a place for yourself in each session, please click the button below for the application form. FIRST send one copy via e-mail.  When you hear back from us THEN send a second signed copy and the correct fee by snail mail.  Your place will be confirmed when we receive your completed, signed form along with the payment fee.  In order to join our on-line training courses, you will have to copy and paste the form into your e-mail and then also print it so you can send it to us via snail mail.  Instructions are above the Application Form on the next page.

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