Chapter 25

The next station where the group headed were the stables, where a very special horse was on display.  The Countess explained to her guests that the world famous horse, Geronimo, a three time Kentucky Derby winner, had only recently arrived at the zoo, as part of their new exhibit on horse breeding.  When the Countess had heard about Geronimo's arrival, only weeks before, she knew that the mighty stud would be the perfect specimen for her stable display.  As the group walked along, the remaining female members of the party, with the exception of the Countess and Michele, the Russian ambassador, Katya Kincaid, and the Japanese consort of Mishima-san, Bokuko, or 'Bo' for short, suddenly began to feel the ultra suggestive effects of the Mahala laced wine.  Unlike the other women, young and petite Bo, spoke no other language than Japanese.  Other than her escort, Mishima-san, she had no one to speak verbally to, but when she caught sight of Atikur undressing her with his eyes, she realized, after the spectacle in the snake pit, that there was a universal language now being spoken, that of basic human primal desire.

Once at the stable's the group looked through the window to see an African woman brushing Geronimo's hair, after which she motioned for the group to enter, after which she asked for two volunteers, a man and a woman, to see for themselves why the last group was laughing; however, as Bo could not understand why Atikur had directed to the center, she looked down to the stable floor as she knelt next to him on the soft hay. It wasn't until she noticed the shadow on the ground that she looked up again.  There, right next to her, stood Geronimo.  But that wasn't what caught her eye. What did catch her attention was the cock that was sticking out of his underside. She was shocked to see the size of it, for it was at least two feet long and as thick as her arm, the sight of which was surreal to her.  No more than the fact that she realized that she might be responsible for arousing such a monstrous looking cock, but what was shocking her even more was her desire to touch the stallion's cock as Mishima-san ordered her to crawl closer to Geronimo's hindquarters, as he motioned for Atikur to proceed with fucking his young concubine by disrobing her of her expensive kimono.  When she was within reach, the African woman, who was talking in French, looked down at her and lifted her right hand, making her touch the cock with her fingers.  However, despite the erotic site earlier in the snake pit, Bo pulled it back almost as fast, for the heat that was generated from the horse's cock felt almost scalding in comparison to a man's.

However, despite her initial fear, as Atikur began to remove her kimono, Bo's now wet pussy caused her to quickly regain her courage as she reached up to grasp Geronimo's cock again.  All the while the rest of the group watched in silence as Atikur began to suck on the Japanese beauty's firm breasts and hairless pussy. Yet, despite the attention now being paid to her young body by her fellow human participant in this bestiality scenario, Bo stroked her hand along the immense length of horse cock. She was amazed how sturdy he was along its full length, since, from past experience with her human partners, the longer the cock, the harder it was for them to maintain rigidity along the length, as it often took too much blood for them to hold their stiffness.

As Bo knelt in front of Geronimo's 24 inch cock, from behind, Atikur slowly inserted his cock inside her pussy, which brought Bo's attention from front to back as she pushed her ass back to the cock that was now fucking her slowly, as Atikur anticipated what it was hoped would come next.  As she savored the Indian cock humping her from behind, Bo never released Geronimo's mighty shaft, yet despite her position underneath the stallion, as her boss and his friends looked on, she found it very difficult to accept as yet how turned on she was becoming. Being so close to the equine cock, even her human nose could pick up the distinct smell of sex emanating from it.  Thanks to the four glasses of Mahala wine she savored earlier, which now left her with no self control, Bo pulled on the giant shaft above her in the hopes of trying to lower the stallion to her kneeling position so that she could get a closer look at it.

The horse's shaft was so stiff, it felt like trying to bend a metal rod, rather than one of flesh.  But slowly, inexorably, the giant cock was bending to her will.  With a bit more effort young Bo finally managed to get the cock-head down in front of her face, for she was fascinated at its strange shape, including the flatness of the head and how thick the veins were that ran along its sides.  Even the piss-hole was so different from what she would expect of a cock, any cock.  The piss-hole looked like a straw sticking out of Geronimo's penis.

"The easier to drink out of," Bo thought amusingly. "I guess."

As soon as the thought entered her mind, Bo began wondering how a horse would taste differently from a man.  She didn't have to think about it for too long, for she was long past considering about the taboo of what she was contemplating.  With Atikur now fucking blissfully and slowly away at her cunt, Bo moved closer to her stallion and began licking the length of its cock, as Geronimo snorted loudly as he felt the strange sensation of the human's tongue sliding along his penis, the texture of which Bo loved.  The texture of the horse cock was so different that she definitely knew now that she wanted to suck on it as quickly as possible.  With that in mind Bo began running her tongue towards the cock-head and licked around that its tip, squashing her tongue on it and licking its entire surface.

From Michele's vantage point, the site of the lithe Oriental sucking on the giant cock of the massive stallion was, thanks to her earlier hypnosis, far from repulsive, as she felt her pussy melting with every lick by Bo of the stallion's prick.  For the Countess, watching the beautiful Japanese concubine kneeling in worship to the cock of the magnificant black stallion before her was all the confirmation that she needed to reassure her that her first 'Zoophilia' gala party was definitely not going to be her last.  As for the lovely Bo-san's male escort, Ambassador Mishima-san, he had selected the young 20 year old specifically because she was an insatiable lover and had few, if any, sexual hang ups, as the sight before him confirmed.

With one hand holding onto Geronimo's cock, Bo found that she didn't have to support Atikur, whose name she did not know,  and herself from the ground with her other arm, for the sturdiness of the equine cock was sufficient to accomplish this.  This allowed her to start using her now free hand to other pleasures. Such as rubbing her clit or tweaking her stiff and sensitive nipples. This unlikely threesome continued in this unusual gangbang for a good fifteen minutes before Bo felt Atikur shoot his cum into her cunt.  By this time she had miraculously stuffed the stallion's cock-head past her lips and was sucking on it feverishly.

With her hand on Geronimo's shaft stroking along its length trying to make him cum as well, for she now desperately wanted to taste horse semen, at least once, before deciding how far she should go.  Behind her, Atikur remained tied to Bo after having shot his load, while Bo remained vigilantly attached to Geronimo's cock, sucking hard and stroking just as desperately.  However, the one thing that she hadn't been counting was Geronimo suddenly acting on instinct as his hindquarters unexpectedly humped forward.  Forcing another few inches into her mouth, Bo was willing to take in the cock-head, but to have even a few inches stuffed past her lips was beyond reason.  With the giant member in her small mouth, Bo's jaw ached at this sudden mass in her mouth as she tried to keep her teeth away from the stallion's cock, a feat that seemed almost impossible considering its girth.

Just about then, Bo felt Atikur pull out, only to be replaced by her brother, Anjun's cock, as she was now being fucked from behind once again, the sensation of which helped her in handling the horse cock in her mouth.  After several more long minutes, as Bo finally looked over her shoulder at the larger audience that had gathered.  Unlike the last group of guests who had visited Geronimo's stable, the Countess's group was the first that had gone beyond mere admiration of the 1,000 pound champion stud.  As Bo marveled at crowd that had gathered around her, she suddenly tasted a trickle of horse cum escaping its straw like hole.  Wanting to get this done with, for she was now tiring after having been in the same kneeling position for so long, Bo intensified her efforts at getting the stallion off, while at the same time she urged on Anjun, concentrating her efforts at humping in unison with him.

As the crowd around her suddenly gasped, as the stallion's bridle was held tight by one of the soldier's, Bo heard a loud snort from Geronimo who bucked and then humped forward once more as it tried to sink deeper into the petite woman's mouth, even though it was physically impossible to go any further inside her mouth, as Bo's throat could never accommodate something so wide.  Nonetheless, the horse's added excitement was a sure sign that he was fast approaching his own climax.  Then, before she was ready, for the second time she felt hot fluids of Indian jism shooting in her pussy, at the same instant as the first powerful jet of horse cum flooded her mouth and throat.  That single ejaculation was enough to completely fill her cavity.  So much so, that it squirted out the corner of her mouth and even escaped through her nose.

The force of Geronimo's ejaculation forced Bo to spit out the horse cock, gagging, while below her a large puddle formed from the cum that escaped from her mouth.  Then, as she gagged momentarily as she tried desperately to catch her breath, a second splash of horse jism shot over her face and body.  Then, with the horse cum dripping from all over her now sweaty body, Bo herself also climaxed.  After which, once she recovered from the initial shock of the amount of cum that poured forth from the stallion, Bo returned her lips to the horse cock and resumed sucking on it.  Yet, despite the taboo nature of sucking a horse cock, and the gagging effect that it inflicted on her, she found that she loved the flavor of Geronimo's jism, as she sucked and swallowed as fast as she could.  But, despite her reputation in Japan as a master cock-sucker, Bo simply could not keep up with the huge beast.  For, with each new ejaculation, there was always some that escaped, despite her best efforts.

Finally, after what seemed like gallons of cum being shot in her distended stomach, the flow of cum from the stallions finally appeared to be subsiding.  Yet, even as the horse's cum subsided, Bo sucked for a few minutes more before releasing the giant cock from her lips.  By this time, Anjun had also finished with his business and had dismounted her a few minutes earlier. After which Bo collapsed in a heap on the straw covered floor, as the crowd let out an applause with shouts of "bravo". Bo was now covered completely in covered in horse jism, despite her best efforts to suck it all down, while on her other end, Anjun and Atikur's leaked from her wasted vagina.  After a few minutes, the brothers helped the now sated and tousled haired Japanese beauty to her feet, after which two African women cleaned her body off with warm towels and then helped her put back on her kimono.

As the group was waiting for Bo to clean up and compose herself, the Countess cornered Michele and asked her, "So, did that little display change your mind.  It did mine.  Now I want to fuck the horse myself.  I mean, that cock!!  I wonder how it would feel in another warm and moist place."

To which Michele replied with a wicked smile, "How soon before we can find out?"

"Oh don't you worry my dear, there are plenty more stallions to choose from, but first we need to go to the next exhibit.  I hear the newly discovered giant Virunga apes are of equal magnifecence."

As the group walked to the place where a group of Russian and African women were displaying to the guests the wonders of the beast's male anatomy, Luc asked Michele if she had made a decision.  To which she replied that she had not, for she wanted to see more before committing her body.  Of course Luc knew that Michele would not disappoint, but despite his desire to see his lover savor some bestial pleasures, he was also worried for her safety as he had no idea just how powerful the Okapi's were. However, instead of showing his concern, he asked Michele if she wanted more Mahala wine, to which she readily said "oui".

About 15 minutes later, the group found themselves walking next to the newly constructed exhibits that housed the docile gray and hairless Virunga giant hairless gorillas, human like cousins of the Bonobo chimpanzee, which the experts agreed were very close cousins to man.  Yet, despite their recent discovery by a group of explorers searching for the Lost City of Zinjh, the man sized apes had long been written about in the legend of that strange area called the Virunga mountains.  The Paris exhibit contained three male apes, but no females, as none had been yet discovered.  Thus it was feared that the species would soon die out if now female of the species was soon found.  However, despite the erotic possibilities of mating with such a well endowed man like species, the Countess, because of the fact that the behavior of the apes was only recently being studied, had ruled out using them in the exhibition, however that did not mean that her guests could not admire them, for the three apes were a media favorite because of the fact that they were well groomed, and liked to proudly display their manly wares to the zoo patrons.

As the group approached, no one noticed that one of the three apes had managed to leap up onto the peremeter of the seemingly inescapable habitat, for he and the others had smelled sex in the air, and for the three, after a year of forced celibacy, they were desparate to get relief.  As the group passed by, Katya, who was the last person in the line that passed by, as she chatted with Luc, suddenly felt a strong hand grip her arm and pull her off her heels and backwards into the ape pit as she screamed in fear.  On the way to grab Katya, the large ape physically pushed Luc aside as he grabbed Katya's arm.  The ape had of grip made of iron, and no matter what she did, as he lifted her lithe body up and down into the pit, Katya couldn't get him to let her go.  Once he had collected Katya and delivered her down onto the ground, with his other humanlike hand, the ape pushed her easily back. Yet, despite their small frame, about a foot shorter than the tall Katya, the apes were extremely strong creatures.  Then, as Katya kicked her now barefeet, in a desperate attempt to escape, the most unusual thing happened.  Using his feet as another set of hands, he clasped Katya's ankles and held her helplessly to the ground.

From above, a crowd had gathered and was now watching as Katya struggled to desperately get loose.  However, for Katya, a rescue was not in the offering as the smart apes had obviously planned their human heist in advance, for they had jammed all the locks and had blocked off all of the entrances to where they were now, tearing her sheer dress of to expose her firm jiggling braless breasts and her tiny white g-string.  Yet, despite their desire to swoop in and rescue Katya, the trained soldiers nearby were ordered by the Countess to stand down, for she feared they would do more damage than good, thus they and everyone else were forced to stand there as below them they watched as Katya was rendered helpless by the big ape who now held her down.

For the first time in her adult, even teenaged life, Katya, who in her career as a Russian intelligence agent had faced many life and death situations, was truly frightened about what might happen to her next.  Then, in her struggle, as she screamed and pled for rescue, Katya looked up and was suddenly faced with an unbelievable sight.  Before her eyes the almost hairless grey ape was getting a hard-on, and what a beautiful hard-on it was too, for already it had reached a length of over a foot and seemed to be growing still.  Thanks in large part to the Mahala in her blood stream, Katya's fright was soon replaced by lust, for the  longer she stared at that solid piece of meat the more she wanted to go further. As the ape cock continued to grow, it got closer to Katya's face.  The large simian wasn't oblivious to her treasure either, for his bestial sense of smell detected her love juices in the air and sniffed it back to its source, after which he then stuck out its long ape tongue and slithered it deep inside her moist vagina.

As the rough tongue entered her, Katya was amazed at the length of the ape's tongue, for it must have been at least nine inches if not longer.  It managed to reach deeper than any tongue she had ever had before, and it was so much longer, and thicker too, than anything she had stuffed in her cunt, other than a cock that is. From above, the guests had a hard time believing that the young and attractive diplomat was actually enjoying this simian rape of her athletic and buxom body, even though she didn't have a choice in the matter.  However, not all of the guests were as shocked, as the sight of the ape rape, which he had witnessed many times as a young man in the jungle, caused the Congolese ambassador to unzip his fly slowly stroke his cock at the sight of the Russian diplomatic sex symbol, as the ape had its way with her body.

Elsewhere, inside their habitat, the other two gray apes noticed their friend and what he was doing, after which they both approached cautiously to observe more closely.  As they came closer they too picked up the distinctive smell of sex in the air, then went straight for her groin as Katya could feel three thick simian tongues now digging into her pussy.  The one thing that she did notice as different about monkey tongues was that they were almost as thick as a human cock, but unlike a cock they would twist like a snake inside of her, reaching areas as yet untouched by another being. The two new simians had all their hands free and found her tits, grabbing one each, mauling them and pinching her nipples.  One of the apes even went so far as to explore her butt and discovered her puckered asshole, hastily inserting one of his long, thick simian fingers and then pushing it past her sphincter. To Katya it felt like a cock was being inserted in her ass.  Though she loved being fucked in the ass, this was the first time that a finger was giving her as good a penetration as a cock did.  Now that her hormones were in full bloom, Katya squirmed her ass to entice the ape to continue and to try and get more of his finger inside of her.  Then, with each knuckle that passed her tight ass ring, she orgasmed, the sound of which carried up to the spectators, calming the fears of many.

With all the tongue action at her cunt, Katya could no longer hold off on what she knew was inevitable as she lifted her head and gulped down the head of the first ape.  When her lips touched the massive hairless cock, the big ape raised his head up from her groin in surprise and looked around, for he couldn't see how his cock could be buried somewhere when there wasn't another cunt around, yet despite the unfamiliar feeling of a human tongue, the animal's instincts took over and he hunched down driving his cock deeper in Katya's mouth. Then one of the other large beasts shoved the one holding her down aside, though he never lost contact with Kataya's mouth as his cock kept fucking her throat, the shove did manage to dislodge him from her vagina, leaving it available to his buddy.  Then, as soon as that second ape saw that Katya's gaping wet vagina available, he scrunched down and inserted his own stiff cock at its entrance and thrust forward.

"Mmmmmmm!"  Katya hummed in excitement at feeling of the large ape cock enter her.

The two apes inside of Katya then traded handholds of her limbs, as the one stuffing her mouth kept holding onto her outstretched arms, while his kindred took hold of her ankles as he shoved more of his hard cock in her cunt.  Nearby, however, the third great ape was somewhat left out as he could only satisfy himself with fingering her asshole and playing with her nipples by occasionally leaning over and sucking harder on her aerolas than any lover ever did before, the force of which left large hickeys on each of them. From above the guests looked on in fascination as the simians shoved their large penises in Katya's mouth and pussy. Because of the close distance from the fence to the center of the pit, they could clearly see her lips being stretched way out of shape to accommodate the great ape as his friend was having the same effect on her elastic pussy-lips.

The two apes impaling Katya then rolled themselves on the ground carrying Katya's light body with them, as she found herself suspended in the air, her mouth and cunt still stuffed with their large members. Now that Katya was rolled over on her belly, on top of the second ape, in this position she presented a target to the third simian rapist, as he spied her puckered asshole that was available now, removed his long finger from her bunghole and then climbed on top of her, while the other two managed the extra weight with ease. Once on top the third ape hunched down and guided his hard cock to Katya's exposed sweaty and dirty ass.  When that large penis forced its way in her ass, she had to resist from biting down on the cock in her mouth from the pain that it was causing her.

"Grrargh!"  The gathering crowd heard her growl past the simian cock stuffing her mouth.

This anal invasion took much longer to get used to than any Katya had ever endured before, for the great ape only managed to shove the first three inches into her before he stopped any further attempts, as her ass muscles had stiffened and were keeping him out as best it could. Meanwhile the other two managed to shove more of their cocks in her pussy and mouth, as Katya was greatly distracted by the pain the ass fucker was trying to inflict on her.  Then, as soon as she realized that the other two apes had shoved more meat into her, her ass muscles relaxed to concentrate on their invading dicks, which in turn allowed the ass plunging ape to shove more of his in her butt.  This seesaw went on for endless minutes, until all three apes had buried their full lengths in all three of Katya's holes as they too moaned in ecstasy.  As they pummeled her body, Katya estimated that each of them measured at least fifteen inches.  Not to soon after the whole seesaw sequence, Katya kept having multiple orgasms over and over until soon she couldn't even tell when one ended or the next began. Then in rhythmic unison the three apes began fucking her together, as Katya was soon beyond herself as the three large cocks fucked in and out of her three holes.

For the first time in her sexual memory, Katya passed out from sheer sexual bliss.  Meanwhile, from above, Luc, Atikur and Anjun suddenly became worried when they saw her whole body go limp in the midst of the bestial rape.  At first, they feared that she might have died from the ape sexual attack, but they soon relaxed when they both noticed that her breathing remained regular, even though her body showed no sign of life.  It was at that point, thanks to his remembrances of watching her fuck in the past, Luc quickly realized that she had in fact passed out from ecstasy.  Meanwhile, down below, Katya groaned. "Mmmmmh!"  As she started to regain consciousness a few moments later.  Suddenly, as her mind snapped back into reality, Katya's eyes fluttered open to stare blankly at the first apes hairless balls that were just inches from her face.  Up close, she could clearly see justhow big they were and could only imagine how much jism she sensed they  held.

For the next 30 minutes the crowd watched in silence as the three simian cock continued to fuck Katya senseless.

'How long can they keep going?'  She was beginning to wonder.

Eventually, the ape in her pussy was the first to give a sign that he was nearing climax as she could could feel its cock twitch inside her just a few moments before the hot simian semen suddenly flooded her womb, the fiery sensation of which drove her to yet another orgasm, for it seemed that the flow would never stop as his cock kept spurting up into her like an open tap.  From above, the Countess and the others could not help but smile as they saw the great ape in her pussy lurch his head back and let out a might savage below, after which they saw the simian semen squirt out past Katya's clenching pussy lips.  What they didn't know was just how much cum was now being injected inside of her. As they saw the overflow from her pussy, the Countess and the others began to worry about the one stuffing her mouth, for if he also began shooting such an amount of jism, she might choke to death before the soldier's could come and save her.

When the second ape finished shooting her pussy, he remained in place so as to continue suspending the woman's weakened body for his compatriots.  The next to begin shooting was indeed the first one, the  one presently stuffing her mouth.  Katya could feel the warm fluid shoot almost directly into her stomach, that is, until he began pulling out as the jism flooded her mouth and she got her first taste of simian cum that day, the taste of which sh found much saltier than a man's, but which she found delectable nonetheless.  As the ape continued spurting, Katya swallowed as fast as she could, but that it turned out, wouldn't be fast enough as the monkey sperm seeped out of her mouth, and then her nose, yet despite the continued spurting gobs of the thick fluid, she still kept trying to drink it all. Then, in the midst of Katya's mouth getting flooded, the third ape began shooting his own load in her ass, the force of which made Katya's body shake as another, more powerful orgasm hit her.

"MmmmArgh!"  Katya screamed despite the spurting cock that was still plunging in and out of her mouth.

Katya's body was shaking now from exhaustion while still in the grasp of the apes raping her.  Finally the ape in her mouth pulled completely out and she gasped a deep breath of fresh air for the first time in what seemed to be almost an eternity.  Even after the cock was removed from her mouth she was gasping and gagging on the thick spunk in her throat as she continued to breathe in deeply. The third ape was the last to cum, as her ass milked nearly a pint of thick ape spunk into her empty bowels, after which he pulled out of her ass with a very loud pop and jumped back down to terra firma.  Then, once the three apes were done, they simply dropped her limp form to the ground and then wandered away to sleep, acting as if nothing had happened.

Moments after the apes entered their cave to sleep, a group of soldiers, with loaded tranquelizers rappeled into the pit and  rushed across the stream to the semi-conscious diplomat.  As soon as they reached her they searched for a pulse.  They were both relieved when they located, for it was nice and strong. They then picked her up and made their way back toward the entrance, where a doctor was waiting.  However, upon seeing the doctor, Katya waved him off with a smile of complete sexual satisfaction, as she asked the Countess to get her some fresh clothes, after which she mesmerized the crowd of about 100 with her detailed description of just how much pleasure the African apes gave her.

For Michele, hearing Katya describe the bestial pleasures she received at the hands of the apes was enough to convince her to eventually agree to fully participate in the quickly approaching Okapi mating ritual, at the African Center's stage in the round, which is where all of the guests would soon be heading, but not before Michele was to witness several more acts of beastial pleasure, including a woman in the marine tank who was penetrated by a bottle nosed dolphin, as well as countless women worshiping and fucking the cocks of horses, rhinos, elk, and other exotic docile wild and tamed four legged creatures...

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