Catwoman smiled wickedly as she tested the tightness of the bonds.
"Purrrfect", she purred as she stepped back to view her handiwork.
Before her stood Batgirl, pulled against a 3 inch thick piece of
plexiglass.  Her naked breasts were pulled through two large holes
in the transparent material, held there by a pair of torturously
tight nipple clamps.  The slender lines attached to those clamps
were as tight as piano wire, gently pulling the hapless heroine's
tits into extended cones.

"Owwww", moaned Batgirl, trying to reach around the broad barrier
with one hand, even as she pressed herself tighter against it in
an effort to ease the strain.  "You bitch.  I'll get you for
this!", she snarled.

With a smile like the cat that got the canary, Selena Kyle
strolled around towards her captive's back.  "How sweet.  No
chains or locks, your hands and feet free, and you're still a
helpless prisoner.  Let's see how far we can go with this, hmmmm?"

Picking up a second piece of the armor glass, she stepped directly
behind Batgirl, admiring her leather-covered ass as she went.
With one hand she reached up towards her captive's head, grabbing
a handful of hair and drawing Batgirl's head backwards.  As
predicted, Batgirl reached for her hair with both hands, and at
that moment Catwoman completed her trap.

Swinging the heavy plastic up, she slid it into place, where it
locked securely.  It now protruded from the glass wall at a right
angle, a semi-circular cutout fitting neatly around Batgirl's
ribs.  She released Batgirls' hair.

"What is this thing, Catwoman!", cried Batgirl as she explored the
added confinement of her transparent prison.

"Well, that part is easy", explained Catwoman in a throaty
whisper, as she fondled the crimefighter's perfect bottom.  "Your
arms are free, but you can't reach your tits, or anyplace below
your waist.  Those areas are mine. " Reaching around, slowly, she
began to undo the fastenings on Batgirl's utility belt, then the
front of her batsuit.

"Hmmm.  Lets see if we can overload a bat, shall we?", she said.
Slipping her hands into the front of her prisoner's tight leather
pants, she began to massage the helpless girl's vulnerable labia.

"Nooooo", exclaimed Batgirl through clenched teeth.  She wanted to
kick, but to raise either foot put an unbearable strain on her
distended tits.  She flailed with her arms, but the glass barrier
proved impassible.  She watched in helpless frustration as her
tormentor slowly, steadily drew her to passion.

After several minutes, Catwoman stopped, bringing one long slender
finger to her lips and tasting the dew that glistened there.
"Hmm.  I think you're ready."

Batgirl swung her head to one side, then the other, striving to
see what Catwoman was up to behind her back.  She didn't have to
wonder for long.

"This should keep you from getting bored.", she said with a wicked
laugh. Carefully, she slid a long vibrator into Batgirl's sopping,
captive pussy, making sure to lodge the love-nub up against the
helpless girl's clit.  She then drew the zipper up, locking the
member in place.

"I have set the timer for 20 minutes.  You have that long, and no
longer. Then, 'Bang!", and our little game of Cat and Bat ends.
Have fun!"  Pressing a button on a complex remote, she brought the
huge quiver-stick to life.  Then, with a wicked laugh, she

Batgirl groaned as the huge cock inside her set to work, driving
her to distraction, and eventual defeat.  She twisted softly in
her bondage, seeking a way out.  She could free herself from the
glass prison if she could reach her utility belt, but it was
locked on the other side of the clear barrier.

First things first.  Pressing her forehead against the glass, she
leaned back as far as she could stand, trying to get a good look
at the clamps that were torturing her poor nipples.  They were
like small C-clamps, rather than the spring loaded type.  She
couldn't simply grit her teeth and pull loose.  Not unless she was
prepared to have her tits torn apart.

Her examinations were interrupted as the rumblings of her first
orgasm began. She gasped and writhed as the shocks passed through
her body.  She couldn't afford to give in to the pleasure, and
fought for control as the orgasm subsided.

Then, to her horror, the sensations in her loins increased.  The
vibrator had switched itself to a higher speed.  She groaned, and
tried to concentrate on her immediate problem:  Escape!

Again, she tried to spot a weakness in her bondage, feeling for
the mechanism that held the blocking panel in place, while
studying it through the clear plastic.  She soon had to give up on
her visual examination.  The clarity of the plastic was deceptive,
distorting the image just enough to deceive and distract.  Her
hips began to pump involuntarily as she was brought to second
orgasm.  This one was more intense than the first, it's power
leaving her gasping.  She glanced at the timer:  15 minutes left.
Then the vibrator stepped up it assault, and she had to
concentrate on fighting it.  If she came again, and it stepped up
its power again, she would be in a death-spiral, orgasming
repeatedly until she was a drooling idiot.

Drooling?  Quickly, she began to work her mouth, trying to gather
her spittle for a mad attempt at freedom.  Straining against the
painful pull of the nipple-ties, she lowered her head as far
forward as she could, and began to drool down onto her naked tit-

The thick, warm fluid ran down the slope of her breast like a tiny
river. Then, to her frustration, the river began to change course,
rolling down the side of her mound.  She knew that any more saliva
would simply follow the course of that stream.  She twisted her
head, and began again on the other side.

Again, she sent a stream of spittle down onto her bound tit.  If
she didn't hit exactly the correct spot, she was lost.  Slowly,
she watched the rivulet run down her rounded mountain.  It began
to move faster as the slope increased towards the tip, until
finally it began to pool around the tortured tip.  Then, gritting
her teeth, she began to bounce gently.  The thick saliva began to
seep around the steel clamp, and it's lubricating action began to
work.  Each bounce was moving the tiny silver clamp closer and
closer to the tip.  She gave a bit of thanks for the pain, which
helped counter the mad dance of the dong buried deep inside her.

Then, with a cry of pain, she finally managed to dislodge the
clamp, and her tit sprang back to it's normal shape.  With a
groan, she stuffed her left hand through the hole that had held
her breast, and worried the clamp off of her other tit.  She was
nearly free.

Reaching further through the opening, she found the snap-lock that
held the plastic barrier in place, and staggered free of her

But her victory was short lived.  Even as she stepped away, the
vibrator inside her stepped up it's speed again, mistaking her
sudden freedom for the muscular spasms of a climax.  With a cry,
her knees buckled and she fell to the floor as wave after wave
orgasmic spasms ran through her.

The power-prick quickly escalated to top speed as she succumbed to
it, passing through 7 orgasms in as many seconds, leaving her
thrashing helplessly on the floor as she tried to open her pants
and release the thing.

Then, as often happens for our plucky heroine, luck finally fell
her way.  One of her feet kicked the remote and the engine of
madness ground to a halt.

Gasping in exhaustion, Batgirl raised her head and looked at the
clock:  Less than a minute left!  Rolling to her feet, she moved
to the door.  Mercifully, it wasn't locked, and she staggered to
safety with seconds to spare.

Surveying the room, she spotted her opponent, lounging on a low
leather couch and sipping catnip tea.  Taking a deep breath, she
drew herself full upright, placing her hands on her hips in her
trademark pose.  "Catwoman.", she snarled. "It's over.  You've had
your fun, and now it's my turn!"

"Really?", purred the feline as she flowed to her feet.  "What if
I simply do this?", she said, picking up a remote control from the
arm of the couch.

Before Batgirl could react, the vibrator that was still locked
inside her stirred to life, and she was again on the road to
orgasmic overload.

"All I have to do is keep my little toy running, and in an hour or
two you'll be a mindless cum-junkie.".

Desperately, Batgirl tore at her costume, trying to rid herself of
the huge toy.  She fell to the floor, her hands clutching at her
crotch, her naked breasts bounding wildly as she bucked in her mad

Catwoman smiled as she strolled around the chair, prepared to
gloat over her fallen foe.

However, instead of finding a mindlessly writhing Batgirl, she saw
a far different sight.  Batgirl slowly stood up, a ragged hole
torn in her leather pants, and the still buzzing shaft held
tightly in her hand.

"I've won, Catwoman", she said fiercely, pulling out the bat-

The encounter stopped in mid sentence as a red light began to
flash on the phone, and a loud beeping filled the room.

"Damn, it's the Bat-signal", complained Batgirl, rising from her
feral crouch, all semblance of rage gone.  "You wouldn't believe
what I had planned for you!"

"Well", said Selena, "It will wait.  You better call in while I
get you a fresh costume."

"Right.", replied Batgirl as she headed for the phone.

Selena listened with half an ear as she pulled out a new set of
bat-leathers for her friend.  Something about kidnapped models,
and a hostage situation.

"Are you ok to go on this one?", she asked as Batgirl hung up the
phone.  "You look pretty beat."

"I'll be ok.  I can rest on the ride over.  Its on the far side of
town from here.  But I wouldn't be so tired if you hadn't cheated
with that second remote."

Selena Kyle shook her head in amazement.  "Barbara, there is no
such thing as cheating.  There is only a new set of rules.  And
since I gave up my life of crime, I have to have *some* fun, don't
I?  Besides, I didn't really have to leave the first remote in
there with you."

"But you did.", said Batgirl as she drew the tight leather pants
over her firm, dancer's legs.  "And that means I won.  So next
time, you get to be on the receiving end."

Catwoman studied her friend for a moment before answering.  "You
still look a bit out of breath.  What say I drive you over there?
You can rest, and I'll be there to help, if you need me."

"Ok, but if you think this gets you off the hook...."