CASE 69-001 The Alien Abduction of Dana Scully

Chapter 1: Examinations

When Scully woke up, there was a bright light pounding at the back of her skull. She tried to open her eyes, but the light prevented her from doing so. Instead, she tried to remember where she was, but nothing came to mind. In fact, she had difficulty trying to remember who she was. But slowly it came back to her: Dana Scully, special agent, FBI. After that, it didn't take long before even the white light began to make some sense...

She had been on a hill. There was a lot of wind, cold and strong, and also those bright lights. Then there was the sound, a sharp hissing kind of sound, with a very high pitch. After that there was only darkness, a black pit in which she fell. Did she faint? Or did somebody hit her? Her head did hurt, but not like from a blow. She felt like she had been drunk or something. She tried to lick her lips, but something prevented her from doing so. There was something in her mouth, hard and dry. She was gagged. At this point she also discovered that she could not move at all. Her arms were above her head and her legs were spread and she was tied down. She opened her eyes and tried to see where she was.

It was only too slowly that she began to see something, as her eyes got used to the bright lights above her. She saw white walls, an empty room and it looked like she was on a table or something. She saw that the table was X-shaped and she was positioned accordingly. There was something cold and hard around her wrists and ankles. From the corners of her eyes, she could see there was some sort of shiny metal clamps around her wrists. It could not be moved. In fact, it was so tight, she couldn't move her limbs at all. Suddenly she heard a noise and she tried to see what it was. There was a moving shape. It came closer. It looked like a child, but a very strange child. As it came closer, it looked more and more disfigured, out of proportions. The head was too big and the body too slim. Then the figure came into focus and Scully screamed.

'So it was true about the aliens', Scully thought as soon as her first panic eased down a bit. 'Oh my God, what are they going to do with me?' Of course she had read about the abductions, the story's about tests and painful stuff. She started to shiver. There was another alien on her left side and both of them looked at her with those cold big black eyes. Their skin was grey, like the skin of a wet elephant or lizard. Scully noticed it was absolutely impossible to tell anything more about these creatures by their appearance.

'How simple humans are', she thought, 'you can almost always tell what they want or think'.

The right alien moved a hand. It was a very strange hand, with three long bony fingers. The fingertips looked a bit like sucking bulbs, but Scully didn't trust her observation much, influenced as it was by the comic-books she used to read as a child. She never behaved very girlish, her mother always said.

She quivered as the alien touched her arm. Through her blouse she could feel how cold he was. Real reptile like. She started to tremble as his hand moved downward, towards her armpits. Then he touched her throat and she almost gagged with fear. Still there was absolutely no change in the expression of the alien. He just stood there and touched her mechanically. His hand slid down again and touched her breast. Scully trembled as she felt the cold penetrate her clothes. Her
nipples hardened automatically. At the same time she felt another cold hand, from the other alien on her leg. He stroked her knee, up along her thigh and then her belly. They seemed to look for something, but Scully wasn't sure of anything, only that she was terribly frightened.

The aliens retracted their hands and stepped back a little. They reached under the table and took hold of some very strange-looking tools. They scared the hell out of Scully, as she got images of slaughterhouses and operatingrooms. The feirce looking clawlike things, were pushed against her right-arm and left-leg and started to cut through her clothes. With very swift moves they ripped her blouse open. She wasn't hurt, but she whined in fear. The blouse came off and so did her skirt. After that, they started to destroy her stockings and underwear. She groaned when the cold cutting device slid over her breasts and tore her bra open. Her breasts fell a little sideways and her nipples hardened. At the same time as her breasts were uncovered, the aliens removed her panties. She had never felt smaller and more vulnerable than there at that moment, lying completely naked before the two staring aliens.

Again they reached out to her with their hands and she felt the cold dry fingers on her skin. They touched her arms and legs, her belly, her shoulders. They pushed against the soft flesh of her breasts, poked the dark circles around her nipples. They pressed against her under-belly and ran there fingers through her red pubic hair. Scully trembled and a tear rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly she felt the restraints around her ankles pushing her legs up. The X-shaped table itself moved her legs wide, while bending them upwards. Scully screamed in fear, but her voice was muffled by the gag. Terrified she followed the aliens with her eyes as they went to her bottom. She lifted her head and saw them between her spread legs, staring at her private parts. Her head dropped back and she closed her eyes, when she felt the cold fingers on her buttocks and on her genitals. She pulled her restraints as hard as she could, but they didn't budge. They spread her buttocks and labia and looked at her openings. Scully felt sick.

When the hands went, she pulled her head up again, to see what they were doing. In terror she screamed in her gag, when she saw that the alien had a kind of metal tube in his hand, which he was moving towards her vagina. She cried out in despair when the cold thing touched her cuntlips. The alien pushed the thing. It bent. He pushed harder untill her lips parted. The tube was only two fingers thick, but her muscles were so tight from the stress, that it didn't enter very easily. Besides, Scully was so terrified, that she tried to push her thighs together, squeezing her vagina shut tight. The alien however, simply pushed harder and the woman screamed as the tube invaded the sensitive hollow of her genitals. Once it was past the entrance, it went easier although ever so painfull. Scully wrestled with everything she had, as she felt the tube go deeper and deeper. Pain in her belly told her that the thing was as deep as it could go and fortunately the alien stopped pushing once he felt the resistance of her depth. Then however, the tub began to move. It wreathed around in her vagina, prothed and pushed as if looking for something. Suddenly it swelled up, stretching her vagina to the limit. Scully howled in pain. She could still feel the tube moving around, until it found something and held still.

Scully couldn't see what was happening, but could feel something was being done to the tube. Then a sudden pain struck her in the underside of her belly and she knew it was her cervix. Apparently, the tube had placed itself around it and now something was pushed through the tube, trying to enter her womb. She cried in pain as the pushing went on. Slowly the entrance to her womb was forced open and something hard was pushed inside. The pain was incredible and Scully thought she would faint. But she didn't. The thing moved around inside her womb and inspected every corner of it. It hurt like hell, but didn't last long.  When the movement stopped, the pain became a slow burning feeling.  Panting and sweating Scully thought about the stories: probably they were investigating the potentials to make her pregnant or something.  Again there was a sharp sting of pain when the device retracted from her womb and body, shortly after followed by the tube. Luckily the hurting also stopped, but that was only to make place for another hurting. Because now they pushed the tube against her anus.

Scully arched in pain as the tube intruded her behind. Inch after inch it was pushed into her bowels. Her belly ached all over. But it didn't last long, as the aliens soon discovered this was not the place to be. The aliens stopped their probing and retracted the tube. Then they came up to her and removed her gag. Before Dana could say anything, they pushed her head backwards, opened her jaws wide and pushed the thick tube in her mouth. Her nose was filled with the pugnant smell of her own bowels. She gagged but before she could throw up, the tube was pushed painfully inside her throat. Scully cried and swallowed and kicked in her shackles in despair. The tube was pushed further, down in her throat, all the way untill it reached into her stomach. The aliens investigated it. Then they pulled the tube back again. Scully had never felt so miserable in her whole life.

They released her arms and legs. Slowly Dana sat up and rubbed the bruises on her wrists. She tried to swallow, but her throat ached. The aliens waved their hands at her and she understood they wanted her to turn over. For a brief moment she thought about the situation. Here she was, naked on a table, with two aliens doing terrible experiments on her. Was she likely to obey them? No, but they were probably prepared for resistance. She remembered a phrase from Star Trek: resistance is futile. Well, she would take her chance.

Slowly she moved her legs besides the table, while watching the aliens carefully. They made a strange sound and waved even harder with their bony fingers. Scully raised her hands at them and told them they had nothing to fear.

"I only want to leave, not harm you in any way."

She hoped that the aliens understood what she said and, more important, that they would actually let her go. They didn't. Suddenly there was a bright light and Scully spasmed as an electric bolt shot through her body. The pain was short but tremendous. Curled up on the table, she slowly recovered from the blast. Where did it come from? She couldn't see. The aliens still wanted her to assume a certain position and they had made a point about disobedience. It would be best to do as they liked.

Scully watched their reaction as she moved trembling on hands and knees. The aliens seemed satisfied and stopped waving their hands. Instead they came nearer to the frightened woman again and started to tie her wrists and ankles to the table. Then there came two sticks out of the table surface, which pushed up in her armpits and against her belly,  making sure her body stayed up. Scully feared they would do something terrible to her behind again. But the aliens seemed to focus on her breasts this time, which was equally scary.

Two metal sticks came up, rising slowly towards her breasts. Then the sticks opened and a large needle came out of each one of them. The aliens took her breasts and squeezed them. They held her nipples over the rising needles and Dana screamed as she fell the sting of the metal entering her soft flesh. It went deeper inside and the pain got worse. Then the aliens released her breasts and the needles started to get hot. With a scream of horror, Dana felt something being injected inside her breasts. The pain was too much to take and Scully fainted.

Chapter 2: Torture

Scully woke again and screamed at the same time. But then she noticed that the pain was gone. Also she found out that she was no longer lying down on the bed. She was hanging in an upright position, held firmly by clamps around her waist, arms and legs. The clamps were held by some sort of mechanical arms, as if she was lifted by a giant spider robot.

Dana checked her body. She was still naked and she noticed her breasts were larger than before. It was an eary sight to look at the two enlarged boobs. They were firmer, rounder and at least two sizes bigger than before. It was a miracle that there were no bruises, no pain.

She tried to move, but it was impossible. When she looked down, she could see there was a metal belt or something around her waist, which was held by one of the robotarms to keep her exactly in place. She also could see the floor about two feet under her. Directly beneath her was some very strange machinery. Then she looked up and saw the aliens enter at the other side of the room. They looked at her and touched some sort of remote control device. Immediatly the robot arms moved. Scully tried to break free, but it was impossible to fight them. Her arms were pushed behind her back, while her knees were bent, lifted and parted widely. Then she saw movement below. There was a metal stick, pointing directly at her pubic area. She tried to scream, but the gag prevented her to make much sound.

As she wrestled the shackles, she was lowered toward the stick, which started to spin around. In despair she fought her shackles, but they kept her almost immobile. With a cry of pain she was pushed against the hard top of the stick. Her cuntlips refused to open for the thick metal, but she was forced down anyway. It felt like she was being impaled. Finally her tight lips parted due to the incredible force and the enormous pole entered her vagina. Tears sprung in her eyes as she was lowered over the pole, which was still turning around and drilling itself inside. It stuck deeper and deeper, untill it reached the depths of her body. Pain flashed through her belly and then the machine held still.

For minutes Scully just hanged there, legs forward with her knees almost against her breasts, with the giant stick pushed deep inside her cunt. Then the pole slowly retracted 6 inches, only to stab hard up again. Scully yelled in pain. Again it sank down and shot up again. With a mechanical sound, the stick started to fuck her deep and hard. She screamed out in pain as her vagina was battered and stretched in all directions. Through her tears she saw a door open and she saw two
figures watching her. She couldn't see clearly, but in the blur of her pain, she was convinced they were human. She wanted to scream for help, wanted them to stop the torture, but it all went on and on.

She didn't recall how long it all lasted, hours or days, but in the end she couldn't feel anything but pain. She was lowered after the pole was removed and the aliens brought her aching body to a table. They put her down on her belly and tied her up again. When she later regained full consciousness, there wasn't much she could move or do. Immediately the aliens released their next torture on her. She felt how they spread her buttocks and felt something hard and cold push against her ass. The thing was so thick that it appeared as if her anus was being torn open. The device entered and forced itself painfully deep into her bowels.

Then it started to fuck her ass. With long and hard thrusts the thick stick pounded up her ass. Scully screamed in agony. Again the torture seemed to have no end. It just went on and on and Scully completely lost track of the time. Suddenly the stick left her. Scully felt how her pelvis was lifted and fixed in a new position. Then her shoulders were also lifted and she was placed on all fours. Her head was lifted and fixed by a shackle around her forehead. A belt was put around her neck over her chin, forcing her mouth wide open. After that, her gag was removed. Trembling the girl waited for what was to come. She tried to say something, but her mouth was too dry.

A new stick pushed against her cuntlips. Scully screamed in pain. The dildo was incredibly thick and tortured her opening enormously trying to get in. Slowly it forced her open en shoved itself into the narrow passage. Almost howling in pain the woman saw a thick rubber-like cone move in front of her face and coming towards her mouth. It came inside and pushed untill it was at the back of her throat. At the same time the pole in her cunt got deeper and stretched her beyond the limit. Then the first stick entered her anus again and dug deep into her bowels.

When all the dildo's had reached the depths of their entrances, two belts were put around her bungling breasts. With it, the aliens squeased the soft flesh untill it hurt so much that Scully thought they would come off. After that, the dildo's started to fuck her. One was moving after the other. When de stick in her mouth moved out, the one in her vagina struck deep. After that the one in her ass pushed inside. It was a horrible experience. Rocking between terrible pain in her ass and in her cunt, she was also gagging from the dildo that struck in her throat. This time, Scully really feared for her life, so feirce was the attack at her body. All the muscles in her body spasmed, she quivered all over, she grasped the table in despair, trying to hold on to life itself. There was no one to help her. The battering just went on without mercy. Sweat and tears ran from the poor girl's face as she felt herself being fucked into oblivion…..

Chapter 3: Rape

Scully woke up from a deep sleep. She had absolutely no sense of time. How long was she here? How long had they fucked her? Was that yesterday or the day before? She closed her eyes again against the bright light. Slowly she felt her body. At least the pain was gone. It was as though it had never happened. But the memory was clear and the pain had been too real. She opened her eyes again and saw a man. He wore sunglasses.

"Hello Agent Scully, how are you feeling?"

'Thank God, they saved me!', she thought. She tried to speak, but her mouth was too dry.

The man waited silently untill she finally could speak. Her voice was soft and broken.

"Are they gone?"

The man kept silent.

"Where am I?"
"I'm sorry, that's classified information." The man replied.

"Who are you?" Scully tried to lift her head but couldn't. She discovered she was still tied down.

"That's also classified information"

"But the aliens…."

"They have some strange habbits, don't they. Actually, that's why we're here, to help them a little in their research. Consider it a courtesy. We help them, they help us."

The words slowly got meaning. Scully felt a rage building inside of her. So it was true that the government was playing along with the aliens and there was a big cover-up about the existence of them.

"Don't forget, Agent Scully," said the man as he saw her anger, "you're in service of your country. Right now you're doing us all, yourself included, a big favor. Consider yourself a temporary member of the foreign service."

"Fuck off." Scully said it with as much loathing as she could find in herself. The man shrugged and signaled someone. Scully saw then there was another agent.

The two men started to push some buttons on little device they had with them. The legs of the X-shaped table pulled her legs sideways until she was eaglespread. The support under her head sank down, pulling her head with it.

'Oh my God, they are going to do some experiments of their own,' thought Scully.

One of the men came before her and while she saw him upside down, she saw how he started to take off his clothes. His penis was erect. Scully fought against her tears, not wanting to show these
men any kind of weakness. But it was hard as the man came nearer and started to rub his penis over her face. Then he pushed her mouth wide open and shoved his dick in.

Overwhelmed by the smell and the taste of the penis, Scully started to gag. At the same time she felt the other man grabbing her thighs. Something pushed against her cunt. It had to be his penis. Scully screamed when he broke into her in one thrust and started to fuck her wildly. The other penis now plunged deep into her mouth and throat, all the way, untill his balls were beating against her eyes each time he thrust forward. It was a terrible onslaught. Scully screamed and fought, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it from happening or even slow it down a little bit.  Then the penis in her mouth was forced as deep as possible and Scully gagged as he took her breath away. The semen streamed into her throat, almost choking her. The other man launched his sperm inside her vagina.

After this, the men changed position. Scully was still caughing and gagging from the first one, when the second penis entered her mouth. He tasted of cum and cunt and almost immediately became hard again. The other one rubbed himself against her vagina en between her buttocks. Then he also became erect again and started to push against her ass. With a scream she felt him penetrating her anus and then the fucking started again, even harder then before.

"You wouldn't believe it," said the man who was fucking in her throat, "but the aliens really like to see this sort of stuff."

Panting and caughing, Scully tried to turn her face away, but he held her face firmly in his hands while he thrust his pelvis forward.

"Sometimes I think they don't know the concept of pain. Or they do and they are all plain sadists." He laughed and the other one laughed with him.

Again the two men came. Scully was forced to swallow this load of semen as well and felt the other one squirting inside her ass. After that, they removed their dicks and released the woman from the table. She felt very weak and couldn't resist the two men as they tied her arms over her head with chains that hang down from the ceiling. Her ankles were tied on hooks in the floor at the sides. Then they started to lift her by her arms. Scully moaned as her tired arms had to carry her weight. Her shoulders ached. Her legs were spread by the pull of the ropes.

The men came before and behind her. They simultaneously penetrated her ass and vagina. Scully was almost crushed between the two men. Both of them were at least a head taller. She felt so small, sandwiched between them. The two penises fucked her hard and deep. Panting and sweating she tried to look up at the face of the man in front of her.

"Why are you going along with this?", she whispered.

"You forget, dear girl," said the man, while he himself was now out of breath , "that we are enjoying ourselves."

"Yep," said the other one in her ear, "who can say that they are paid by their own government to violently fuck women on behalf of good outside relations?"

They both laughed and tried to drill their penises even deeper inside the girl.

"You know what we should do?" The other one smiled and nodded.

"I agree. I think that would really show the aliens what an American
woman can take."

Both men pulled their penises back and the man behind her pushed his penis in her cunt. Then he pushed his belly hard against her buttocks and moved her pelvis forward. The other man started to rub his penis against her clit and started to push against the penis of his colleague.

"Oh no, please not that!!!" pleaded Scully.

But the man pushed harder and forced her cuntlips to spread wider. Very slowly the head of his penis entered the already filled passage. Scully screamed and cried. It felt as if she was torn open. The man still pushed harder and then he was in, along the fully erect penis of his companion. It was very narrow and he really had to push hard to come any deeper. He pushed his pelvis forward and slowly bashed his way in. The man behind Scully grapped her tits and started to squeeze them hard. Then they started to fuck her.

"Agent Scully, you can be proud of yourself. Now take this!"

Both cocks battered the tight cunt as deep as possible. Her tits were pulled and bitten and she was in real torment. The movement of the two penises agains each other in such a narrow passage, made them even harder and very soon they were ready to come for the third time. They threw their pelvis's hard forward, invading the girl every inch and shot her full of cum.

Chapter 4: Inseminations

Scully was lying on the table again and the aliens stood around her. They had placed her legs in stirrups. She cried silently as they pushed a cold metal device inside. It pushed her vagina wide open, so they could look inside. Then they took a large syringe and Scully yelled as they came inside her with the needle. She felt the pain as they injected something in the mouth to her womb. Then other syringes were used to inject fluids in her vagina. After that the metal device was retracted and she was released. With electric rods they urged her to come off the table and follow them. She knew she couldn't stand a chance, weak as she was, but she tried to do something anyway. However, as soon as she moved in a different direction as the aliens had indicated, she felt the sting of the electronic rod. It hurt like hell and she knew she could only obey. Stumbling she followed the two tiny creatures out of the room, to a long corridor.

The corridor was dark, but she could see it went on for a long stretch. If this was all still in an alien vessel, it sure was big, Scully thought bitterly. They stopped near a little wagon. It was standing on some sort of track, which ran down the corridor. On the cart, there were two tubes, one before the other. The first tube was very thick and had a big hole in the top. The other one was much thinner and a little bit higher, shaped like the mouth of a fire hose and of course there was also a hole in it. Next to the two poles, there were two bars, about the same hight. In front of them, to the sides of the cart, were two stirrups which were clearly meant for foot support. They too were the same height as the poles.

Scully trembled as they stood next to the wagon. She couldn't imagine what was about to happen, but it looked frightening. It was clear from the beginning that the aliens wanted her to sit on the two poles, but even as it was clear which one was meant to be entering her ass, the other one was so big that it was inconceivable that it could ever enter her vagina. She tried to tell the aliens that and cried as they simply pushed her on the wagon. Scully shook her head and tears came to her eyes. As she turned, she saw the aliens holding the electric rods towards her. As she tried to plead for mercy, they simply touched her thigh and electric bolts shot through her body. Again there was no choice. Slowly the woman stepped near the cold metal staffs, which reached almost up to her hips. She had to stand on her toes to get her butt on top of them. The smaller one looked like the mouth of an enema-device.

With sweat in her hands she turned again to the aliens. The rod was pushed against her breast, which made her scream in agony. Scully grabbed the bars to her sides and closed her eyes. Crying, she slowly sank through her knees. She pushed her tight anus against the syringe. It was slippery and entered easily, but it didn't feel nice at all. As she slid over the cold metal tube in her ass, it got thicker, stretching her anus further and further, untill it started to hurt. Then her cuntlips touched the other tube. She looked at the aliens.

They gestured she had to part her cuntlips and sit down. The opening of her vagina was now exactly covering the hole in the tube and it was clear that this was going to be a two-sided enema. When Scully slowly lowered her weight, she felt the round top forcing her tight vagina wide open and entering painfully. With trembling legs she lowered herself even further, untill her weight was no longer carried by her legs. The pain in her ass and vagina was incredible. The tubes didn't enter her openings deep, but stretched them both to the limit. And they were completely sealed of by the pressure of her own weight. Now she had to lift her legs high. She held the bars next to her firmly and lifted her legs. Her weight pressed her down on the syringes even harder. She placed her feet in the high stirrups to the sides. Her legs were now all the way up and spread very wide. The aliens came next to her and tied her ankles and wrists to the supports. Scully cried in fear. She no longer had any support to lift herself from the poles.

One of the aliens came before her and pointed at her to open her mouth. She reluctantly complied and he then placed a little plug between her teeth. When she closed her mouth again, he put a strap over her mouth, sealing her lips completety. Scully could feel the plug on her tongue. It had an opening in it, and sat defenseless as the cart started to move, trembling and trying to ignore the nightmare visions in her mind about what they were going to do. She looked at the hallway. There was only one way they could go. There were windows, but they were mostly dark. She couldn't guess what was in store for her.

When they reached the first window, it lid up. Behind it was a room, which was small and bright. There was a horse lying down on the ground. Scully could see that a horse was lying on the ground, going from near the window to the horse. Also she could see it was a attached to a small device around his penis. She felt sorry for the horse and couldn't believe the cruelty of the aliens. She looked amazed as the horse suddenly stood up and started to become very excited. His already erect penis started to swell further and he tried to fuck the device to which he was attached. It seemed to milk him and the result came almost immediately. Slowly a milky substance was starting to flow through the plastic tube. Then Scully noticed a large test tube next to the window, which was filling up with the white milky substance.  Of course she knew it was horse semen. The tube was rapidly filled with almost a pint of sperm.

Then the aliens took the tube from its socket and replaced it with an empty one. The full one was placed in some device, which looked like a pistol. The alien came up to Dana and pointed the gun at her face. She looked at it in disbelieve and turned her face away. The alien touched her breast with the rod and she screamed as electricity burnt her soft flesh. Sweat streamed from her face as the creature pushed the pistol against her mouthpiece and fired. The semen sprayed in her mouth and she gagged as the strong tasting fluid streamed over her tongue. Her eyes were wide open in utter disbelieve and disgust. Nausea overcame her. She had to swallow, but she couldn't bring herself to it. She could feel the liquid stick in her throat. It tasted strong and salty and the hole idea was so repulsive, that she vomited in her already filled mouth. She swallowed, drinking the nasty stuff as well, which made her give up some more. She swallowed again. Her stomach cramped, but she managed to keep everything down.

In the meantime, the alien had retrieved another test tube filled with semen. The horse really gave an enormous amount of sperm. Probably his semen production was incredibly increased by the aliens. They pressed the gun against a valve in the tube which stuck up in her ass. She heard the hissing sound of the shot and at the same time felt the tingling sensation of something warm being injected inside her bowels. Again she vomited. Then the third tube was loaded and fired in the front tube, shooting an egual load of horse sperm into her vagina. Scully cried and pulled at her legs. If only she could free her ankles, she could get out of her predicament. The aliens thought it better to warn her and fired some more electricity through her breasts. Panting and sobbing, Scully tried to regain control of herself as the pain wore off.

The aliens moved the cart down the alley. The next window lit up. Scully jerked when she saw a donkey in the middle of the room. It's huge penis was stuck in another milking device, which emediately started to function. Horrified she saw the white stuff running through the hose and soon filling up a much larger testtube near the window. This was at least three times as much.

The aliens filled the gun and came to the trembling Scully who cried in despair as she felt the gun against her mouth piece. It then fired and her mouth ran full of the warm fluid. She gagged and felt dizzy with disgust. The taste of it was overwhelming. More and more of the stuff ran into her mouth. She couldn't spit it out. She soon had a mouth full and had to swallow. It came back immediately, but her mouth was too full of it, so it came out of her nose. She coughed and swallowed again. She tried to control her nausea and disgust and hung on to dear life, trying very hard not to choke. Then she noticed a warm feeling in her belly. The other alien was firing a second gun, loaded with donkey sperm into her bowels. When she had drunk the first portion, they made the gun ready for the last load, which they fired into her vagina. She could feel it bubbling inside her. The room was spinning as Scully almost fainted.

They moved the wagon further and stopped at the next window. This time it revealed a room with a large stallion. His penis was stuck in a large tube and he was trying to fuck it. Scully looked with wide staring eyes, filled with tears, as the animal got an orgasm. Immediately the sperm squirted into the large test tube. There was an enormous amount of it. She whined when the alien brought the first pistol with the stuff to her mouth. Then it ran into her mouth again. It tasted very strong and Scully drank it in horror. Her mouth was filled time after time and she had to swallow five times a mouth full before the squirting stopped.

Scully moaned in agony as she felt the other portions flowing into her belly. Her body was full of the disgusting liquids. As the wagon started to move again, she gave up and had to swallow the stuff again. She felt dizzy and almost wished she had died before. But she didn't die, not then and not now. Instead they reached a window behind which stood a large bull. It's long penis was already pumping it's load into the tube and the aliens quickly filled the pistols they carried. Scully screamed as they made her drink the strong bitter tasting stuff, before squirting it into her ass and vagina. She choked and swallowed. It ran out of her nose and down her face. She could also feel her bowels rumble as the stuff got higher inside her. Her vagina ached as it stretched by the growing pressure.

The aliens indicated there was a short break. Slowly Scully pulled herself together. She felt sick. Sweat ran down her body. She ached all over. Everything smelled and tasted like animal-sperm. How much did she drink? So far she guesed there was about a liter pumped into her three openings. So she could have been drinking as much as 30 cc. of sperm so far. How much would they feed her in the end? She felt she couldn't take anymore. The aliens clearly thought differently, because the started to move the wagon again.

After this, many other animals followed. With horror Scully drank the sperm of a pig, a bear, a zebra and even the sperm of a lion. It all tasted horrible and Scully felt more miserable than she could ever imagine. The warm sticky strong tasting fluids squirted in her mouth and she hardly had time to swallow it. She gave up regularly, but since the stuff couldn't go anywhere, it seaped out of her nose, making breathing ever so difficult.

Panting and sweating Scully struggled through the flows of sperm. She cried desperately and her eyes begged the aliens to stop it. They only cared for the pistols, to fill and empty them as quickly as possible. In between they looked at her helpless naked body, her trembling spread legs, her sweat covered body, her swelling belly and the two poles on which she sat, sealing her openings so succesfully, that not a drop had been lost so far. More and more sperm was pumped inside her. She moaned helplessly as her belly ached more and more. Her vagina was filled and stretched to the limit. Her bowels were filling up and started to hurt terribly. How long were they going to continue this torture? Were they ready to drown her? There must have been easier ways to achieve that.

But the biggest torture was yet to come. Scully looked at the window and saw through her tears an elephant. This wasn't happening! She closed her eyes in horror. Then she heard the aliens moving about. They attached three hoses to valves near the window and the other ends to the poles and her mouthpiece. This would clearly be easier than running about with pistols. Scully almost fainted as she could see the elephant sperm coming through the tubes. It came in large amounts, filling her mouth completely. It tasted bitter and heavy and it was hard to swallow. She threw up. But she had to keep swallowing, as more of the stuff ran into her mouth. She almost fainted. Then suddenly, the flow in her mouth was cut off by the aliens, but this only meant it was increased in the lower parts of her body.

While fighting her nausea, Scully could feel the pain in her belly increase as she got pumped full with the elephant's sperm flow. Through her tears she could see her swollen belly. Silently she screamed for help. Then the aliens also stopped the flow into her bowels. Now only her vagina was being filled further. The stuff had already forced itself into her womb and was blowing her up like a balloon. Still the stuff kept coming and Scully screamed in agony. She started to shake violently as she got filled up even more. Her belly got round like that of a pregnant woman. The sperm flow went on. The pain became unbearable. Scully sank down in a pool of horror and pain. But just when she thought she would collapse, it all stopped. The window went dark and the aliens started to roll the cart back to the beginning of the alley. Scully noticed faintly that they put strappings under her arms and lifted her. For some reason the syringes in her openings were kept in place. Then she was put on a table and they brought her back to the white room. She was left, strapped to the table, while her body was aching with the loads of semen inside of her. She wanted to throw up, but couldn't. Then she slowly drifted away in a dark pool...

Chapter 5: Stretching Exercises

Scully still felt nauseous. She still could taste the stuff, although everything had been removed from her insides with some sort of vacuum cleaners and she had been washed thoroughly. She had asked herself what the aliens had been doing. 'Have they been harvesting fertilized eggs?' She remembered the injections she got before and could imagine they were made to make her extremely fertile. But why did they fill her bowels and stomach with sperm as well?

Apparently the aliens were content, because they hadn't bothered her for at least a day. When they finally came again, Scully crawled away in the corner of her tiny cell. Whatever they were going to do, it wasn't going to be nice.

They took her to a large room. Naked as she was, she stood there, waiting for the next thing to come. A large metal pole came up out of the floor beside her until it was as high as her hips. It was at least two inches thick and had a round top. The aliens pointed toward it and indicated she had to sit on it. Tears came up in her eyes as she looked at the huge, almost flatheaded pole. She just couldn't imagine…

The electric rods were pushed against her breasts and Scully jumped in agony. Quickly she stepped toward the pole and pushed her pubic area against it's top. She had to stand on her toes to get on top of it. The aliens threatened with the rods again and Scully quickly pulled her lips apart. She could feel the cold metal pressing against her tight opening. Then she started to rock her pelvis back and forth, to try if she could actually take it in. She didn't believe she could.

Under threat of the rods, she went down through her knees and pushed her crotch even harder on the pole. She felt like an orange which had to be pressed out. Her own weight pressed her down very hard and the circulair muscles of her vaginal entrance protested against the enormous pressure. The pole was far too thick, but she was forced open a little further with each movement. Very slowly and with much pain she was opened and finally the stick went in. Scully screamed. It felt as if she was torn open, so wide was her vagina stretched around the cold metal. Her legs trembled and almost couldn't hold the pressure.

The stick burnt in her crotch. Scully held her position carefully, afraid to move a muscle and cause more pain. But the aliens clearly weren't satisfied. They held the electrical rod at her nipples and shot a bolt through her body. The electricity found it's way to the metal stick in her vagina and concentrated it's flow there. The spasms of the pain caused the woman to sink even lower over the great pole.

Then they started to electrocute her legs and feet and made it clear they wanted the woman to sit down. Scully screamed in fear and pain, tried to push the rods away as they came and at the same time, tried to grab hold of the stick to keep her from sinking deeper over it. With her hands around the slippery metal, hanging on for dear life, she finally lifted her feet, which stopped the repeated electrocutions. She was now hanging on the pole and tried desperately to stop herself from sinking lower. But very slowly her vagina folded itself further around the huge tube. The metal was so slippery, that the tight vagina around it, just couldn't carry her weight.

Then the pole started to move and in horror, Scully felt that she was lifted upward. In panic she placed her feet on the floor, but it didn't make much difference anymore. The pole lifted her in the air and her toes reached for the safe ground in vain. Her vagina was now carrying her weight. Then the aliens took hold of her ankles and started to turn her around. Very slowly her vagina sank even deeper over the thick cold tube untill her toes touched the floor again. Once more the stick moved upward and she was lifted again, balancing on top of the stick in her cunt. She was again turned until she slowly sank down over the pole. It was as if she split open, like there was a wedge driven into her lower body. Scully cried and screamed and feared for her life. It would tear her vagina, she was convinced of that. But also she was afraid they were actually killing her this way. She was being impaled and there was nothing she could do.

The pole came up again and she was again sinking down over it. It stretched her to her limits. Each time her feet found balance on the ground, she was lifted again by the spear, turned and pressed down over it untill finally a tremendous pain shot through her belly. It had completely filled her vagina. The muscles of her vagina were now carrying her weight. Through the blurr of pain, Scully was surprised as she expected to be torn and split open. But somehow her vagina held and she discovered it was actually stretching further. But the pain burnt through her whole body like a fire.

After a few minutes, the aliens let her down again, until she could stand on her toes. They tied her hands behind her back. Also they pulled down straps that were hanging from the ceiling. Quivering, Scully felt their cold hands on her body, as they put the straps around her breasts. They pulled the nooses tight around them. She cried out. The aliens then put a gag in her mouth, to prevent her from making further sound. The straps were closed even tighter around her breasts, untill they were really stuck. Her breasts looked like two balloons.

Scully cried when they started to pull the ropes upward. They almost pulled her up by her tits, which of course hurt enormously. Then they started to move the cone in her vagina. Slowly her vagina let the post slip away as it was lowered. When it almost left her, it went up again, pushing higher and higher untill it again reached the far end of the narrow passage. Scully felt herself being lifted and her toes lost touch with the ground. All of her weight was being pressed on the top of the pole inside her and the soft flesh of her vagina almost tore open. Before that happened, the pole was lowered again. This happened many times. Scully lost track of time in the pain-blur. Each time it seemed to take longer before she reached the painful stretching of her cunt, but she couldn't trust her concept of time anymore.

One time, as Scully sat on the pole, they lowered it until her toes could barely touch the ground. Then the belts around her breasts were pulled up and she was lifted. Screaming in pain, Scully was pulled up by her breasts and she slipped away from the thick stick until she was free. They lowered her behind it. When she reached the ground and her weight was again carried by her trembling legs, she looked in amazement at the pole, which reached almost up to her navel. It had been at least 10 inches inside her.

The aliens lowered the ropes and let her lie down. She felt dizzy and breathed heavily. The pain burned in her belly. The pain also burned in her breasts and she was praying that they would release the knots around them. Instead the aliens spread her legs. They didn't investigate her. Instead they pushed a small tube inside her hurting vagina. Scully felt something cool seep into her as they squeezed some sort of liquid in her cunt. Then, they loosened the ropes around her breasts, without taking them off, and let her lie there for a while. When the aliens returned,  the pain was much less, but still there. Scully felt miserable and feared what would come next. Was there still something worse possible?

The aliens then took a speculum and inserted it in her cunt, pushed her open widely, and then pushed a small iron bar inside. Scully screamed as they pushed the rod against her cervix and slowly made it enter her womb. They retracted it again and took a larger rod, which was also pushed into her womb. They did this several times, each time with a thicker stick. The pain was enormously and Scully wrestled to get away from it. But the aliens simply used the electric rods on her clitoris and breasts to punish her and to keep her in place. Finally the took a very large metal stick and pushed it far up into her womb.

They took the speculum away and made her stand, with the rod still pushed inside her. Scully cried and screamed as they pulled her towards the metal pole which still stood there. It was lowered and now it had a large hole in it's top. Scully had to stand over it and the aliens pushed the other end of the rod, which came down out of her vagina and womb, into the opening. Then they raised the big pole. Scully screamed as she expected the rod to move up also, but instead it stayed in it's place, while the pole came up over it.

The aliens stood back and watched as the pole reached the vagina of the woman. Scully screamed as the thick metal pushed against the opening between her labia. She stood on her toes, but it just kept coming. Then it lifted her from her feet and her weight forced her vagina on the pole until it finally could enter again. It kept going along the metal tube, further up in the tight vagina. Scully screamed and yelled in fear and could do nothing to prevent this from happening. Then the pole reached her cervix and lifted her again. All her weight was now focused on the very tight opening to her womb, in which the iron rod was still stuck. The opening slowly widened around the top of the great pole.

The little woman yelped as she felt the pain shoot through her. She was slowly forced down over the large object and it actually entered her womb. The pain was inconceivable. The woman sprawled on the pole like a pinned buttlerfly on a needle. Still she sank down further. The pole pushed her womb far up in her belly. The soft organ folded itself around the metal. Finally the rod had completely disappeared inside the pole, when it reached the deepest of the womb. Still Scully hadn't reached the floor again with her feet. Then she stopped, as all her weight came down on the pole, carried by the thin membrane of her womb, as Scully fainted.

A moment later, Scully awoke again and the pain hit her like an iron glove. She was still sitting there, kept in an upright position by the belts around her breasts. The aliens had taken her legs and were turning her around again. The pain in her womb was incredible. She fainted and awoke, fainted, awoke, fainted and awoke again. Then she felt the ground with her toes and quickly tried to lift some weight from the terrible pile in her womb.

She screamed at the top of her lungs when they pushed the pole even higher. Again she lost contact with the floor. Again she sat there for minutes, moving slightly in despair, like a pinned bug. It caused the membranes and muscles of her womb and vagina to be stretched even further. But not soon enough according to the aliens. They made her come down again, untill her feet could take her own weight again. Then they tied chains around her ankles and attached them to the floor. It made it impossible for her to even stand on her toes. Then the pole sank down untill it nearly left her womb. But before that, it shot up again, hitting the woman full in the depth of her womb. The pain was huge and Scully just stood there, without breath, gasping in disbelieve. Then the battering really started. The pole started to pound the woman deep in her womb. Her body shivered, trembled and spasmed as she took the beeting deep inside. She could feel it in her stomach, so high had the pole pushed her organs away. And still she didn't tear or break.

Then, after a very long time, the pole drove deep and held still. The aliens released her feet again and started to pull her up by her breasts. Screaming she was lifted from the pole and lowered behind it. It measured up to her stomach, a full 15 inches. Her legs couldn't carry her anymore and Scully fell down in a dark pool full of pain and agony….

Chapter 6: The Show and Return

Scully walked between the two men through the hall. She was painfully aware of her length. It was as always, a head smaller than most men, but now she was more aware of it due to her nakedness. She had been treated well, but it had been forbidden to get dressed. Also, there were no explanations, no answers, only the silent figures which fed her and did their research. One man had reassured her that she was perfectly healthy and she was no longer amongst the aliens. But that
was all.

They opened a door and she was led into a big room. They moved into a circle of light and around them, there were many men in suits. What was this? A man spoke.

'Agent Scully, welcome back. I hope you feel alright?'

Dana nodded, but before she could ask anything the man directed himself to one of her companions.

'Good, we now would like to see the effect of her modifications.'

Scully almost jumped. Modifications? What modifications?

'As you all know, Dana Scully was only altered in a very subtle way, only noticable by those who know of it and know where to look. As you can see, she looks normal and feels normal. Even when you would investigate her intestines, you would find nothing unusual. But our friends have changed her vagina and womb considerably.'

Dana was startled and stepped back in alarm. Two strong arms grabbed her and held her firmly, while a bench on wheels was driven in the circle of light. She fought desperately, but in no time they had her on her back on top of the table, with her arms tied along the sides. They pushed her legs in two stirrups and tied them tight. Her thighs were very widely spread so the audience could see her private parts very well. The speaker touched her vagina and pushed a finger between her labia. Scully tried to scream but at the same time another man gagged her.

'Her vagina feels like it has never been penetrated before, so tight. You can all come and check it out.' Two men from the audience came up on the stage and pushed their fingers inside her to feel how tight she was. Scully's screams were muffed by the gag, but it was evident that it hurt the woman when more then three fingers were pushed between her labia. Satisfied the two men sat down again. Dana looked at them with tears in her eyes. When was this all going to stop?

'However, our friends have made her muscles much more flexible and stronger at the same time. Also they have created the possibility to invade her womb without doing any real damage. We would like to demonstarte this.'

Dana started to quiver and tried hard not to remember the torments the aliens had inflicted upon her. Were they going to repeat this, just to see it was possible to survive all that?

'The only thing we need is this colorless liquid, which will activate her new genes in her pubic area.'

The man pushed a little tube into her vagina, which hurt since her cunt was dry and tight. He emptied the tube inside her.

'We would like to take this opportunity to thank the chairman for his idea on how to test this new ability of Agent Scully. We have decided to follow his suggestion.'

Scully heard a curtain being drawn back and heard a noice. When they turned the bench, she saw a huge stallion being led near. They tied the animal to a bar. The beast seemed very nervous. His penis was erect and hung like a thick tube under his belly.

Dana screamed as they pushed her toward the animal. The audience drew closer and stood around her as they placed her to the side of the animal. She looked extremely small, next to the big horse. His muscles were enormous. Her naked pale body seemed smaller than before.

One of the man took the black penis of the horse and placed it on the quivering belly of the woman. Scully saw that the man could not close his hand around it, so thick was the penis. The top was flat, with a big slit in it, out of which there already came a little fluid. The man smeered it all over the black penis, causing it to erect even further. It was heavy and steaming hot.

The man pointed things out to the audience.

"As you all can see, the penis of the stallion is as thick as this woman's upper arm. Here, where it is thickest," he pointed halfway, where the penis seemed to bend, "is the point to keep an eye on."

They moved Scully even closer and the penis now rested on her stomach, while the thick knot was on her pubic hair.

"Although it seems impossible, this is exactly how far Dana will take him."

Scully screamed and pulled her straps in fear. The man took the heavy penis off her and she was moved back to make room for it. Then he took the penis back and pointed it at her cunt. Another man had already placed his fingers in her groin and spread her labia as wide as possible. It looked ridiculous. Her cunt was small and reddish and had to be a very tiny hole, far too tiny for such a huge penis. It seemed only just big enough for a finger.

The penis was pushed between her lips and pressed hard against her tight opening. She screamed and cried. The pain grew as the penis forced her wider, but it could not enter. The man started to twist and turn the trunk a little and pushed even harder. The fluids that came out of it, made her wet and slippery. Then, after what seemed an eternity, the penis entered the narrow passage. The stallion seemed to cry too, so tight was her cunt around his penis. At the same time he seemed to become more excited and tried to throw his pelvis forward. The man stopped the penis from invading too fast, but let it slip a little further inside. Dana gagged with fear and pain. Her pubic area hurt as if it was all torn open, but soon the epain mixed with pleasure, as she grew adjusted to the giant phallus invading her. The penis pushed still further. Someone placed a hand on her belly and felt the pressure down below.

They talked about it like she wasn't there, simply ignoring her muffled cries and desperate struggles.

'It's incredible. Are you sure she will be alright? She sure sounds like it hurts a lot.'

'So it does. The muscles of her vagina can take it, and don't worry, her brain must now be registering some pleasure from the pain.'

At that moment the horse arched it's back and tried to throw his penis forward. Quickly two men took the trunk and pulled it back. Scully almost fainted as the pain grew beyond any point of bearable. The spectators saw the penis come out slowly. Her vagina was so tightly closed around the penis, that it was pulled outside along with it and only very slowly let it go. Then the last bit quickly flooped out and there were cries of wonder among the men. Some of them had never seen the trumpet shape the penis had taken. It's top was twice as thick now and lot's of fluids streamed out of it.

'The penis of the horse flowers like this before he cums. We were just in time to pull it out, because we don't want it to cum so soon.'

The penis took it's normal size again and the horse was a little bit calmer again. Scully screamed as she felt the big meaty trunk being forced inside her again. Although she was much wider now, it still hurt only as much as her brain was registering just as equal pleasure. But it went much easier and the penis now invaded her inch by inch. When the penis was finally a straight tube between the horse and the little figure on the bench, they started to push her closer so the penis could go even deeper. The stud again became more excited and started to push his penis forward. The men didn't really stop it. They only prevented it from really bashing forward. At the same time they moved the trunk up and down and sideways. Scully gasped for breath as she felt the huge thing jerking into the deepest of her cunt. They pushed her even closer and the men held the penis straight while it increased it's pressure inside the woman. She almost fainted as the pain and pleasure grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly there was a sharp sting which shot through her whole body. She arched her back and screamed on the top of her lungs.

'The horse's penis is now forcing her cervix open. It is the most painful part, but she will survive.'

'How do you know?"

'Because I saw how she was sitting on a pole which stuck as deep as 15 inches iside her. She was actually sitting on it, without any support, while her weight was completely carried by her womb. That's why I know she can take this too.'

Scully heard the men in the distance and wasn't so sure about her chances as they were. Twin flames of pain and pleasure were shooting through her body each time the penis hit her cervix. Apparently it had effect, because the penis started to slide deeper into her. The pain and pleasure of which was beyond extreme.

The men watched fascinated as the black armlike trunk went deeper into the body of the woman. Her labia were invisible now, forced inside along with the huge invader. The men no longer had to keep it straight against the straining forces, now it had found a new depth to enter. They actually released it and simply stood by, watching how the stallion began to thrust his giant penis deeper on his own accord. Instead they took hold of the table to prevent her from being pushed away. The stallion began to enjoy it more and more as he felt the tightness around most of his penis now.

'Look, he is almost at the thickest part.'

Scully felt as if she was completely impaled by the monster. Her abdomen hurt all over and now she could feel an even newer pain and pleasure growing. Then it shot sharp through her stomach and she nearly had to vomit.

A man saw it and removed her gag. The penis pushed her womb so high up, that he stabbed against her stomach. Scully was unable to throw up before the pain grew dimmer and the pleasure increased as her abdomen settled into the new order. The penis struck bottom and it was now absolutely impossible to go any deeper. Apparently the woman's womb was strong enough to hold against the strong thrusts of the now uncontrollably fucking animal. Scully froze into complete shock. The stallion fucked her with the length of an arm, with a fierce thrusting movement.

The stallion soon grew larger and filled her belly with horsemeat. The spectators touched her belly to feel it. They could also see the movement of her intestines,  as everything was pushed aside by her filled womb and vagina. Then the horse climaxed and started to flare, filling her up even more. She could feel it through the intense pain and pleasure. The cum streamed inside and filled every last bit of space inside of her. The men pushed the bench away and pulled the still erect penis out of the woman. The length of it was now even more incredible, as it came sliding out of the little woman's body. More then 13 inches of thick tough horse penis came out of her sexual organ. The men applauded and Scully felt herself falling into a deep dark pit……..

When Dana woke up again, she was in the hospital and Fox was sitting beside her bed.


'Shhhhh….Don't speak. How are you feeling?'

Scully licked her lips and looked around her.

'Mulder, what happened? I can't remember….'

Which is not quite true, for you see Agent Scully had been transformed by the aliens into a sex zombie and unwhiting member of the conspiracy.  The purpose of her abduction, as conceived by the Cancer Man, was to unleash her repressed libido.  As part of the many experiments, the aliens implanted a chip inside of Dana, which, when activated with adreniline, would interrupt her logic circuits and trigger in her an insatiable sexual desire.  The purpose of this, as designed by the Cancer Man, as well as other members of the conspiracy, was to now make her an unwitting puppet of pleasure in their scheme with the aliens to enslave the entire human race...

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