Expectations of Puppy Raisers

Guide Dogs for the Blind

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  • Raise the puppy inside as a housedog.
  • Provide a safe and securely fenced yard and/or a safe and secure confinement area for relieving the pup. The outside area must contain shelter from the elements and access to water.
  • Provide a method to care for and relieve the puppy at least every 4-5 hours during the daytime until the puppy is six months old.
  • Attend and participate in at least 80 percent or regularly scheduled club meetings and outings.
  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day with the puppy without the presence of other dogs.
  • Provide an environment free of dogs with a history of aggression.
  • Provide direct supervision when your GDB dog is with other dogs.
  • Leave the puppy in a safe, harm free environment. (In particular, do not leave the puppy alone for extended periods of time in a fenced yard.)
  • A leader must see your puppy weekly until 6 months of age.
  • Provide appropriate food, grooming supplies, flea/tick control and veterinary care. (We strongly recommend that raisers have a crate and leather leash at hand.)
  • Securely fence swimming pools, spas, and other bodies of water to prevent unsupervised access by the puppy.
  • Keep any pet cats and dogs current on their vaccinations.
  • Provide a safe setting for teaching your puppy to remain alone, unconfined in the home.
  • Undergo a home visit by a Guide Dog approved leader and be approved by that individual.
  • Need to utilize and approve puppy sitters for the Guide Dog puppy.
  • You may not adopt or house any other pets other than the ones pre-approved by your Leader.
  • Use Guide Dog approved training and management techniques when working with or caring for Guide Dog puppies.
  • Complete and submit monthly a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser Monthly Report to their club leader.
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