black lab puppy black lab in harness


This cutie was raised by Joseph as his 4th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind for the first 5 months and then was transferred to Brenda and Frank for the rest of her time with our puppy group.

Graduated in June 2014 and working in Vancouver, WA.

yellow lab in green vest pawprint


Transferred at one year old from the Enumclaw group, Katyjo joined the Mohagen family for the last several months before being ready for Guide Dog college. Returned for breeder evaluation in Nov. 2013.

Graduated in April 2014 and working in Salem, OR.

yellow lab pup yellow lab with lip tucked up in tooth


A hard name to say without smiling :). Both Sparky and Tennessee came by puppy truck to the Microsoft 5K Fundraiser Event that benefited Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was raised by experienced raiser, Sue.

Graduated March 2014 and working in West Seattle near where he was raised.

black lab/golden cross puppy black lab/golden cross


How fun! This boy's a black Golden/Lab Cross! Robin and Howard "raised 'im up right" as their 10th pup for GDB. Tennessee's mom is Monet, who is the sister of two pups raised in our group (Mel and Mitzvah).

Graduated January 2014 and now working in Seattle. Tenn Tenn is Terry's first guide dog.

yellow lab pup yellow lab

Phillipa (Pippa)

Little Miss Phillipa (or as the British say, Pippa) was presented at the Guide Dogs Oregon Fun Day, July 2012, to be raised by first time puppy raisers Mary, Marc, Brenna, Tatum & Max.

Graduated from In Home Training in January 2014 in Las Cruces, NM. Her partner is a Para-Olympic swimmer!

yellow cross pup yellow lab in harness


This adorable Golden Retriever/Lab Cross was raised by Brian, Patti, Annalise, and Kyle as their second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Graduated Dec. 2013 and partnered with a young man in Eugene, Oregon as his first guide. Retired in April 2014 for environmental distraction.

black lab puppy black dog


Perhaps her full name is Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, since she was named after the French wine grape. Gamay was co-raised by first time raiser Lilly and by experienced raisers Erin & William, with help from Erin M. Sometimes it takes a village! Cheers!

Graduated Dec. 2013 and working as a guide for a young woman in Silver Spring, MD.

yellow lab pup yellow lab in harness


Vesper means 'evening' or 'evening star' in classical Latin. This little star was raised by Carol and John, who have previously raised pups with Canine Companions for Independence. He was transferred to the Portland area in January 2013.

Graduated Oct. 2013

yellow lab pup yellow lab in harness


This is Joshua! He arrived on the April 2012 Puppy Truck to be raised by Lisa as her third pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Graduated Sept 2013 and is partnered with a Vietnam Vet who lost his eyesight due to Agent Orange.

black lab pup black lab


No tongue twister here! Just a nice, simple boy name for a very nice guy. Aaron was co-raised by Kokie & Rockee, and Brenda & Frank.

Graduated August 2013 and lives in Greenview, CA. His partner, Ken, plans to attend Chiropractic School in the Bay Area.

black lab pup black lab in harness


Valeria means 'love', and who couldn't love a face like this! Valeria was started by the Osbornes, who raised 4 dogs for Guide Dogs before they added 3 little girls to their family.

Transferred to the Auburn puppy raising group at 4 months of age. Graduated March 2013 and attends graduate school with her partner in Anaheim, CA.

yellow lab pup yellow lab in harness


This Bachlorette deserves a rose, even if Seattle's Chantal O'Brien didn't get one! This cutie was raised by Anina & Roy, as their second pup for Guide Dogs, and was transferred to experienced raisers Dave & Mary Ann when her first raisers moved to Texas.

Graduated Nov. 2012

yellow lab pup yellow lab with head on stack of books


Erin and William welcomed Atwood into their lives in April, 2011. Erin raised 3 pups for Guide Dogs as a teenager, so she knew how to steer this little guy in the right direction. Atwood attended Law School with Erin at the U of W.

Graduated August 2012 and worked in Ohio. Retired in 2014.

reddish yellow lab reddish yellow lab  in harness


Fun and a bit feisty, Ethel learned the ropes aboard a sailboat anchored in Lake Union with Capt Geoff at the helm. She arrived via Puppy Truck from San Rafael in March, 2011.

Graduated July 2012 and is partnered with an 18 year old woman who is headed off to college.

black lab pup in field of flowers black lab and wheelchair


Renee picked up little Kala at the Oregon Campus Fun Day on August 7th, 2010. Kala was the third puppy that Renee raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Kala was trained as a wheel chair guide dog, graduated from in-home training April 2012 and is living and working in Fresno, California.

yellow lab yellow lab in harness


Pima joined GPS as a transfer from the Bellingham group at the age of 12 mo. She was welcomed into the home of Brenda, Frank, and Jenny.

Graduated February 2012 and worked in Vancouver, WA until June 2012. Retired for traffic sensitiviy and is now an Ambassador for GDB.

black lab puppy black lab in harness


Hedinger--named after donor H. Hedinger--arrived on a hot July day to be raised by Kokie and Rockee as their first Guide Dog puppy. Hedinger divided his time between going to work at a law firm and attending high school.

Graduated 1/28/12 and working in Soda Springs, CA.

black lab pup black lab in front of space needle


Sweet and spicy Hedda was raised by first-time raisers Anina, Roy, and Brandy as their first pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Graduated Sept 2011, placed with a partner in Olympia, WA, and retired in Oct. 2011. Hedda's short career as a guide was due to"opportunistic downtime behaviors".

black lab puppy Ona Ona in harness


O-yes, o-my, o-dear! It's Ona! Lisa and Doug were thrilled to welcome little O-puppy, who arrived March 2010 to be raised as their third for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Graduated July 2011 and partnered with a stay-at-home dad in Longmont, Colorado.

Carissa Yellow Lab pup Carissa, Yellow lab in harness


A beautiful name meaning 'caress' or 'embrace' that seems to fit this adorable little girl perfectly. Carissa was raised by first-time raiser Jan.

Graduated June 2011 and again in Dec 2011. Retired for fear of working past dogs March 2012. Carissa is now a K9 Buddy!

Fergie puppy fergie in harness


Dobson was named by his mother's raiser, 15 year old Anna of Dallas, Oregon. He was the 8th pup raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas. Heidi & Dobson share the same birthday!

Graduated April 2011 and lives in Minneapolis. His partner Jim works as an ADA consultant for the largest county in Minnesota.

Fergie puppy fergie in harness


Fergie was rasied by John and his late wife Ellen, and co-raised by Betsy & Allan and their three little girls. She returned for formal training December 2010.

Graduated March 2011. Fergie's partner is a 21 year-old woman who attends University of Florida

Dynasty Dyna_grad

Dynasty (aka Dyna)

4 month old white-yellow Lab Dyna joined the Roher family on a rainy November day in 2009 to be raised as their 5th Guide Dog pup. Recalled for formal training in Oct 2010.

Graduated March 12, 2011 and working in British Columbia.


Darling Deb arrived as a transfer puppy at the age of 10 months to be raised by Brenda, Frank, and Jenny. Recalled for breeder evaluation in August, 2010.

Graduated Dec. 2010

Trisha in harness


Another precious little yellow girl for Tom and Marilyn! Check out those long, lush eyelashes! Trisha arrived in the very wet January of '09. Returned for formal training, Feb 2010.

Graduated August 14, 2010 and working as a Guide in Nebraska.


Karen--such a girly girl name for a sweet young thing. Karen was raised by Lisa & Doug. The family raised their first Guide Dog pup 7 years ago--a German Shepard named Fountain, when they lived in California. Karen returned to GDB in February, 2010

Graduated July 2010 and working in Missouri.


September was transferred to our group to be finished by long-time puppy sitters Brenda, Frank, and Jenny. Although they have had most of our group's dogs in their home, this is the first one they can call their own!

Graduated June 2010. September works and attends college with her 23 year old partner in Louisiana.

painting of Eldon as an adult


Eldon (not to be confused with Murphy Brown's quirky painter, Eldin) arrived by air in Oct 2008, to be raised by Lisa and family. Returned for formal training in Oct. '09.

Graduated May 2010 through the in-home training program and living in Oregon as a guide. The painting of Eldon, at left, was done by the raiser's son as a gift for her.

Dusk (Dusky)

Dusk was an identity used by several fictional superheros in the Marvel Universe. Dusky arrived via the Puppy Truck on 8/5/08 and was raised by Kushal as his 3rd GDB puppy.

Graduated April 2010 & worked for a short time in Montana. Sadly, Dusky's partner passed away and Dusk was adopted by her husband and two boys.


Big bruizer Chaz arrived by air on 6/28/07 and was welcomed by Cliff, Laura, Alexandra, and Zach as their 3rd puppy. You might say that Chaz is their 'grandpuppy' since Alanis, Chaz's mother, was also raised by this family.

Graduated 6/27/09 (Guidework Demonstration dog at the May graduation!)


Henrietta joined our group when her experienced raisers, Robin and Howard, transfered from the Issaquah puppy raising group, Eager Eyes.

Graduated May 2009 and worked in Mesa, Arizona with her 80-year-young partner. In loving memory--died 1/27/12 of kidney failure.


Pretty, petite Pam arrived on the Puppy Truck on Oct. 5, 2007 to be raised as a "starter puppy" by Amy, Tom, Sam, & Max. Transferred after several weeks to Navigators puppy club on the Kitsap Penninsula.

Graduated May 2009 and living in Kelowna, British Columbia.


A perfect name for a beautiful girl. Sunset was raised by experienced raisers Marilyn and Tom. Sunset returned to Guide Dog college in Oregon January 2009.

Sunset was selected as a Breeder in March 2009--and now Sunset's daughter Trumpet is also a breeder!


Named for the Spanish word meaning 'castle', this little guy shows the promise of strength and fortitude needed in a Guide Dog. He arrived 6/14/07 on the Puppy Truck and was raised by Hilary as her first puppy. Returned for advanced training 6/13/08.

Graduated November 2008


This little guy had a big name to live up to--andwais a perfect fit for a minister's family. He was raised by Betsy and Peter as their 5th Guide Dog puppy.

Graduated in October 2008 and worked as a guide in Medford, OR. until he passed away at the age of 7 from cancer. Sweet, gentle Abe.


Lester arrived on the Puppy Truck January 2007. He was being raised by Kushal as his 2nd Guide Dog puppy. Lester has his very own blog! Go to .

Graduated October 2008 and is working as a guide dog in Ohio.


Alvin arrived by air 2/6/07 to be raised as a 'starter pup' by Sue. He was transfered to Cheryl. Alvin moved to the new group See Dogs in West Seattle in October 2007.

Returned for formal training in March 2008. Graduated October 2008.


The "leader of the pack" who raised the man-cub in the Jungle Book, Akela is being raised by Judy as her 8th puppy. Arrived by air on 12/13/06. Returned for formal training January 2008.

Graduated August 23, 2008



Argent arrived on the Puppy Truck on 9/8/06 to be raised by experienced raiser Sue as her 4th puppy. According to Wikipedia, Argent's name derives from Latin argentum, which means "white money", or silver.

Graduated April 2008


This pretty little sing-song girl joined Marilyn and Tom's household on 2/22/07. She returned to the Boring Oregon Campus for formal training in Nov. 2007.

Lyric was selected as a breeder in March 2008.


'The Duke', rather than 'Duke of Hazzards'! Duke was raised by Betsy and Peter as their 4th Guide Dog puppy. He returned for formal training at the Boring Oregon Campus on 5/19/07.

Graduated Sept. 22nd, 2007 and living in Santa Monica, CA.


Louie, Louie. Hmmmm. Makes you want to break into song. This cutie was raised by Kushal as his first Guide Dog puppy. Recalled for advanced training in Oregon on 1/5/07.

Louie was selected as a Charter Breeder & had one date with girlfriend 'Gail'. Graduated 8/25/07 and working in Seattle.


Brewster was the 7th puppy that Judy raised. He returned to the Oregon campus for advanced training in January 2007.

Graduated August '07 and worked with his partner with the Minesota Twins in northern Minesota until he retired in Sept 2011. He now lives with a family in the Seattle area.

Artemis in harness


...who is a greek god rather than goddess, may have been named after the popular children' book, Artemis Fowl, which portrays the antics of a 12 year old genius and criminal mastermind.He was raised by Ashleigh and Gregg as their 11th puppy. Recalled 1/5/07

Graduated June 30th, 2007


It's 'A New Day' for Basia! Basia was raised by experienced puppy raisers Marilyn and Tom. She is a darling little almost-white-yellow Lab. She returned for advanced training at the Boring Oregon Campus on 2/22/07.

Basia is a breeder in San Rafael, CA and is the dam of two other breeders, Nancy and a very prolific Alonzo!


Cricket was transferred to Bellingham to the "Paws for a Cause" group. Her initial raisers, Kim and Scott, welcomed their first human baby on Christmas Day 2005. Cricket did an excellent job of preparing them for parenthood.

Graduated as a working guide on 3/10/07 and living in Utah.


A pure Golden Retriever puppy, and a sweet, silly surfer dude. Packer was raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas. Returned to the Oregon campus for advanced training on July 16, '06.

Graduated on Dec. 16th, 2006 and worked as a guide in Salt Lake City, UT. Retired at age 7 and adopted by his partner's boss.


Ellen was raised by Tammie, Bob, Reed, and Abby, who have previous experience raising CCI puppies. Ellen was placed as working Guide Dog in Denver, Colorado. This placement did not work out and Ellen was returned to training June 2007

Graduated June 30th, 2007


Claude is the third puppy raised by Betsy and Peter and is a delightful dog.

Graduated October 21, 2006 and working as a Guide Dog in Oklahoma.


Nathan was transferred at 13 months old to experienced raisers, Ruth and Ron, when his original family moved to Australia.

Graduated October 21, 2006. Now a working Guide in Ocean Park, Washington.


Alanis was raised by Cliff, Laura, Alexandra, and Zach and is the second puppy they have raised with our group. Was selected as a breeder May 2006.

Had several litters of puppies as a breeder in San Rafael, CA. Is now retired and living across the street from her raisers in Seattle.


IN LOVING MEMORY. Raised by Heidi and Dallas and graduated in 2005. Felix was a spunky, full of life, shiny black Lab that threw his heart and soul into being Marc's Guide Dog partner and best friend. He worked in Brantford Ontario until the age of almost 9. Felix was the definition of a trustworthy and hardworking companion who still had spunk and loved a good time.


Raised in her early months by Carol and Spencer, then transferred to another group.

Glorianne graduated June 4, 2005.


Nia was raised by Katie and Cliff.

Graduated May 7, 2005 and is now a working guide.



A big bouncy lab who was full of personality and, brother to Jericho. Jared was raised by Ruth, Ron and Taylor.

Jared graduated April 9, 2005 and is a working Guide in Tacoma, Washington.



From San Rafael rather than France, and he never could paint! Toulouse was raised by Sherry, Ray and Anna-Simone.

Graduated April 9, 2005



Jericho (who is Jared's brother) experienced a central city upbringing. Jericho was raised by Amy and Lee, who have since returned to Australia.

Graduated March 12, 2005 and now working in Vancouver, Washington.


Regis was raised by the group leaders Heidi and Dallas. He graduated June 26, 2004 and worked in Philadelphia for several years before moving to Hartford, Connecticut. Regis died of cancer on July 2, 2009 at the age of 7. In loving memory of this gentle giant, our group's first graduate and a wonderful ambassador for GDB.


Career Change or Transfer Puppies

yellow lab pup in green jacket pawprint


Bach was co-raised in GPS for several months by Jan, and by Kokie & Rockee, then was transfered to a WSU student of Veterinary Medicine for the rest of his puppyhood. His raisers are working on teaching him 'composure' for his future life as a guide dog!

yellow lab pup in jacket pawprint


Atari is part of the WSU Vet School program and was raised by Marilyn & Tom in our group until he was 6 months old, then was transfered to a student of Veterinary Medicine who will finish raising him. Let's hope he's 'game'!

black lab pup black lab


Wander was raised by Dana, Dave, Zoe, and Ian as their second GDB pup.

Career Changed for body sensitivity & dog distraction Nov 2013--now living in Happy Valley, OR as a pet in a family with 2 small children. She will go to work at the wine wearhouse her new dad owns.

yellow pup yelllow lab


'Hector Protector was dressed all in green', as the nursery rhyme reads. He is the 4th pup Renee raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Career changed for lack of interest in being a Guide Dog :) and adopted by his raiser.

yellow pup yellow lab


Prima Donna Prima joined the Seattle puppy raising group to be raised by experience raiser Joseph as his 3rd pup for Guide Dogs.

Career Changed for inappropriate relieving and placed with a family of 4 on Mercer Island as a fabulous pet.

yellow pup yellow lab with suitcases

Mattie Too

First-time raisers Dana, Dave, Zoe, and Ian welcomed little Mattie. This is the second 'Mattie' that has been in our group.

Career Changed and placed by Guide Dogs with a couple who will train her as a Therapy Dog to work with hearing impaired individuals.

yellow lab pup yellow lab


Kenya was presented to her raiser at the Oregon Fun Day at the Guide Dog Campus. Kenya is one smart girl--she attended the University of Washington with experienced raiser, Erin.

Kenya has a new career as an avalanche Search & Rescue Dog at Steven's Pass in Washington.

yellow lab pup yellow lab


Corona was another little blondie for Tom and Marilyn--she was puppy number 14!

Career changed for environmental sensitivity in October 2012 and was placed by Guide Dogs for the Blind as a loving pet.

golden lab cross pup golden lab cross dog


What do you get when you cross a Golden/Lab Cross with a Golden? And the answer is..... a Double Cross! Keeley came off of the July Puppy Truck along with a bounce and a sense of humor to be raised by Robin and Howard.

Dropped in formal training for body sensitivity to the harness and fear of loud noises.

black lab pup black lab in green coat


Joseph and Michael raised this little cup of sweetness as their second pup for GDB. See the video of Joseph and Java made by Erika Takeuchi on our Tributes page. Returned to campus Feb 2012 and experienced Pano symptoms (growing pains).

Dropped in the final training phase for relieving issues in Aug 2012 and placed by GDB.

yellow lab pup yellow lab


Ahoy, Captain! Get those sea legs under you and be prepared for learning the ropes with first time raisers Brian, Patti, Annalise, and Kyle. Captain and Chantal are siblings, but it sounds a bit like a singing group.

Career changed for sensitivity to fireworks set off in his neighborhood and placed by GDB.

yellow lab yellow lab


10 month old Cadence moved from the Auburn group to Seattle to be raised by experienced puppy raisers, Brenda and Frank.

Career changed for house behavior and avoidance of jacket and crate and sent to GDB to be adopted.

yellow lab puppy yellow lab


Known as the Viceroy of Phinney Ridge, this little guy joined experienced raisers Sean, Emily, Eric, and Ryan. Viceroy and Valeria are siblings.

Career changed for temperament issues that make him more suited to be a loving pet and placed with friends of the raisers in Seattle.

yellow lab pup yellow lab drooling


Sheraton arrived Sept 2011 to be raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas as their 10th pup.

Career changed for drooling at 9 mo. old and welcomed back home as Willy's little brother! Sheraton is now a Therapy Dog that volunteers at Childhaven with the 3-5 year olds.

yellow lab in front of space needle yellow lab


This pretty girl moved to Seattle from the Bellingham puppy raising group when she was 13 months old to get some city experience with experienced raiser Lisa.

Career changed for dog distraction and adopted by her raiser. Isha is a Therapy Dog with TDI.

golden retriever puppy golden with bone in mouth


Mel arrived on a very rainy December day to be raised by Jan as her second GDB puppy. 'Mel' is a pure, clarified form of honey. He battled Giardia as a puppy and at 11 mo. old was diagnosed with Parvo. He is now a beautiful, healthy adult.

Career changed for 'wet mouth'. Mel was adopted by his raiser and registered as a TDI Therapy Dog.

yellow lab Liam gets a kiss from Madeline


7 mo. old Madeline was transfered to our group from Oregon. Sue raised several puppies with Guide Dogs before becoming involved in Search and Rescue with her Career Changed dog, Luau.

Career changed for body sensitivity and will be placed in a loving home by Guide Dogs.

yellow lab paw print


Elmer joined our group from Sacramento when his family moved to Seattle in June 2011. We are thrilled to have them as part of our group!

Elmer was career changed for fear and balking around buses and doorways and has been adopted by the raiser's brother in California.

black lab black lab


8-month-old Simba and his raisers, Kim and Gary, transferred to our group from Compass Canines in March 2011. GPS is thrilled to have them!

Simba was transferred to the Auburn group for a few months before being career changed for barking. He has been adopted by Kim and Gary, who are thrilled to welcome him back!

black lab pup black lab in puppy coat


Helene and her sister Hedda were chosen by GDB to be part of a study on minimizing body sensitivity. They wore hair scrunchies on bodies while playing--silly but effective! Helene was raised by first-time raiser, Korie, and puppy sat regularly by Haley.

Career changed for an eye problem and adopted by her raiser.

Mattie, Yellow Lab pup Mattie, Yellow Lab


Mattie arrived on the first Puppy Truck of 2010, to be raised by Marilyn and Tom. Mattie is sort of a 'grandchild' since her mom, Sunset, was raised by this family too!

Career changed for vocalizing/barking at other dogs and adopted by the daugher of a raiser in Guide Puppies of Seattle.

Sasha yellow labrador puppy Sasha, yellow labrador,  with hat and scarf on


With a name fit for a 'First Kid', Sasha seemed ready to lead. She arrived on the March 2010 puppy truck to be raised by experienced raisers Robin & Howard.

Career changed for resisting handling and now lives as a free spirited pet on Chuckanut Bay on the Washington coast.

baby Zenith Zenith


This little guy was presented to first-time raiser, Jessica, on stage at Guide Dog graduation, June 19, 2010. He was a big help with the kids in Jessica's kindergarten class.

Career changed for confidence issues. Zenith was adopted by his raiser, registered as a Therapy Dog and continues his work with the kids.

baby Dominic Dominic


Dominic's raisers, Joseph and Michael, transfered to our puppy raising group from Paws for a Cause in Bellingham when Dominic was 8 months old. Dominic returned for formal training in February 2011.

Career changed in Phase 8 for fear on public transportation. Adopted by the Rand family, who co-raised Fergie.

baby Mitzvah in a snow bank


Miztvah, roughly translated, means "good deed". He was raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas as their 9th puppy.

Mitz was career changed at 5 months of age for severe motion sickness. He was adopted by former puppy raisers in California and will spend his days helping out on their 40 acre ranch.

Odessa playing with Visla puppy


Oh, another 'O' puppy! Ona's sister Odessa joined our group in November 2010 at 11 months of age as a transfer puppy to be raised by Brenda, Frank & Jenny.

Career changed at 14 mo. for confidence issues. Adopted by her first raisers and pictured here playing with new sister, Pip!

Magoo aka Maguire

In fond memory: Magoo was lovingly raised as Judy's 11th pup for Guide Dogs. He was joyful, smart, successful, and sometimes a bit of a goof-ball. Magoo returned to campus for formal training in Oct. 2010 and his name was changed to Maguire. He died suddenly on January 24th, 2011, at the age of 18 mo., days away from starting in-home training with his new partner.



Fantine arrived with fanfare and hoopla via Alaska Airlines on the 30th of January, 2009. She was raised by Renee as her second puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Fantine was career changed in Phase 10 of Guide Dog 'college' because of an allergic reaction. She was placed as a pet by Guide Dogs.

Fina, black labrador


Fina festively arrived on the Christmas Puppy Truck, Dec. 2009, to be raised by first time raisers, Rose and High.

Career changed at 8 mo. old after contracting meningitis. Fina was adopted by her raising family and is feeling much better!


Under the guise of a road trip and tour of the San Rafael campus, Howard surprised Robin with new puppy, Estella. Estella joined our group on March 14, 2009. Returned to campus, March 2010.

Career changed, April 2010 for body sensitivity & fear and adopted by the raising family.


What do you call a puppy that is as cute as a picture? Art! This fine young pup was raised by Kandice, Ryan, Luka, Ezra, and Milo as their second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Career changed for dog distraction, April 2010 and adopted by the raising family.


Able Amos braved snowstorms and floods to get to Seattle to be raised by experienced raisers Ruth and Ron.

Career changed February 2010 and adopted by a Seattle family with 2 active boys.


Golden Gideon arrived 8/14/08 to be raised by Heidi and Dallas as their 7th puppy. He and sister Ginger were donated to Guide Dogs by a breeder in Sequim.

Career Changed for fear and distraction in Oct. 2009 and placed by Guide Dogs as a family pet in Menlo Park, California.


Shep was transfered to our group in Sept. 2008 at 8 months of age to be raised by Maayan. This sweet boy attended highschool with her at Lakeside. Returned for formal training Aug. '09.

Career Changed in Phase 10 for inappropriate relieving in harness and adopted by his raising family.


Faraja is a Swahili word meaning 'comfort' and 'leader'. Faraja was raised by experienced raiser, Judy, as her 10th guide dog pup.

Faraja was career changed and has found his "forever home" as a pet in Seattle with 2 adults and 2 children to love and care for.


Clifford the Little Yellow Dog arrived on the Puppy Truck on June 13, 2008. He was raised by Hilary as her second Guide Dog puppy. He attended Blanchet High School with his raiser.

Career Changed in Aug '09 and adopted by Hilary's aunt.


Doesn't everyone have a beloved Aunt Vera? She may have an old-fashioned name but she is a girl with big dreams for the future. Vera was raised by experienced raisers Mary Ann and Dave as their 4th puppy.

Evaluated for breeding potential in July '09 and career changed for elbow dysplasia


Dan and Naomi raised Leonard as their first Guide Dog puppy. Arrived 5/16/08 and returned for formal training 5/14/09 and was on Breeder Watch.

Career changed for cataracts in both eyes and returned to his raisers as a pet.


Transfered from the Vashon Island group, sweet, soft Lotus stayed with Robin and Howard for a few months.

Career changed for confidence issues and adopted by her first raiser on Vashon.



Draper was transferred to Ruth and Ron, who finished raising him and sent him off to 'college' in January 2009.

Career changed March '09.


A true Marilyn Monroe look-alike (and we are sure her middle name is Jean), Norma joined big sister and career changed dog Tinella to be raised by Cliff and Katie as their 4th Guide Dog Puppy. Returned 8/5/08 for advanced training

Career Changed in Phase 8 for inappropriate relieving and adopted by her raisers.


Hastings was raised by experienced raisers Betsy and Peter as their 6th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Betsy and Peter moved to Bishop, CA in January 2009 and took Hastings with them. We miss all three of you! Hastings was career changed in April '09 and adopted by a family in Bishop.


Cute as a bug's ear, sweet and spicy Hoya was presented to Erika and Neil on Fun Day at the Boring Oregon Guide Dog Campus on August 11th.

Career changed for chronic bronchitis and fear issues, and adopted by her raiser.


Donner started his Guide Dog training with Andy in Kitsap County, and then was transferred to Renee on February 19th to be raised as her first puppy.

In memory of Donner--a spunky, loving, smart, and happy 'red' Labrador--Nov 18, 2007 to Dec 14, 2008


Beckley was loved and raised by first time raisers Ryan, Kandice, Luka, Ezra, and Milo.

He was career changed for odor sensitivity in Nov. 2008 and was adopted by his raising family. Picutured here with Ezra!


Pokey little Curio with the "unusual" name--just as her family requested. She was raised by Lisa, Ross, & Rory as the first puppy they have raised for GDB.

Career changed at 5 mo. of age for torn cruciate ligaments in both knees. GDB fixed them surgically and found her the perfect home after her recovery.

Willy with head on lap of  little girl who is readiing a book


Little Willy Willy won't go home, but you can't push Willy 'cause Willy won't go! He arrived via air and was raised by group leaders, Heidi and Dallas.

Career changed for confidence issues in Sept. '08. Adopted by Heidi & Dallas and registered as a Therapy Dog. Willy and Heidi volunteer weekly at Childhaven.


Check out this little dish! Raised by Mary Ann and family as their 3rd Guide Dog puppy. Returned for formal training 6/13/08.

Career changed for elbow OCD and adopted by her raising family after undergoing surgery. Her new career is as a Therapy Dog, going to work with Mary Ann--a school nurse.


Dayton was Judy's 9th pup. He loved being cuddled and loved children.

Dayton was career changed for body sensitivity and is now living as a pet in Oregon.


December is a March puppy who arrived in May. She was initially raised by Claire and Donna, then transferred at 6 months of age to Ruth and Ron. Returned for formal training in Oregon in September '07.

Career changed for IBS


Transferred to the Anderson family at 5 months of age, Brink is handsome, sweet and obliging. Returned for formal training on 6/14/07.

Career changed for allergies and is now living with the Anderson family as their beloved pet.



This little 'peacekeeper' arrived via the June Puppy Truck and is being raised by experienced raiser Sue. Transferred to new group See Dogs of West Seattle in October 2007.

Career changed Aug '08 for elbow dysplasia


Baby Bernie came bouncing into our lives August 11th, 2006. He was raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas as their 5th Guide Dog puppy. He returned for formal training on August 2007.

Career changed for elbow dysplasia and had surgery on both elbows. He is now enjoying life as a pet in Portland, Oregon.


Garth joined the Gordon clan to be raised as their first Guide Dog puppy.

Career changed for relieving issues and placed by Guide Dogs in a loving home.


Little Lissa happily joined career-changed big sister Tinella to be raised by Cliff & Katie. Lissa was their fourth Guide Dog puppy. She returned to advanced training and breeder evaluation on 5/19/07.

Career changed for IBS and adopted by her raising family.


Lassiter and his brother Lester arrived on the January Puppy Truck to be raised by Ashleigh and Gregg as their 12th (twelve!) Guide Dog puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Transferred to the Vashon Island group May 2007 when A & G moved to Washington DC.

Career changed Aug '08 for temperament unsuitable for a GD


Montoya is just as zippy as Juan Pablo Montoya--the famous race car driver. He started out with Karis, Marge, and Chris as their first Guide Dog puppy.

Transferred to another raiser and career changed after returning to Boring for advanced training.


Pierre arrived on the Puppy Truck on 2/23/07. He started his training with Heidi and Dallas (and big brother Bernie). Transferred to raisers with Eager Eye Guide Pups in Issaquah.

Career changed.


Monica is a happy girl with a tail that is constantly wagging. She was raised by Joyce as her first Guide Dog puppy.

Career changed for excitability and relieving issues and adopted by Joyce.


Courtney and Austin personally trained this little athlete. Nikki also learned to be right at home at the office.

Nikki was career changed for relieving issues and was adopted by her raisers. Nikki starred as an extra in the Jennifer Aniston movie "Traveling".Nikki died at age 4 from kidney failure. In loving memory.


A big mellow yellow boy, Sadler was raised by Amy, Tom, Sam & Max. Sadler returned to Oregon for formal training in June, 2006 and was career changed in Phase 8.

He returned to his raisers and trained as a Service Dog. Now living in Plain, WA as the 'store dog' for Plain Hardware Store.


Tuck joined our group from LA Southwest as a high-energy 9 month old. His raiser, Judy, has raised 6 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Tuck was career changed for allergies in Sept. 2006 after making it to Phase 9 in advanced training.


Pronto was raised by Sally, Dan, Amelia, Evan and Quinn as their fourth puppy.

Career changed for distractability issues in Aug 2006 and adopted by the raising family. Pronto is the resident 'soft pillow' at his Mom's midwife office, giving comfort and love to kids and adults alike.

yellow lab puppy


Orca, Golden/Labrador Cross. was raised by Marilyn & Tom. She was career changed in August 2006 for a slight heart imperfection.

Orca has moved to Colorado to be an Ambassador for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She will work with a field representative to demonstrate harness work.


Fuller. who is Flanagan's brother, was transferred to our group at 7 months of age to be raised by Emily, Louise, Joel and Nathan.

He was career changed for temperament issues and has been placed with his first raising family.


Just a little pup in a big skin! Colma was raised by Donna, Michael, Claire, and Colleen.

Career changed for temperament issues.


Full of life and looking for adventures, Cora is the second pup raised by Justin, Laura, Mary Ann, and Dave.

Career changed and placed as a pet with family friends.


Tinella is a sweet, soft little girl who bloomed under gentle handling. She is the third puppy raised by Cliff and Katie.

Career changed for physical problems with her legs and has been permanently adopted by Cliff & Katie as their 'princess'.


Flanagan was transferred to the "Navigators" group on the Kitsap Penisula. Flanagan was the first puppy raised by Emily, Louise, Joel, and Nathan.

Career changed for temperament issues and placed as a pet by Guide Dogs.


Lorca joined our group as an older puppy when his previous family moved.

He was career changed for temperament issues. Ashleigh and Gregg, who finished raising Lorca, say that he will make a wonderful family dog!


Fidelity, who came to us an an older puppy, was well trained and loved by Ruth and Ron.

Career changed Dec. 2005 due to noise reactivity.


Tapioca never quite grew into her harness. Tapioca was raised by Cliff and Katie.

She was career changed for temperament issues and is now living the simple life in the country in Maple Valley, WA.



A beautiful deep tawny colored yellow lab, Arabelle was raised by Laura, Mary Ann, Dave and Justin.

Arabelle's new family is encouraging her to persue a career in Search and Rescue.


Even darker than an espresso, this pup went off to work at Starbucks at an early age.

Bodine is living with his raisers, Melody and Matt, as a pet and has recently finished advanced training as a Therapy Dog. Elbow dysplasia prevented him from being a guide.


A little black lab with wavy hair. He never quite came to terms with the temperament needed to be a guide. He was raised by Betsy and Peter.

Adopted by a single woman as the only dog in her life, and living happily in Portland, Oregon.


An extremely bouncy baby girl, Rags was raised by Ruth and Ron.

Career changed at a young age and adopted by a family from Portland when she was 10 months old. Now a fun-loving pet.


Farina, a sweet natured female was being raised by her grandparent family, Sally, Dan, Ameilia, Evan and Quinn, before she went off to school. For her first 11 months she was raised by Bindi and Martin.

Career changed for relieving issues and now living in San Diego with Heidi and Dallas' grandkids!


Duncan was raised by Laura, Cliff, Alexandra, and Zachary.

Career changed for relieving difficulties in the final phase of advanced training and adopted by his trainer. He now goes to work at his family's veterinarian clinic daily. In Loving Memory--died from cancer at age 7.


Spencer and Carol have raised many pups, including puppies for Guide Dogs of the Desert.

Tamar had ligament problems in her back leg. After surgery to correct the problem, Tamar has become a pet.


George is now serving our community as a canine blood donor! This beautiful lab with heaps of personality was skillfully raised by Betsy, Peter, Karissa and Heather.

Career changed for relieving difficulties and living in Seattle with the Bush family.


Bigelow was raised by Ellen and Marsha and was considered an 'honorary bailiff' at the Federal Courthouse.

Now living as a pet with an active family in Seattle, WA.


Olive was raised by Bindi and Martin, who also raised Farina. They went back to New Zealand for a year but are currently residing in Seattle!

Career changed for allergies. Now living in Bainbridge Island, WA. Olive takes the ferry to work in the city with her new mom.


Salem was raised by Sally, Dan, Amelia, Evan and Quinn.

Career changed for allergies and now a semi-spoiled pet in Seattle, WA-- having been adopted by one of Sally's co-workers and family.


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