Puppies in Training
yellow lab



Transferred from the Spokane group at 7 months of age, Ivan will be raised by experienced raisers, Brenda and Frank. Welcome to GPS!

yellow lab puppy in green puppy coat



Kanojo no na wa Tobiko! Her name is Tobiko...joining the O'Brien family to be raised as their 3rd puppy for Guide Dogs! The kids have nicknamed her "Sushi" since Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe.

golden retriever puppy



This cute puff of Golden fur, fondly known as 'HD', will be co-raised by Brian & Patti and Heidi & Dallas. He arrived on the Christmas Puppy Truck, Dec. 2013. May he bring happiness to all!

"It's not what you look at that matters, it is what you see." --Henry David Thoreau

yellow pup



Arriving on the Dec. Puppy Truck, Atari is part of the WSU Vet School program, he will be raised by Marilyn & Tom in our group until he is 6 months old, then will transfer to a student of Veterinary Medicine who will finish raising him. Let's hope he's 'game'!

yellow lab pup



Bach will be co-raised in GPS for several months by Jan, and by Kokie & Rockee, then will transfer to a WSU student of Veterinary Medicine for the rest of his puppyhood. His raisers are working on teaching him 'composure' for his future life as a guide dog!

golden pup



Beautiful Golden Chelsea transferred to our group from Bellingham at 5 months of age to be raised by Robin and Howard. We are thrilled to welcome this sweet thing to GPS!

yellow lab pup



Craig arrived by Puppy Truck in Oct. 2013 to be raised by experience raiser Geoff. Group leaders Heidi & Dallas raised another Craig that worked as a guide until his recent retirement at the age of 13 for 'geriatric reasons'. This pup's name has a good history!

black lab pup


Cadence Too

This is the second Cadence we have had in our group! She is a 16 week old transfer pup from the Yakima group to be raised by first time raisers Karen, Ron, Ganga, and Bhadri.

yellow pup



This smart pup arrived on the June Puppy Truck to be raised by experienced raiser Erin M. Trixie was born to persue higher education and will go to work with her raiser at the University of Washington.

Puppies Recalled for Training
black lab pup


This cutie was raised by Joseph as his 4th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind for the first 5 months and then was transferred to Brenda and Frank for the rest of her time with our puppy group. Vindy attended Adams Elementary School with Joseph, and went work with Brenda and Frank.

Phase 1

yellow lab


Transferred at one year old from the Enumclaw group, Katyjo joined the Mohagen family for the last several months before being ready for Guide Dog college. Returned for breeder evaluation in Nov. 2013.

IN CLASS--graduation scheduled for 4/20/14


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