Puppies in Training
Black lab pup in green jacket



With these good looks, he could be an Italian fashion model, but without the golden locks ;). Fabio arrived on the May Puppy Truck to be raised by Heidi & Dallas, and by Holly, Lee, Emmy, & Reese.

Yellow lab pup in green vest



Foxy little Fennec with the big ears is as smart as his namesake. He is being raised by Abby and Arnold and will be going to work in a law firm. Fennec, Fiore, & Fajita are siblings and are 3/4 Golden, 1/4 Labrador.

yellow lab pup with red ribbon around neck



Flare arrived on the crowded 2014 Christmas Puppy Truck along with 28 of her closest friends, including several of her littermates. She will be raised by Robin, Howard, Estella Lemon Bella and co-raisers Lisa, Doug and Isha.

black lab pup in green jacket



This fine English chap is joining a fine Irish family. Alistair will be raised by Derval, Tom, Hugh, Jack, Fiona, and Ailbhe as their first GDB puppy. Keep calm and carry on!

yellow lab pup in green jacket



This burst of energy arrived via air and was presented to Kim and Gary at the October 2014 Microsoft Graduation! Full speed ahead!

yellow lab pup



This liberal guy will be well socialized as a member of the Democratic Party with raiser Lisa, who has raised 3 previous pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Yellow lab puppy in green jacket



Mr. W. Wonka, brother to Winston, will be raised by Jessica and will be educated along with her kindergarten class. Oh, the kids are going to love Wonka!

Puppies Recalled for Training
yellow lab pup

Wander Too

Another Wander for our group! This sweet thing was raised by Anna, Lucien, and Graham as their first pup for GDB.

Breeder Evaluation

golden retriever puppy


This cute puff of Golden fur, fondly known as 'HD', \was co-raised by Brian & Patti and Heidi & Dallas. He arrived on the Christmas Puppy Truck, Dec. 2013.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it is what you see." --Henry David Thoreau

Phase 4

yellow lab puppy in green puppy coat


Kanojo no na wa Tobiko! Her name is Tobiko...joined the O'Brien family to be raised as their 3rd puppy for Guide Dogs! The kids nicknamed her "Sushi" since Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe.

Phase 1

yellow lab pup


Bach was co-raised in GPS for several months by Jan, and by Kokie & Rockee, then was transfered to a WSU student of Veterinary Medicine for the rest of his puppyhood. His raisers worked on teaching him 'composure' for his future life as a guide dog! Returned for formal training Feb 2015.

Phase 8


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