Attention past, present, and future Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy Sitters (people who want to volunteer as a puppy sitter and are not seeking to raise a pup): 

We really appreciate the time, energy and dedication that you give to help raise successful puppies with our group.  We could not do it without you!   In order to raise all of our puppies to reach their highest potential, we have established a new policy regarding Puppy Sitters.

Puppy Sitters will be required to attend a minimum of one “Puppy Sitter” meeting every three months to remain on active Puppy Sitter status.  The “Puppy Sitter Meetings” are modified regular meetings and are designed to cover the information that you will need for puppy sitting. We will present new information and review training techniques. To see when the meetings are scheduled, check the Meetings page

All of our sitters have different skill levels. Therefore, we will attempt to select pups for you to puppy sit that match your skill level. Some of you may need to attend additional meetings/outings/trainings. If you are not able to make it to a designated “Puppy Sitter Meeting”, and want to puppy sit during the next 3 months, please make arrangements with one of the leaders to meet at another time--either one-on-one or at another meeting or outing.

As always, all Sitters must first go through the same steps to become a puppy sitter as if you were being approved to raise a puppy.  You must have: a current application on file, have had a recent home visit, read the puppy manual and hand-outs, attended a minimum of 8-10 meetings, and attend at least one meeting quarterly. We will let you know if we need a new application and a repeat home visit.

Thanks again for your committment!


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