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So you want to raise a puppy…
(or become a puppy sitter)....

Steps to take:

  1. Attend 8-10 meetings, functions, outings, or puppy handling sessions.
  2. Read the Puppy Raising Manual.
  3. All family members must show a willingness to learn GDB puppy training techniques and be willing to participate in club activities.
  4. Fill out all required paperwork for GDB volunteers--

    a. Puppy Raising Volunteer Application
    b. Puppy Placement Questionnaire
    c. Participant Consent and Release Form
    d. Agreement to Terms of Service

  5. Have a house and yard check by your group leaders—

    a. Entire family to be present for the house/yard check, including pets
    b. Have a safe, fenced yard or dog run for when puppy is outside, with a height of at least 5 feet, or request an exemption and be willing to have the puppy on a leash when outside at all times (approved on a case-by-case basis).
  6. Puppy-sit for another group member’s puppy.

Things to remember:
  • The puppy that you will be raising is a guest in your home and is the property of GDB.
  • It is the responsibility of our club to prepare the pups for their return to GDB.
  • Everyone in GPS will work together and support each other to ensure that you and the puppy have a successful experience.
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