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Hydrogen and oxygen are created thru the process of electrolysis then introduced into the engines intake.  

Get Better Gas Mileage?


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Turn Your Car Into a "Hydrogen Hybrid"
Increase Your Gas Mileage by 10% to 50% or more!!!
Improve Horsepower and Reduce Emissions!

Our Products are made of the highest quality materials with a superior design to all others.  Design features include precision machined ½” DuPont™ Corian® Solid Polymer End Plates, precision machined thru hole 316L stainless Steel plates, heavy duty precision machined thru hole high temp neoprene gaskets.  Internally it uses 1/8” and 1/16” gaskets, where needed, with four internal ports, allowing for the maximum electrolyte and gas flow possible.  This permits the generator to run much cooler, with no hot-spots. The gasket also uses a special design to maintain exact spacing between the plates, again preventing hot-spots.

Have You Had Enough of the High Gas Prices?  Modify Your Vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid, save MONEY on fuel expenses while lowering emissions and cleaning out your engine and improving performance!

Hydrogen On-Demand is safe, no need to store pressurized tanks of Hydrogen.

HHO Generators turn WATER into HYDROGEN GAS and OXYGEN (HHO):

HHO Gas has tremendous power it increases horsepower and performance, keeps the engine running cool & clean, and lowers exhaust emissions.

Proven to increase gas mileage by 10% to 50% or more, without engine modification.

Compatible with Fuel Injected and Carbureted Engines; Gasoline, Electric Hybrids, Diesel, LP Gas, with or without turbo chargers; Automobiles, Boats, Motorcycles, Farm Equipment, Heavy Construction Equipment, virtually any combustion engine.

Reduce exhaust greenhouse gasses and most importantly SAVE MONEY!

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water. Principle:

An electrical power source is connected to two electrodes, or two plates (typically made from some inert metal such as platinum or stainless steel) which are placed in the water. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode (the negatively charged electrode, where electrons enter the water), and oxygen will appear at the anode (the positively charged electrode). Assuming ideal faradaic efficiency, the amount of hydrogen generated is twice the number of moles of oxygen, and both are proportional to the total electrical charge conducted by the solution). 

Hydrogen on Demand Generator (HHO) creates a "hydroxy" gas. Your cars, internal combustion engine has an energy efficiency of approximately 25% or less.When this gas is added to your cars or trucks fuel system it increases the combustion of the fossil fuels. Thus more power is created, giving your car better gas mileage, increased performance and more horsepower. By adding hydrogen gas to your cars air/fuel mixture you increase your engines efficiency. Not to mention your car will produce less harmful emissions.

Wikipedia definition:
"Hydroxy gas" A nickname for oxyhydrogen combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas produced from the electrolysis of water".

Hydrogen on Demand Generator Creates Hydroxy Gas which enters your car through the air intake. By adding hydrogen gas to your cars air/fuel mixture you increase your engines efficiency. Because with the added “HHO” gas you will produce a much more efficient burn than gasoline alone.When HHO gas mixes with your fuel/air mixture, it will increases combustion and more efficient ignition. This combination provides better gas mileage, less gas is being wasted, increases horsepower and lowers emissions. Your car or truck exhaust creates pollution caused by burning a low octane fuel that has to be mixed with air in order to explode in the combustion chamber. Fuel is being wasted in the combustion process because your fuel/air mixture can only be so efficient at creating the perfect mix at the time of combustion. Wasted fuel in the combustion process is then pushed down through your exhaust system to your catalytic converter to try and cut down on your exhaust emissions.

Gas is wasted when 75% of the energy is never used or is burning to slow to be effective. Hydrogen on Demand Generator Creates Hydroxy Gas which enters your car Ready To Go. This fuel is created from water through the process of electrolysis and is ready to enter the combustion chamber in a ready to go mixture. When HHO gas mixes with your fossil fuel/air mixture it will increases the combustion rate in the combustion chamber burning more efficiently thus increasing the ignition process in your engine. Sorry there is a slight slide effect to this process (More Horsepower).

Waste less gas - because the Hydroxy Gas that your hho-power Hydrogen on Demand Generator Created burns so fast your engine will use all the energy created during the power stroke of your engine. Due to the increased combustion rate and more efficient ignition the fossil fuels will also burn more efficiently helping to cut down on your exhaust emissions, this will also help benefits the environment for us and our future generations. The increased combustion of fossil fuel by using a hho-power hydrogen generator will increase your gas mileage; we all know that better gas mileage means saving more money on gas. Saving money on gas means that when you pull up to the pump and see how much we have to pay you can estimate using 10% to 30% less fuel for the same amount of miles driven depending on your driving habits. Remember we did gain a few new horses under the hood as well.

Let’s sum it up in Laymen’s Terms.

Better gas mileage (#1 on everybody’s mind today – Trying to get from point A to point B using less) hho-power has perfected its product line in order to provide you with a high gas output, using less amperage but still quite capable of performing at and above the 30 amp range if that is your preference. Our product line is designed to maintain a high output along with a Low operating temperature.

Saving money on gas (Seems like every time you buy anything it cost More, Especially Gas and Diesel). When a thunder storm thousands of miles away is going to cost everybody Just a few more cents per gallon, then a pipe brakes some ware and that’s a few more cents per gallon, then it rains again. We can’t control Mother Nature and I do feel sorry for the people who only made $ 90,000,000,000.00 PROFIT and keep squeezing us all like a sponge.  We can use Mother Nature to help; we can take Water through the process of electrolysis to produce a gas that will effectively increase our gas mileage.

This process does not discriminate if you get 10 miles to the gallon now you will save, if you get 40 miles to the gallon you will save, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a car or truck, Gas or Diesel you will save. The cost of operating a water craft has just about taken all the fun out of it, but now you will also save in your Gallons Per. Hour.

By adding hydrogen gas to your cars air/fuel mixture you not only increase your engines efficiency, and horsepower, you are now reducing your carbon footprint. When your Hydrogen on Demand generator (HHO) creates a "hydroxy" gas and it mixes then burns with your fossil fuel the by product from the hydroxy gas is water. So we really just borrow the water to help us gain a few extra miles per gallon, and a couple extra horsepower, and reduce our carbon footprint, not bad. can provide you with everything you will need to begin saving cash and the environment now.   

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