Known Family as of Jan. 21, 2006 (Public Version)

Adam AUTRY was born 24 Jun 1802 in Moore County, North Carolina. He died 25 Sep 1846 in Talladega County, Alabama. Adam married Terricy Lydia HARE on 10 Jun 1823 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Terricy Lydia HARE [Parents] was born 1792 in Moore County, North Carolina. She died 1857 in Talladega County, Alabama. Terricy married Adam AUTRY on 10 Jun 1823 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Henry Bryan HARE Sr. [Parents] was born 1787 in Moore County, North Carolina. He died before 1844 in Marengo County, Alabama. Henry married Linsey Ann WHITE on 24 Apr 1823 in Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama.

Linsey Ann WHITE was born about 1811 in Georgia. She died about 1907 in Ouachita County, Arkansas. Linsey married Henry Bryan HARE Sr. on 24 Apr 1823 in Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama.

Martin MORGAN married Cynthia HARE on 25 May 1823 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Cynthia HARE [Parents] married Martin MORGAN on 25 May 1823 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Wilcox County, Alabama Marriages
MORGAN,  Martin & Cynthia Hare with Mark Morgan Security, Wmarried McLendon J.P. 5-25-182

William EVANS married Nancy HARE on 3 Sep 1826 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Nancy HARE [Parents] married William EVANS on 3 Sep 1826 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Adam SHEFFIELD was born 1813 in Moore County, North Carolina. He died 1899 in Itawamba County, Mississippi. Adam married Elizabeth HARE on 7 May 1832 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Adam Sheffield, father of William, was born during 1811 in Wilcox County, Alabama. He was the son of Isaac and Elizabeth Hare Sheffield. Adam spent most of his youth on the Sheffield farm which was located south of present-day Pine Hill, Alabama on Isaac Creek. Here, the Sheffield family owned several thousand acres of land. On May 7, 1832 he married Elizabeth Hare of Wilcox County and bought a farm south of his father's land. A little over ten years after his marriage, Adam moved to Itawamba County, Mississippi with the Fendley family of Wilcox County. In the diary of J.H. Fendley is an account of the journey. The diary reads: "In the summer of 1843 my father took what the people said was Mississippi fever, so he rigged up a yoke of oxen...and rode off to Itawamba County, Mississippi. A man by the name of Adam Sheffield and family rigged up as well as father, went with us. I remember we went by Linden in Marengo County, by Demopolis, crossed the Warrior River, went through about three miles of the Tombigbee River and in three miles of the town of Fulton, the county seat, we stopped our trip." Adam and his family continued to live in Itawamba County for about three years before he moved his family back to Wilcox County along with the Fendley family. Adam Sheffield was a blacksmith in Wilcox County. After the Civil War, Adam moved again, to Itawamba County where his family continued to live. About three years after arriving in Itawamba County again, he purchased 160 acres of land from John A. and Josephine Blair during 1872. Adam and his family were members of Hopewell Baptist Church in Itawamba County. Adam died during 1899 and was buried in the Keyes Cemetery.

From the Minutes of the Judson Baptist Association
48th Session at Hopewell Baptist Church, September 6, 1900
"Since our last annual meeting we find that the following named brethern and sisters have been called from our midst...Hopewell, Adam Sheffield..."
Adam SHEFFIELD to Elizabeth HARE, May 7, 1832, p. 181 Wilcox County Alabama.

Elizabeth HARE [Parents] was born 1815 in Moore County, North Carolina. She died 1848 in Wilcox County, Alabama. Elizabeth married Adam SHEFFIELD on 7 May 1832 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Archibald CASTEEL [Parents] was born 7 Mar 1763 in PA. He died Jul 1836. Archibald married Rebecca DEW in Coshocton Cty, OH.

Rebecca DEW married Archibald CASTEEL in Coshocton Cty, OH.

They had the following children:

  M i
Sanford CASTEEL.
  M ii Joseph CASTEEL.
  M iii Jeremiah CASTEEL.
  M iv Archibald CASTEEL.
  F v Catherine CASTEEL was born about 1795.
  M vi
W. Jesse CASTEEL was born 1798 in PA.
  M vii Amos CASTEEL was born 22 Aug 1802.
  M viii
John CASTEEL was born 24 Sep 1804 in Bedford, Bedford Cty., PA. He died Dec 1885 in Livingston, Clark Cty., IL.
  M ix
Thomas CASTEEL was born 25 Jul 1811 in Licking County, OH. He died 25 Sep 1888 in Putnam Cty., OH.

Jesse CASTEEL [Parents] was born before 1756 in Prince Georges Cty., MD. He married Sarah (CASTEEL).

Sarah (CASTEEL) married Jesse CASTEEL.

They had the following children:

  M i
Jesse CASTEEL was born 1798 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  M ii
Shadrick CASTEEL was born 1803 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  M iii
Thomas CASTEEL was born 1805 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  M iv
Archibald CASTEEL was born 1807 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.

WHITECAR married Elizabeth CASTEEL on 1795 in Rockbridge, VA.

Elizabeth CASTEEL [Parents] was born 1750/1753. She married WHITECAR on 1795 in Rockbridge, VA.

Ambros Swanson BOON was born estimated 1620.

He had the following children:

  M i Corneliius BOON was born about 1650 and died Jan 1687/1688.

Edmond CASTEEL [Parents] was born about 1715 in , Prince Georges, MD. He died 11 Apr 1772 in Prince Georges, MD. Edmond married Rebecca WILLIAM.

WILL:  MD, Pr. Georges Co.; Orphan's Court, Liber T1, folio 48; dates 7 Apr 1772; pro. 24 Mar 1773

In the name of God Amen I Edmond Casteel of Prince George's County in the Province of maryland being of sound and perfect memory thanks to Almighty God for the same but calling to mind the uncertainty of this Transitory State and knowning that it is appointed for all Men to die Do make and Ordain this my las Will ___ Testament in manner and form following Viz: First I will that all my just Debts be well and truly paid and satisfied next I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it; Next my Body to the earth to be Buried at he  Discretion of my Executrix here-after named. And ;for what worldly Estate as hath pleased Almighty God to bless ame with in this life, I give and disopose of the same in manner and form following; that is to say I give and bequeath to my Son Shadrach Casteel all my wearing apparrel. I give and bequeath to my wife Rebecca Casteel all my personal Estate namely Part of a Tract of land called Casteel, part of Edmunds Frolich Enlarged and all my Goods and Personal Estate consisting of what kind or value soever during her Natural Life and then I give and bequeath all the remaining part of the above said Land: Item and goods to be sold and the money to be Equally Divided amongst my Several children as follows; Viz Shadrach Casteel, Abednego Casteel, Francis Casteel, Lucy Athey, Keziah Mitchell, Susannah Searce, Sarah Medly, Cassandra Casteel, Charity Casteel, and lasty I do hereby appointed Constitute make and ordain my Daughter Cassander Casteel whoe and sole Executrix of this my last Will and testament hereby Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament making void all other and former Wills or Testaments by me made. in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand affixed my Seal this Seventh day of April One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy two.
    Signed Sealed and Acknowledged          Edmond Casteel      Seal
    as his last Will and Testament before     (sp)
    James Moore Senr.
    Samuel Moore
    Zadock Moore


Will of Edmond Casteel III
b: ca 1715 Pa.
  will written 11 April 1772
d. 24 March 1773
  Prince George's County, MD.

To son:  Shadrack Casteel, personality. To wife: Rebeccah Casteel, all of my personal estate, part of tract Casstell, part of Edmond's Frolick enlarged, during life then the remaining part of my lands and goods to be acually divided amongst my children, Shadrack, Machack, Abednego, Francis Casteel, Lucy Athy, Kezia Mitchal, Susanah Scarce, Sarah Medley, Cassander Cassteel and Charity Cassteel.  Daughter Cassrander Cassteel , excx.

Test: James Moore, Snr., Samuel Moore, Zadock Moore WILLS 39,f.464.

Inventory of Edmond Casteel, PG Co., 19 April 1773, Appraised by John Osbourn, James Moore, Sr. Kindred, Marchp Casteel, Charity Casteel.  Sum of L26/11/8.

14 June 1773 Cassandre Casteel, Exce.  Creditors, Peter Campbell for Classford and Co., Stephen West. INV. 114, f. 44.

The account of Cassandra Casteel, Excs. of Edmund Casteel P.G. Co., Sum of L26/11/8  18 May 1884  ACCTS 71, f 128 .

I am a descendant  of Edmond Casteel through his daughter Susannah who married Nathan Scarce. I am also a descendant of Zadock Moore-one of the  witnesses to this will. If you have information on Casteel, Scarce, Soper,
or Moore, I will appreciate hearing from you. M. Mathis

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT (See full articles under Capt. Edmund Casteel)
                                Casteel Plantation

   Edmond du Chastel, 2nd hereafter called Edmund Casteel, of "Casteel" plantation, St. John's or Piscataway Parish, Prince George County Maryland, removed from Philadelphia to Prince George County where he purchased  the plantation which he patented under the name of "Casteel," Dec 10, 1714 (MD His.Soc. MS., Calvert Paper No. 882, page 167); the original grant having been dated Oct 12, 1713 (Prince George County , MD deeds book Y , page 575); and the survey, Dec 3, 1713. By subsequent purchases of adjoining lands he aquired a tract which he patented under the name of "Edmonds Frolic Enlarged" and later conveyed to his son Meshach Casteel (Ibid., Book TT, page 638; Ibid., Book JRM3, page 373). And in the year 1742 when his health was failing (Ibid., court minutes, book CC, page 129) and his wife Johanna (also called Hannah) had died (Ibid., court minutes, pages 109,608) he conveyed part of "Casteel" plantation to his son "Edmond Casteel Junr planter" (Ibid deeds, Book Y, page 575). The last references to Edmund Casteel, 2nd occur in November 1743; and to his wife, in 1733.
    There is no will on record for either of them, and the deeds cited above prove the identity of only two of their children, Edmond and Meshach. Nevertheless the writer has found evidence which leads him to include John and Joseph among the children, although the evidence is only circumstantial. The "Maryland Historical Society Magazine," vol 9, pp275, 357-58, has published a roster of Maryland troops in French and Indian War , including the names of John, Zachariah and Peter Casteel. The children of  Edmund and Johannah Casteel known with certainty are: 5. Edmond 3rd., who follows,  6. Meshach, who follows after his brother. And probably, 7. Joseph , who appears as a bondsman in a transaction dated August term, 1745 (Prince George Co. ct. minutes, Book DD, p. 196) 8. John, who married Rebeccah _________, by whom he had a son Henry Casteel baptized, Aug. 25, 1765. )MD Hist Soc. MS Piscataway Parish Register, Prince George Co. , MD., page 351). In 1773 John Casteel was living in ?Bedford Co. PA. near Shadrack Casteel ("Penna Achives," 3rd ser. vol. 22,  p.44), and served in the Revolution in Washington Co. PA., militia (Ibid, 5th ser., vol. 4, pp. 394, 704 5. Edmund Casteel 3rd, of "Casteel" plantation, Piscataway Parish, Prince George Co. MD., died leaving a will dated April 7, 1772, and proved March 24, 1773 (Prince George Co., willsl Book T, No. 1, pages 48-49; Magurder, "Maryland Wills"), by  which he gave to his wife Rebecca_____ a life estate in Casteel plantation and his personal estate  and provided for the sale and distribution of the property in equal shares to his children, whom he names, at her  death. His wearing apparel, perhaps including items inheirted from Capt. Edmond, he left to his son Shadrach. The inventory of his estate, made April 10, 1773  (Ibid., inventories, book T, No. 1, page 264), lists a large Black Box  which may refer to the "Black Trunk"  given by the will of Christian du Chastel to Edmond, 2nd.
   The following children are named in Edmund Casteel's will: 9. Shadrach, who follows. 10. Abednego. 11. Francis. 12. Lucy the wife of ______ Athey. 13. Kezia, wife of  (James ?) Mitchell, On August 30, 1771, Edmund Casteel, 3rd, conveyed to James Mitchell a part of "Casteel" plantation (Ibid., deeds Book AA, No. 2, page 291). 14. Susannah, wife of _______ Scace. 15. Sarah, wife of _______ Medley. 16. Cassandra, born Jan *, 1753 (MD hist. Soc. MS., Piscataway Parish Register ), who was sole exectrix under her father's will. 17. Charity
                                             (to be continued)

Note 3001 Part 6                              June 18, 1938

( Continuing the record of the children of Edmund and Johannah Casteel.)
6. Meshach Casteel, of "Edmonds Frolic Enlarged",) St. John's or Piscataway Parish, Prince George county, MD., signed as the next of kin, the inventory of the estate of his brother Edmund Casteel, April 10, 1773; died prior to 1790, when his widow Catherine appears in the Federal census as the head of a family of eight. His widow, Catherine Casteel, placed a  chattel mortgage on her Negroes March 31, 1791 (Ibid., deed, Book JJ, No. 2, page 478); sold her dower rights to "Edmond's Frolick Enlarged," July 27, 1796 (Ibid., Book IRM No. 4, page 527);  and gave an additional deed to her interest in it  Jan. 2, 1797 (Ibid., IRM, No. 5, page 116). Of their children the records mention specifically only the following: 18. Edmund, whose descent from Edmund Casteel, 2nd is recited in a deed given hereafter.  19. Rebecca, born Nov. 18, 1772 (MD hist Soc. MS Piscataway Parish Register ). 9. Shadrach Casteel , 3rd son of "Casteel" plantation purchased land from Rachel Watkins about 750 acres (Prince George County deeds Book PP, page 83) and resided there until his removal to Flintsone Creek, Cumberland Valley Township, Bedford County, PA., before 1773 (Pennsylvania Archives," 3d series, vol. 22, page 8). He died in Bedford County, PA., leaving a long and interesting will (Bedford county, PA., wills book ___, page___; abstract in  "Proceedings of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania," vol. 10, page 165) dated Sept. 24, 1795, proved Dec. 10. 1795 by  which he left his land to his son Archibald, and made bequests to the children mentioned below. He appointed his wife Laurena sole executratrix , but she resigned this right Dec. 10, 1795 "on accounts of infirmities of old age." Their children mentioned in the will , were: 20. Thomas, who follows  21. Archibald, who received his father's lands in Bedford County and in the Federal census of 1790 was the head of a family of five. He served in the Revolution in the same company with his brother Thomas ("Penna. Archives," 5th series, Vol. 5, page 110), in the Bedford County Militia. 22. Ezedock, who was also the head of a family in Bedford County for the census od 1790. 23. Jesse.  24. Elizabeth, mentioned in the wil as the wife of ___ Whitecar.  18. Edmund Casteel, of "Edmond's Frolick Enlarged,"  St John's or Piscataway Parish, Prince George County, MD., conveyed to Reed Magurder by a deed dated Feb. 1, 1795, "all that part of a tract or parcel of land called Casteels part of Edmunds Frolick enlarged  lying and being of the county aforesaid heretofore conveyed by a certain Edmund Casteel deceased to his son Meshach Casteel Father to the present Edmund Casteel  and Heir at law of  said Meshach Casteel to whom the said land descended. . . (Prince George County Deeds, Book IRM, page 373).
   The following records appear to refer to this Edmund Casteel, although the "  Ducatel " references might conceivably refer to an emigre of the French Revolution, as a French statesman named " Duchatel" was executed in 1793.On May 28, 1795, Edmond Ducatel married Ann Pineau (MD Hist. Soc. MS. collection, Maryland Marriages 1777-1804," page 62); Rev. Francis Belson officiating. Pineau is the name of a family of Paris called "Pineauyde Viennay, Seigneurs de Luce (Mercure de France," May 10, 1739, page 1635; de la Chenaye-Debois, "Dictr. de la Noblesse" etc) . If Ann Pineau was a French woman the spelling of "Ducatel" might have been adopted at her suggestion by Edmund Casteel in order to indicate its French origin.
   Next there is the story of  Jules Timoleon Ducatel, born in Baltimore, June 6, 1796, died there April 23, 1849, whose father never named, is said to have been the leading Pharmacist of  Baltimore. Jules T. Ducatel was educated at St. Mary's College, and later studied science in in Paris, finally returning to Baltimore to occupy a chair in the University of Maryland. He was a well known scientist an writer (Hyamson, Dict. of Univ. Biography," page 179; Nat. Encyc. of Am. Biog., Vol 4 page 544; Appleton's Cyclopedia of Am. Biog., 1887, Vol. 20 page 240).
                                  Toison D'Or
                                  (to be continued)

Note 3001  Part  7                   June 25, 1938

Delila, daughter of Edmund and Ann Casteel was born  April 14, 1797 (MD. Hist. Soc., MS coll., "Reg. of St. John's or Piscataway Parish," Prince George County, MD."). On April 4, 1801, Edmund Casteel married Mary Hardy (Prince George County Marriage Records). On June 13, 1832, Edmond and Mary Casteel then living in Washington, D.C. according to the recital of the deed. conveyed to Ignatus L. Hardy the estate  called "Forest" (Prince George County  deeds Book A.B. No. 11, page 431).
   An examination of the Washington City Directory discloses that he was listed as "Edward Casteel Gentleman"  in the year 1834. It is scarely likely that this Edmund Casteel, Gent, is the same person who appears in the Baltimore Directory during the first quarter of the ninteenth century styled "Edme. Ducatel & sons, Pharmacists." Nevertheless this close resemblance in Christian and family names is an interesting coincidence and merits investigation. 20. Thomas Casteel of Cumberland Valley township, Bedford County, PA., born in Prince George County, MD., son of Shadrach and laurena
Casteel married ____  before 1779 ("Penna Archives," 3rd ser., vol. 22, p163) resided in Bedford County, PA., as late as 1790 when his family was listed in the Federal census as consisting of himself, four boys under 16, and two females. Both Thomas and his brother Archibald served as privates in Captain Evan Cessna's company of Bedford County militia during the Revolutionary War (Ibid 5th ser., Vol. 5, p. 110) and after the war they were in service in 1789 (Ibid 6th ser., Vol. 3 p. 27).
   Before 1798 Thomas Casteel, following the example of the Friend Family, removed with his family to what is now  Garrett County MD., and settled on the old Blooming Rose road near the McMullen farm about a mile and a half from Friendsville. In 1798 he appeared in the assessment list; and in the census of 1800 his was listed in this same neighborhood, Sandy Creek Hundred as the head of a family of ten. (Scharf. History of Western Maryland," Vol. 2 , page 1519. Charles E. Hoye, "Garrett County History of Casteel Family," in August 9, 1934, issue of "The Mountain Democrat," Os\akland, MD Ibid., First Assessment of what is now Garrett County ," reprinted from "Mountain Democrat") Thomas Casteel died before 1830, exact date unknown, and left among others, the following  children: Thomas, born in Pennsylvania between 1770 and 1780, according to the Federal census of 1830 which lists him as head of a family.  26. Jeremiah, head of a family of nineteen persons in the Federal census of 1820 for Preston County, W. VA.  27. Shadrach who follows: 28. Nathaniel, who follows.  29. John.
                             Toison D'OR
                             (to be continued)

Note 3001  Part 8  (Final Article)    July 2, 1938

  Shadrach Casteel, son of Thomas , was born in Bedfrod Co. PA., about 1780; spent his youth in Garrett Co. Md., where his father settled  before 1798; and after 1820 removed to Preston Co., (W)VA., which adjoins Garrett, settling on the southside of Muddy Creek at the Methany Mill (C.E. Hoye, Garrett Co. History of The Casteel Family"' Oren F. Morton. "History of Preston Co., W. Va."; Federal and VA. census records. His children as given by the histories, were: Archibald, born about 1803 in Garrett County, married Susan De Witt, daughter of Peter and Rebecca De Witt of Preston County. 31. Elizabeth, born about 1805 in Garrett County , married Joseph De Witt, son of Peter and Rebecca De Witt born about 1803, died in 1865 in Garrett Co. (then Allegany Co.) leaving a will which names his widow; the names of all their children as heir-in-law appear on a deed executed about this time (Mrs. Wm. H. De Witt, (The De Witt Family", a reprint from "The Republican" Oakland, MD., 1937 gives the lineage correctly. Vol. VI. of "The Compendium of Am. Genealogy", page 398, contains two errors: it makes Joseph the son of Henry and Elizabeth Friend De Witt when trhe census and court records show the he was the son of Peter; and it give Shadrah Casteel the of Preston as "Shadrach du Castel, Jr." from Bedford Co., PA which incorrect because it assumes that he was the son of Shadrach. no. 9 above when he actually was the grandson. In other respects the De Witt lineage given by the Compendium appears to be quite accurate).   32. Meshach. 33. John. 34. Jeremiah.  35. Rebecca. 36. Thomas, born about 1814 in Garrettt County. married Huldah _____, and had five children according to the Census of 1850 for Garrett Co. 37. Nathaniel, born 1818, died 1893. 28. Nathaniel  Casteel, son of THomas, was born about 1789 in Bedford County , PA., and died April 2, 1866, in Garrett  County where he is buried with his wife in the Casteel grave yard, on a hill above the site of his home in Sang Run District, now on the Rhodeheaver farm. He married Jane McMullin who died March 30, 1870 in her 85th year.

Rebecca WILLIAM was born estimated 1715. She married Edmond CASTEEL.

They had the following children:

  M i Shadrach CASTEEL was born 1735 and died before 10 Dec 1795.
  M ii
Machack (Meschach) CASTEEL was born about 1740 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  F iii Lucy CASTEEL was born 1742.
  F iv
Susanna CASTEEL was born 1743.
  M v
Abednego CASTEEL was born about 1747 in Philadelphia, PA.

Abednigo Casteel
Looking at the 1806 tax list of Knox County, TN we find several Casteels - Abednigo, Abednigo Jr., Shadrack, Meshack, and Francis. We know who this Francis was, and we know that he didn’t use any of those names for his sons. The fact that the other names compose a set” suggests that what we probably have here is an elder Abednigo with three sons.
I’ve never seen another record of this Meshack or Shadrack, and have no idea what happened to them. However, it appears that this Abednigo Jr. stayed in Knox County, since an Abednigo is found there on the 1830 census with a reported age of 40-50. If he was born 1780-1785 then he would have been old enough to have been the Abednigo Jr. from the 1806 tax list. This Abednigo had a brother named Daniel (per some Hensley research), who is also on the 1830 Knox census (age 30-40), so it’s likely that this Daniel was another son of the elder Abednigo.
The only other early TN reference to an Abednigo is the one who brought a suit against a George Atwell in nearby Blount County. I found some records online from the Knox County Brands Registration Book” which showed in Oct, 1804 permission given to Abednigo Casteel to build a grist mill on his land in the settlement of Stock Creek. Stock Creek forms much of the boundary between Knox and Blount Counties. Given this proximity, there’s no reason not to assume that this 1805 is the same as the 1804 and 1806 Abednigo’s.
By the way, have you ever seen It's one of the coolest sites I've ever seen online. Type in the name of a town or creek (for example Stock Creek, TN) and it gives a beautiful topographical map of the area which you can zoom in and out of. Amazing.
So anyway, who was this Abednigo Sr.? The most obvious guess, and currently the only one at all suggested by actual records, is that this was one of the sons of Edmund III – who we know had a son named Abednigo c1746 that does not show up on subsequent Prince Georges County records. This scenario is supported by the fact that the only other Casteel group in Knox that we know of is Francis’s family, who would have been his brother.
We know of a string of references to an Abednigo across southwest Virginia, at least some of which probably refer to the son of Edmund III. In fact, it’s possible that all of these various sw VA occurances may refer to the same guy, who just moved around a lot. The 1810 mention of Abednigo in Grayson County, VA doesn’t seem to fit with this, but it’s still possible.
- 1778, 1779, 1780 Abednigo paid tax in Henry County, VA
- 1787 Abednigo paid tax in Amherst County, VA [*possibly a second Abednigo, son of William?]
- Mar 17, 1795 possible/probable daughter Elenor married to Joseph McFadden in Rockbridge County
- Aug 21, 1795 Abednigo's daughter Elizabeth married to William Walker in Rockbridge County
- 1796 Abednigo listed as delinquent in taxes in NE district of Augusta County
- 1798 bondsman for marriage of Nancy Casteel & Frances Greenlee in Botetourt, VA
- 1806 paid taxes Knox County, TN (along with an Abednigo Jr.)
- 1810 Grayson County, VA tax list (Abednigo Caststeel)
An alternative reading might be suggested by the 1783 occurance of another William Casteel on the tax list of Amherst, VA (followed in the 1787 list by Abednigo). This William is too old to have been a son of Abednigo-son-of-Edmund III, perhaps he was also of the older generation and named one of his sons Abednigo. This imagined second Abednigo could account for some of those SW VA references, especially the 1810 Grayson County tax payer. This allows both Abednigo and his son Abednigo Jr. to go to TN and doesn’t require Sr. to come up to Grayson, VA in his old age.
I’ve dug around at the library in the Amherst County records, but couldn’t find any more Casteel references. From the 1787 tax list we can identify his neighbors and I spent a few hours looking for connections but didn’t find any recognized names, most of his neighbors seem to have come from tidewater VA. There's probably more to be learned in the records of Henry, Rockbridge, Augusta, Botetourt, and Grayson Counties, VA.
Interestingly, both Amherst and Grayson County are on the border with NC – I wonder if this might be connected to the stay those Carters and Casteels in NC?
Anyway, as long as I’m hypothesizing children of Abednigo Sr., how about the other early marriages of Knox County, TN -
David Casteel to Sarah Mitchell 5-3-1798
Nancy Casteel to Mordecai Mitchell 6-6-1798
Abednigo Casteel to Agnes Hensley 4-26-1808
Daniel Casteel to Rhody Hensley 9-18-1809
Elisabeth Casteel to James Dunlap 4-8-1812
Since we know none of these belong to Francis, I think they are all candidates to be children of Abednigo. This is especially important to me, because I think that this might be the young David Casteel who paid taxes in Woodford County 1792-1796 (In 1792 he was 16-21, in 1794 he was >21, so he was born c1771. He is not found anywhere in KY after 1796).
A point about these Mitchell spouse’s – I mentioned that I found the St. John’s (Piscataway) register. It gives the birth of a Mordeca Mitchell”, daughter of James and Keziah Mitchell on Mar 7, 1775. I’ve never heard of this name being used for a girl, so I think it might have been either recorded or transcribed wrong (the film I’ve got access to is an 1885 transcription). This might be the Mordecai who married Nancy Casteel in Knox County. (The only other birth given in the register for James and Keziah Mitchell was a William, b: Jul 15, 1772).
So a tentative list of candidate children for Abednigo (assuming he is son of Edmund III) might look like this-
Abednigo Casteel (b: c1746? Prince Georges, MD; 1806 tax)
David (b: c1771?; m: May 3, 1798 to Sarah Mitchell)
Nancy (m: Jun 6, 1798 to Mordecai Mitchell)
Meshack (1806 Knox tax)
Shadrack (1806 Knox tax)
Abednigo (b: c1780-c1785; m: Apr 26, 1808 to Agnes Hensley; 1806 Knox tax)
Daniel (m: Sep 9, 1809 to Rhody Hensley)
Elisabeth (m: Apr 8, 1812 to James Dunlap)
  M vi
Francis CASTEEL was born about 1752 in Prince Georges Cty., MD. He died Jan/Apr 1833 in , Knox, TN.


  Referenced is a petition held in the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 48, Folios 251-6, pp. 89-96. In this petition a new state to be named "Westsylvania" is proposed to settle the conflicting claims of Pennsylvania and Virginia over Fayette, Washington, and Greene Counties, PA, and Ohio and Monongalia Counties, WV. Following is a partial listing of the names on the petition, those closest to Francis Casteel:

    James Finley
    George Curvey
    John Stevens
    Benjamin Rutter
    Jeremiah Pearce
    Benjamin Carter
    Henry Gaddis
    Samuel Stevens
    John Murphy
    John Pearce
    Benjamin Stevens
    Charles Cade
    John Rutley
    John Crosely
    Peter Naughton
    Aaron Rawlins
    Jeremiah Fenton
    John Veich (Veatch)
    Thomas Durbin
    Frederick Sellars
    Isaac Poak
    James Mitchell
    Maurice Mitchell
    Jacob Husong
    Jacob Dicks
    John Hartley
    Samuel Evans
    Joseph Howard
    Richard Murry
    James Wright
    Thomas Wright
    John Bain
    Thomas Lloyd
    Pearson Crain
    Benjamn Phillips
    Samuel Hand
    William Phillips
    James Rutter
    William Morrison
    Alexander Clark

LISTS OF INHABITANTS IN WASHINGTON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA 1800 OR BEFORE WITH MAPS OF EARLY TOWNSHIPS. (1776-80 petiton, 1800 county census) Raymnd Martin Bell. Washington & Jefferson College: Washington, PA. 1961. DPL 929.3 P4Wb

Names on 1776-80 Petitions  p. 11
   Castile, Francis

MILITARY:; Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File, Items Between Cassel, Iserael and Castle, Yealas

    Casteel, Francis                 Rank:  Pvt
    Washington County           5th Battalion
    2nd Company                     3rd Class
    Authority    C/R
    Date:   nd
    Published:  A (B), II, 206

Miscellaneous e-mail from Leoneita Milner    20 June 1998
>From Stephen Krouse, a desc of Elijah Casteel of Garrard Co KY comes this:
Greene Co NC Bail bond for a Francis Casteel 1782.
The Tenn land grant have a Francis  another source gave me the children of the Knox Co Tenn Francis and wife Mary Peck as Abraham, Daniel, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob Israel, Elijah, Mary  and Charity.  Now Knox Co Tenn marriages say:  a Daniel Casteel m Rody Hensley 1809, a Elijah Casteel m Sally Fairchild 1823, a Mary m Alfred Henley (possible Hensley) (the Hensley's might be important). Also a Abednego m Agnes Hensley.

"The Lost State of Franklin"

Petition of the Inhabitants of the Western Country
nhappy disputes that have long subsisted between us and our brethren on the Eastern side of the Mountains, respecting the erecting of a new to Congress your Western territory, with reservations and conditions therein contained; also from a clause in your wise and mild Constitution, setting forth that there might be a State or States, erected in the West whenever your Legislature should give consent for same; and from our local situation, there are numberless advantages, bountifully given to us by nature to propagate and promote a Government with us.considering that it is our undeniable right to obtain for ourselves and posterity a proportionable and adequate share of the blessings, rights, privileges, and immunities allotted with the rest of mankind, have thought that the erecting of a new Government would greatly contribute to our welfare and convenience and that the same could not militate against your interest and future welfare as a Government.cordiality and unanimity would permanently subsist between us ever after, we earnestly request that an impartial view of our remoteness be taken into consideration; that great inconveniency attending your seat of Government, and also the great difficulty in ruling well and giving protection to so remote a people, to say nothing of the almost impassable mountains Nature has placed between, which renders it impracticable for us to furnish ourselves with a bare load of the necessaries of life, except we in the first instance travel from one to two hundred and more miles through another State ere we can reach your Government.

m the nature of our situation, that any part could return into circulation, having nothing that could bear the carriage, or encourage purchasers to come so great a distance; for which reasons were we to continue under your Government a few years, the people here must pay a greater sum than the whole of the medium now in circulation for the exigencies and support of your Government which would be a sum impossible for us to secure, would we be willing to give you our all; and or course we must be beholden to other States for any part we could raise; and by these means our property would gradually diminish, and we at last be reduced to mere poverty and want by not being able equally to participate with the benefits and advantages of your Government. acity enough to seek after them.he expense of the lives and fortunes of many of our dearest friends and relations; and the happy conclusion of peace having arrived, North Carolina has derived great advantages from our alertness in taking and securing a County, from which she has been able to draw into her Treasury, immense sums of money, and thereby become enabled to pay off, if not wholly, yet a great part, and sink her national debt.ore than paying a debt in full to us for only to grant what God, Nature, and our locality entitles us to testify our conduct and exertion in behalf or American independence; and the same to judge whether we ask more than free people ought to claim, agreeable to Republican principles, the great foundation whereon our American fabric now stands. Impressed with the hope of your great goodness and benevolent disposition that you will utterly abhor and disclaim all ideas of involving into innumerable, disagreeable and irksome contentions, a people who have so faithfully aided and supported in the time of imminent and perilous dangers; that you will be graciously pleased to consent to a separation; that from you paternal tenderness and greatness of mind, you will let your stipulations and conditions be consistent with honour, equity and reason, all of which will be cheerfully submitted to; and we, your petitioners, shall always feel an interest in whatsoever may concern your honour and prosperity.ticipate in the fruits of the Revolution; and to enjoy the essential benefits of Civil Society under a form of Government which ourselves alone can only calculate for such a have been lavished away for no purpose to us; that so many sufferings have been encountered without compensation, we hope what hath been mentioned will be sufficient for our purpose, adding only that Congress hath, from time to time, explained their ideas so fully and with so much dignity and energy that if their arguments and requisitions will not produce conviction, we know of nothing that will have a greater influence, especially when we recollect that the system referred to is the result of the collected wisdom of the United States, and , should it not be considered as perfect, must be esteemed as the least objectionable.

John Corson, James Shanks, James MITCHELL, Anthony Kelly, James ENGLISH, David Robinson, David Gemel, Thos. MCMACKIN, William HANNAH, Robert ALLISON, Thomas Bell, George Davies, Peter McNamee, Isaac Davis, Thomas RODGERS, Nathaniel DAVIES, Samuel Davies, James STINSON, Phillip Rudolph, Thomasubblefield, Joseph Wilson, James McPherson, Thomas Baits, David Brown, John Prim, John Keller, Moses Moore, William Brown, Jacob SMELSER, Moses Keller, Adam Fergowen, Jas. Henry, Joshua Kidwell, William Fergosen, Ralph Hogan, Alexr Potter, Samuel Jameson, Wm. Morrow, William Hogan, William Reynolds, John Brumley, Charles Ramsey, Richard Webb, David Reynolds, William Davidson, (illegible), Josiah Epperson, Aaron Been, Wm. BOYD, John, Peter Nowels, Carmack George, Thos. Thomson, Thos. Bromley, James Milikan, Charles Wilson, David Rankin, Hugh Beard, Thomas Milikan, John Johnson, John Lee, Samuel Beard, Thomas Dicson, Wm. Magill, Sam'l Vance, James Milikin, Redman McDaniel, Oton Clark, Rd. Kerr, Robert Orr, Samul Gilbertson, John Gibson, Samuel McPherson, Searling Bowman, Samul McMinn, Reuben Gibson, Matthew Rue, Rich'd Woods, Auborn ?, William Adkins, Joseph Lusk, Robert McCall, Anson Rit, Thomas Fryar, Andrew Jackson, John Galbreath, Nuness Potter, John Lyon, Jos. Gest, (illegible), John Noman
William Goings, Dalton RIGGS, Robert BETTEY, Henry STYERS, James Hays, James Jack, George Black, Thomas, William McPick, Stephen Strong, Simon RIGGS, Henry Richardson, Botholmu ODENEAL, Michael Rawlings, Joseph Donn, Shiffell Goodlop, Shadrack X Hale Jr., Donnell Cremor, Allen Bellew, John Shane, Nath. McMeno, Rows Potter, Miller Doget, William La---?, John Norton, Christy Miers, Daniel DENNY Jr., (illegible), Aaron Norton, John Miers, John Wear, Nathaniel Witt, Aaron Rider, William Owins, Ashael Rawlings, Rich'd Dunn, John Jameson, Thomas Owins,
Henry EARNEST, Wm. Dunn, Dan'l Rawlings, John Jarrett, James PATTERSON, Thomas Call, William Jinkins, Thomas Pickny, Francis Hughes, H. Call, Robert Smith, James Stump, Robert Hood, Joseph N. Newport, Wm. Howard, Leonard Hopkins,
Wm. Xa Gahee, John Greer, Robert Hayes, Patrick Gahee, Absolem Greer, Thomas Johnson, Jeremiah Smith, Patrick Xohn TADLOCK, Conrad Wolfe, Thomas McCammis, James Davis, Phillip Guibb, Johnong,
Frenses CASTEL, Thomas Jones, Harmon Nowel,  William Hennidge, Jacob Meek, William Jones, James PATTON, John ARMSTRONG, Thomas Miller, Reuben Simmon, Robert PATTON, Andrew ENGLISH, Robert Pain, Archibel ALEXANDER, John Fout, Nathaniel Hayes, Joseph Hamilton, Moses Kelsay, Peter Fout, Daniel Leming, Robert Kerr, Robert McCall, Harmon Kennedy, John Williams, John Sellars, Joseph Alexander, Moses Long, Robertoan, Thomas McKee, Joseph Ray, Elias Witt, And. Wray, (illegible), Joseph Lachlen. Sen.


Francis Casteel Francis was born sometime during the 1750’s (estimated from age range given on 1830 census), and was probably the son of Edmund Casteel III (who named him in his 1772 will - Prince George Co., MD). The first mention of Francis Casteel in PA is from his signing a congressional petition to create a new state out of western PA sometime 1776-1780. The first tax list of Washington County in 1783 names Francis and charges him a tax on his 125 acre tract (Zachariah Casteel is also on this list with 65 acres). Francis is not found on the 1785 tax list nor in any PA record after 1783, suggesting that’s when he left.
Aug 22, 1784 Francis was a defendant in a case brought against him by a Jacob Carter in Greene County (a neighbor in Puncheon’s Camp Creek), and was ordered to pay a penny in damages. He soon moved to Knox County, where he paid taxes in 1806 (with a Shadrack, Meshack, and two Abednigo Casteel’s). Greene County Deed records show that he bought some land on Lick Creek in 1792 from Joseph Carter Sr., when Francis is named as being a former resident of Greene County, currently living south of the French Broad. He soon sold this land in 1796 (mentioned as a resident of Knox County. He is named on the 1830 Knox census, age 70-80. Francis died in Knox County in early 1833. His will, written on January 20th and probated that April (Knox Estate Book 5, p. 206-207) and subsequent estate administration are availableand provide important information about his children.
Children of Francis and Mary All of these children are named in Francis’ will. Son Isaac is only named as father of Francis and David, so I assume Isaac had already died. The three remaining sons are noted as being from Pike County, IL, and they sold the land they had been left and took their sisters back to IL with them.
Francis (b: c1819 in Madison Co., IL)
David (b: c1821)
3. Jacob [b: 1797 in Knox Co., TN; m: 1818 Madison Co., IL to Sarah Nowlin; d: May 1860 San Bernandino, CA]
  F vii
Cassandra CASTEEL was born 8 Jan 1753 in , Pr. Georges, MD. She died 1816 in , Belmont, OH.
  F viii
Charity CASTEEL was born about 1755 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  F ix
Keziah CASTEEL was born about 1758 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.
  F x
Sarah CASTEEL was born about 1762 in Prince Georges Cty., MD.

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