LAST UPDATE: 07/11/2005
These pages document my "Pinz Experience."

I purchased my Pinz 710M in Denver, Colorado in March of 2003.  I drove it home to Logan UT over the course of two days.  The drive was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the Pinz.

There have been at least two prior owners, not including the Swiss Army. both of whom did quite a bit of work on the truck.  So I feel I got a pretty good deal considering the upgrades and repairs that had already been done for me.

The Pinz was on consignment at Linden Engineering, where I test drove it with Dennis Williams.  He had serviced the vehicle numerous times and was quite familiar with it.  In March 2005 I hauled it back to Linden for a once-over.  The truck was diagnosed with terminal carburetor shaft wear.  Now an EFI conversion is in the making.












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