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Goodell-Pratt Miter Box

I got this miter saw about 10 years ago from my old boss. I took it apart and fixed it up some. Lubricated it etc. The saw that came with it is a beauty. It is an E.C. Atkins Siver Steel. You can still see the etch on the blade if you hold it in the light just right. The saw back rides in some roller bearings that are adjustable to make the rig nice and tight.

Here is the right side of the saw. The rods are in the locked "UP" position.   Here is the left side of the saw with the miter swung to the right.  
Here is a shot of the top bearing. It rolls freely and keeps the saw nice and snug. There is a screw on top that adjusts this bearing up and down.   Here is a closeup of the bottom bearings. They serve the same function as the top bearing. They are also adjustable to put the saw in the center of the post.  
Here is the plate with the model number etc. This company was in business from 1899-1931 after which they were bought out by Miller Falls which probably dates this miter saw to that 32 year period.  
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