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Gruss'Um Hollow was the name of a peaceful lake front property once owned by my uncle, Rev. Father Gilbert Gruss. It was located along the shores of Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, Michigan.

GrussUm Hollow as it appeared when owned by Father Gilbert Gruss. GrussUm Hollow as it appears today.

On the left is a picture of Gruss'Um Hollow at the time it was owned by Father Gilbert Gruss. This photo was found by Margaret Hockman in an old photo album that belonged to Sister Alma Gruss. On the right is a picture of as it appears today. This photo was taken by Robert Gruss. By clicking on the small photo you will be able to see a larger version.

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  1. On March 22 2015, the following changes were made:
  2. On February 9, 2013, the information for Cynthia Gruss was updated. Please see the Family of Harry Gruss and Jacinta Camacho. In addition the picture of Alessandra Gruss was updated.
  3. On February 5, 2013, updated photos of family members were added to the Family of Harry Gruss and Jacinta Camacho.
  4. On Janaury 23 2015, the information for Richard Frederick Randall Butler was update to include information on his death. Please see the Family of Samuel Butler and Sarah Ann Flack.

This site presents some genealogy information on the families listed below. This information will be periodically updated and expanded as time permits.

  1. The Gruss family.
  2. The Butler family.
  3. The Camacho family.
  4. The Frias family.
  5. Some Related Families.

If you would like additional information on or a complete history of any of the families presented here, you may send me an e-mail, containing you snail mail information, at I will send you a PDF file containing that family's history.

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

No birthday of a living individual will be given in the various pages of this site. Hopefully this practice will help to safeguard that individual's personal information from theft.

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Written and Edited by Harry Gruss.
Revised on March 22, 2015.

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