Bank Street Encounters
Address and Names withheld by request
Portland, OR

Bank Street

Sharon and her husband moved into the house when her son was sixteen months old. Her daughter was born while they were there; a normal, middle class family with no inclination toward the psychic/ paranormal.
Sharon used to see something.... she thought she was dreaming. Right between going to sleep and the actual dream state, she would see three people standing by her bed. All that she could tell was that they were wearing plaid. She never said anything about it to anyone until a couple of years ago when she was having a conversation with her daughter, (now grown.) Sharon mentioned her 'plaid people' and the daughter almost fell off the davenport. The daughter asked, "You saw them too?" She asked Sharon if she ever told dad and Sharon said, "No, I thought I was imagining things."
The daughter then stated that when she was a little girl she asked her father if there was someone running around the house in a kilt. She said he questioned her very carefully about it which led Sharon and her daughter to believe that he had seen them too but remained silent so as not to frighten the family.
Sharon's husband died in 1975 and the house was eventually turned over to the daughter. The 'people in plaid' have stopped being seen but Sharon believes that the spirit of her husband keeps them away. Yes, like forty percent of other widows, Sharon has felt the presence of her deceased husband..... usually in the Bank house. The daughter also feels him and believes he is there to protect the family.
Sharon's grandson seems quite comfortable with his grandfather's spirit. When shown his grandfather's pictures he says yes, he knows him. There have also been instances when 'grandpa' has been playing with the lad. One day Sharon's daughter found her son on the rocking horse. At his age it was impossible to get onto it alone. She asked who put him there and he replied, "grandpa did it!"

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