The Denver Apartments
8015 N. Denver Street
Portland, OR
The Denver Apartments

Have you ever wished that your friends would believe it when your haunt makes sleeping impossible? Tired of their rolling eyes and silly jokes? Carrie had this problem but as you will see in the following story, her friends now believe:

Hello :)
A friend of mine told me about your website and I checked it out. The main reason is because I used to live in North Portland, and believe that I lived in a haunted apartment.
You probably know where they are.. 8015 N. Denver, in the Kenton area.. the big stone building, right around the corner from another well known haunt. I lived on the bottom floor in #9. I drive by now and never see lights on.. I moved out in the Fall of 1999 and don't think anyone has moved in since, although I could be wrong.
The scariest incident that ever happened was sometime in the spring of 1999.. the apartment was a large studio, so my bed was in the living room. I had a huge mirror hanging on the wall. It must've weighed at least 50 lbs., 3 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide, and was hung on the wall with 3 huge industrial type nails. They had to be huge to keep it on the wall. I had a few friends over and we were just sitting around talking, listening to the radio. For some reason, everyone got really quiet.. the cd ended.. and our attention went to the mirror. It suddenly cracked from the inside.. while still hanging on the wall. It looked like someone had punched it. Nothing had hit it. Then.. it SLID down the wall.. not fast, but almost in slow motion. It then teetered on the carpet for a second, and fell flat on it's face. We all looked at each other, scared s***less *pard on my french*. When I went over to clean up the glass, I noticed the nails were still in the wall. Now for that mirror to fall off, the nails would've come with it. They stuck out at least 3 inches, so it was as if someone had "lifted" it off. There were other incidents besides this one, such as voices in the kitchen when I was alone, footsteps upstairs when the apartment above me was vacant, coming home to find all my windows opened, even when I made sure to lock them before I went out, and random things being moved or hidden. I lived there alone for about a year, but always felt like someone was watching me. My friends thought I was just paranoid, but after the mirror incident they never doubted me again . Someone suggested we use a ouija board but I vetoed that idea.
I don't know the history of the building.. I do know it was built around 1910-15, and has been a hotel, possibly a brothel.. that's what they told me. I'm interested in finding more about the history though. Anyways.. that's my story. I get the shivers retelling it. Again, your page is great.

Take care..

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