The White Eagle Tavern
836 North Russell St.
Portland, OR

Eagle Tavern


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Latest White Eagle Update:

I was present when Jeff Davis hosted a recent overnight stay.  Those attending covered the spectrum from skeptics to true believers.  Three very good psychics offered their interpretations of the structure and its haunts.  They all agreed to one thing in general:  The White Eagle is a dark and somber site.

The basement seemed most hostile to the psychics.  They found evidence of child prostitution, torture and death.  Consider the following example from the turn of the century:
A sailing ship arrives at a small port in South America.  There the crew buys or abducts a small number of young teenage girls.  They set sail, bound for Portland, Oregon.  During this voyage the girls are trained by the crew for their new profession - that of a 'fille de joie'.  They arrive in port and are taken directly to the basement of the tavern where they are kept under lock and key.  Many are together in a communal room.  Men can have them in every fashion.  Others have their own private area.  When these girls are no longer of sexual use they are 'discarded'.  They arrived illegally and will leave in the same way - with their death.


Following is a brief description of the structure:

Located near the Willamette River in an industrialized area, this site has been a saloon/tavern since 1905. For decades The White Eagle has been internationally recognized for its ghostly activities. In the first part of this century, a 'white brothel' was located upstairs and a 'brothel of color' was kept in the basement.
The main floor is a bar with nightly live music.  The living and dead have no rest from the loud sounds until 1:30 AM.  Activity includes the bathrooms, (especially the ladies,) where toilet paper has been known to fly.  In recent years old coins materialized in the bar area.  Chairs have moved on their own volition and, more recently, utensils and small equipment have flown around the small kitchen.  The stairs leading from the kitchen to the basement have always been a hot spot.  Chuck, the previous owner, was standing at the top with a waitress when she suddenly fell to the bottom.  She always claimed that she was pushed by unseen hands.  Mops and brooms have been known to make a dance by themselves on the steps.


This was a 'white' brothel in the first part of the century. There are thirteen rooms. Each room has a door and working lock. Doors and windows have been known to close and open on their own.  One can smell flowery perfumes and, on many occasions, human forms have been glimpsed.
Rose is one entity who is known to haunt the upstairs area. She was an Anglo prostitute who was killed on the premises in 1926 by a jealous lover.
Another is Sam. His last name has been forgotten but it is known that he was Polish. He lived upstairs for a number of years. The legend goes that in 1955 it was decided to close that level of the building. Sam was asked to vacate but he was ill. A new dwelling was found for him but when his friends went upstairs to tell him the good news, they found Sam dead. It is Sam who is said to haunt room #2. Many have seen the image of a man in the window of room #2 - gazing out over North Portland.


The basement:
A 'brothel of color'  was located here. Chuck had a small basement office. He usually had a TV on while down there but many times, when he turned it off and listened closely, faint music could be heard.
Recent activity reported by McMenamin employees have focused on the large food freezers.  The doors will open and close by themselves.
One night, while the previous owner was alone in his office, he felt what seemed to be a strong earthquake which lasted for roughly thirty seconds. At first he thought the entire building was shaking but then he realized that it was more of a vibration. He even scanned the TV channels to see if there were reports of tremors- there were none.
There have been rumors of tunnels but examination shows no evidence to warrant them.


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