The Falcon Apartments
5415 N. Albina St.
Portland, OR
The Falcon Apartments

Knocking of apartment doors, slamming of mailboxes in the hallway and mysterious fires.... caused by not one but two and possibly three spirits. This building has had paranormal activity for at least a decade and it continues into the present.
Most of the activity is on the main floor in the southeast corner. The manager's apartment, the mailboxes and the pay phone are all in proximity to these disturbances.
At least two 'ghosts' have been sighted in the hallway:
Mr. Cooke was well liked and respected by the other tenants. He spent many hours of his retired days in the hallway - sitting in a chair across from the mailboxes. There have, at times, been less than admirable tenants who were known to break into these mail receptacles. Mr. Cooke would make repairs everytime they were damaged. He died in 1989.
Jimmy is the other sighting. He would sit quietly in a hallway chair all day and most of the night; reading books and chatting to other tenants as they passed by. Less is known about him as he kept to himself and said very little. He had a fear of dying alone.... he would always ask one tenant if she would 'watch him'. He died alone and was found one morning in the early 90's; slumped over in his chair.
The knocking on the apartment doors occurs late at night. It starts on the door closest to the mailboxes and makes its way around the southside. Tenants open their doors and look out to find other tenants doing the same thing. A prankster would have to be faster than a track star to make such a hasty retreat.
Tenants hear the locked mailboxes slamming. Fearing a robbery, they race out to find the boxes intact and unharmed.
Jimmy and Mr. Cooke appear across from the boxes - within five feet of each other but they have never appeared together at the same time. The sightings are in the locations where they sat out their years. The chairs are gone but Jimmy is seen sitting. Mr. Cooke stands where his chair once was and on occasion has been glimpsed walking down the hallway.
In 1994 there were a series of mysterious fires. The first was found by the assistant manager and extinquished before it took hold. It was on the very spot where Mr. Cooke always sat and left a round burn mark on the carpet measuring approximatly two feet in diameter. The security doors were all locked and no suspects were found. A second, (and more serious,) fire occured on the next night. Smoke was so thick that the building was evacuated. Tens of thousands of dollars in smoke damage was caused and yet the fire department never found an exact location for the origin of the fire. Other fires have occured since then but the source and cause have always been undetermined.
Apartment 101 has activity which may be associated with these two individuals or, it may a third spirit. It gets its usual knocks on the door but there has also been movement of objects. The latest report comes from June 25, 1998. The bathroom toilet seat jumped up by itself. The elderly married couple living in this unit have been dismayed by objects that shift location, strange whispering sounds and a ringing telephone with absolutely no one on the line.
Mr. Cooke and Jimmy are still active and are most likely to be seen sometime after midnight and before the dawn..... sitting in their spots and waiting for eternity.

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