Kaiser Central Clinic
3600 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97223

The security guards call him Frank.  He roams the halls and foyer of Kaiser Central and East buildings.  I was tipped to this entity by email from one of the guards.  His missive follows:

"My name is **** *****, I am a Security Officer for Kaiser Permanente, during my employment for Kaiser I have heard of an entity named "Frank" that roams the buildings of East and Central Interstate at the Kaiser Interstate Campus in North Portland. I am curious as to know if you have heard of anything more about this?"

I responded to his letter and he sent more:

"I gathered some more info on "Frank" from what I have heard, "Frank" responds to an old piano on the lower level of the central building, basically if you play the piano he will come out or appear or something of that nature be awoken.  Also "Frank" has been seen on our security cameras and has been seen walking across the plaza from East Interstate to the Central Building.  I also hear but yet have not encountered is walking through the East or Central buildings and while locking doors, some doors will spontaneously unlock themselves."

Following is an image of Central lower level.  The piano can be seen - upper right.

While taking these pictures I asked the receptionist in optometry,(who I have known for many years,)  if she had heard of this ghost called 'Frank'.  She said no, and jokingly gave directions to the mental health office at Kaiser East ! ! !  So much for respected investigative interviewing!  Whether Frank is seen by many or just a few will, (as in most cases,) remain part of the larger mystery.  Most folk are reluctant to report, accept or admit to experiencing an apparition.  Call it human nature, if you will.

One other interesting note that the security officer mentioned in his missive..... regarding the old Bess Kaiser Hospital which was located at the 5000 block of N. Greeley and is now headquarters of Adidas shoe manufacturers:

"And in response to one of the questions asked by people "whether ghosts can attack people" This happened before my time but apparently: 3 of our officers 2 of them that still work for kaiser supposedly were attacked while doing one last patrol of the building before it switched over to a new owner (Adidas), one officer was pulled to the ground by her duty belt, a few phone books were thrown through the air by an unknown source and every door in the old Bess Kaiser building on Greeley opened and slammed several times.  Guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the entities were mad that the hospital had been closed and sold.

Anyhow, thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you."


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