The Mohawk Sighting
North Mohawk Street
Portland, OR
The House on Mohawk Street

Carlo... that's what they call him. He seems to respond to that, like when he bangs things around or paces the hall at night. They can yell, "Carlo, stop it, now," and it usually works. Carlo is a ghost. He was there when the father and son bought the house in 1990. He made his presence known in the first few months with footstep pacing and hitting the eject button on the cassette player. His activities accelerated over the months; nothing hostile nor threatening, but he definitely made his presence known.
The occupants wish to remain anonymous. Let's call the father Ed and the son Tom. They moved from the midwest and liked the look and location of the house. It is near a major thoroughfare and has plenty of room, with a full, finished basement and a spacious upstairs. Ed was very curious as to why the seller of the property put an 'as is' clause in the contract. Everything seemed fine... the only thing the seller would say was that his wife and son would never set foot in the house again.
Ed and Tom both enjoy carpentry and have done major changes to the interior. This may be a cause for the strange occurances, but it seemed to have started long before they got busy with saws, hammers and nails.
As mentioned, there were footsteps and toying with the cassette player. Tom soon found himself being touched and tapped by an unseen entity. This usually happened on the basement stairs or in the main floor hallway. He tried to ignore it but it persisted. He mentioned it to Ed, who stated that he also had been touched and had, on a few occasions, had his hair messed by an unseen hand.
Tom was home, alone one day. He was going up the stairs from the basement when someone shouted directly in his ear, "Hey now!" He thought it must be his father but no, the house was empty. Tom has heard this voice on many occasions. It says either, "hey now," or "hey you!" It usually happens when he is alone and coming upstairs from the basement.
Ed, the father, has seen the ghost on many occasions. It appears as a fine, white mist and usually in the main floor hallway. One time he saw it in his upstairs bedroom... at least, he thinks it was Carlo. A white vapour appeared on the bedroom wall and almost completely covered the wall. The vapour contracted until it was a point of light no more that a few inches across. It then vanished without a trace.
Tom has seen the ghost once. This was recently and, again, in the main floor hallway. It was a mist. Tom had a few friends over about a year ago. They were taking pictures of each other. When the film was developed, Tom noticed a haze in one of the pictures. He believes it is Carlo.
Here is a snap of the picture. Tom is looking for the negative and, if found, I will scan it and see if there is more that can be enchanced from it.
This is a shot of the basement stairway, looking up toward the main level hallway where most of the phenomena occurs.
Ed and Tom have learned to live with their haunting. The only time Tom was really scared by Carlo was, again, in the main floor hallway. Ed was out back, working on the yard.... Tom was in the living room and heard Carlo pacing the hallway. He wanted Ed to hear it also but, the only way to get to Ed in the backyard was to walk right through Carlo! He did so, (with the hair standing up on his head,) but when they both re-entered the house, the pacing had stopped and would not start again.
I plan on sending a medium into this house in the near future. We'll try to make some sort of contact and see if we can't find Carlo a little peace of mind.

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