The Princeton Street Haunting
4771 N. Princeton Street
Portland, OR

Princeton Haunting

When it comes to a haunting it is not always what is seen or felt. Consider the following information conveyed by Meaghan Ferres of Beaverton, OR. For the most part, her experiences centered on what was heard and smelled.

"The Princeton house is located at 4771 N. Princeton. It's yellow w/black "shutters", (very ugly,) - has upstairs: 1 master bedroom, 2 smaller bedrooms, 1 bathroom (at back of house), and an attic door in the ceiling of that bathroom. Main level: One large room, (left side of house,) for library/dining area/living room. Large entry room, kitchen, 1 bathroom. The basement has one bedroom, laundry, 1 small closet/storage room, 1 large gravel floored room at back of house. (it used to have doors leading outside,) that locks from the laundry room."
"There is an alcove under the basement stairs for storage. One garage, (same color as house,) with a patio in back and a deck on the rear of the house, (main level.) (***
See Map***) Before my dad remodeled the house, there were stairs that used to lead from outside of the kitchen, down the side of the house, (towards the back yard.) During the remodeling, my dad found an old bar of lye soap wrapped in turn of the century newspaper, and a kewpie doll in one of the basement walls he knocked out."

"My family is no exception to the norm - "dysfunctional", but we are finally beginning to repair the damage. During some of the more stressful times around the house, (and due to the number of people living in the house,) some things happened that would go unnoticed until years later.
For instance:
1) Footsteps: These would usually happen when one, (rarely two people,) of us was home alone, late at night, (up watching Letterman, etc.) I cannot count how many times I personally heard these. I would hear footsteps coming from the master bedroom above me, walk down the hallway to the bathroom, (upstairs.) Sometimes, they would return from the bathroom. But usually it was just one-way, (bdrm.-bath.) I wouldn't be scared until I remembered my parents -who slept in the room- weren't home! And my dad had much heavier footsteps. I think every family member, (and even some friends of mine,) have heard this. I remember one time in the afternoon, (we had caught on to the footstep pattern by now,) I had just come home and knew that my dad was upstairs sleeping. I heard the footsteps and wasn't scared because my dad was home. So I RAN up the stairs as soon as I heard them, expecting to find my dad in his underwear, making his way to the bathroom. No one was there! I ran into his room and he was out cold, (he couldn't have run *that* fast!)
2) Smells: When my sister was a teenager, sleeping in the bdrm. across the hallway from the master bedroom, she started to have a strange smell in her room. I couldn't smell it, and I'm not sure if anyone else but my mom and sister, (Holly,) could. I asked Holly about it recently and she said it smelled like "death" or decomposing. It lasted for over two days. We ventilated the room by opening windows but it did no good. The room was fully checked and there were no hidden dirty dishes or smelly socks or anything like that, (we knew that smell!)
3) Other sounds: It never occurred to me at the time, but I remember often hearing the front door open and close, and then someone walking into the house while I was home alone, (in daytime,)... I thought it was my mom coming home from the store but when I went downstairs no one was there; or I would yell "Mom?" and get no answer. And, I don't remember hearing the screen door opening/shutting - it was installed during the remodeling. My mom says this had happened to her several times - I guess we just wiped it from our minds until recently. This happened quite a lot to me and I'll ask my siblings about their experiences.
4) When I was a teenager, sleeping in the basement bedroom, I would hear a woman's scream in my ear, just as I was falling asleep. It happened about three times. It was terrifying, and I can't prove whether it was a "dream" or not, but I know I haven't heard it before or since. At the time, though, I did hang up a cross from the ceiling over my bed for the rest of my stay in that room.
5) One nicer sound: I had a dog named Chelsea that died, (not in the house,) a few months before I moved out. She slept on the basement stair landing, and her routine was to walk down the stairs, turn in a circle and flop down. I used to tell my mother I could hear this once in awhile, but then again, it could have been wishful thinking."

"I don't remember ever seeing anything unusual (apparitions, levitating, etc.)."

"I will forward this email to siblings and see if they can remember anything else I didn't mention. And, I decided to draw a map after all, (to point out where this stuff occurred in the house,) but I'll need to send it later through another email program; this one doesn't handle graphics attachments too well."

The following was emailed from Meaghan on 5/20/97:

Hi again-It's Meaghan

My sister's here at my house and she is going to narrate as I write, (more on the house:)

"In 1974 we moved into the Princeton house which was previously owned by our aunt and uncle at the time. Our aunt told us, (the kids,) stories about how late at night, after their children had gone to sleep, they would hear their rocking chair squeaking as if someone was using it. She would go investigate who was still awake and would find the chair rocking- of it's own free will. It happened several times and they eventually got used to having 'something' in the house with them, late at night."
NOTE: When our family moved in, we would hear the footsteps late at night; we didn't own a rocking chair.

Another story from our aunt, about the history of the house:

"At the turn of the century, a well-traveled business man and his wife and young daughter, (around five years of age,) owned the house. The story goes that the wife died while the husband was off on business elsewhere. Because of the closeness of this family, the father believed that his deceased wife came to visit their daughter at night, based on what the child had told him. The child had said something to the effect, "Mommy still comes to tuck me in at night." When the father asked her how that could be, she replied that she could see the imprint on the covers of her bed, where her mother would sit to tuck her in at night, (when she was alive.)"
NOTE: This is the same bedroom that had the poltergeist 'smell' for a short time. It's the room upstairs - across from the master bedroom. Also about the little girl - could the kewpie doll have been hers?
"That's all we can remember for now. There's a family reunion this summer and my sister will ask my aunt for any more information she can think of."

Happy haunting-

Meaghan and Holly

I talked to the present owner of the Princeton House. Brian moved in during March of 1997 from Vancouver, B.C. He is very friendly and it was a pleasant conversation. He was surprised about the phenomena which occurred in the past..... he stated that nothing out of the ordinary has happened - so far. I gave him my phone number and he said he would call with any 'news'.

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