The Portsmouth House

7100 Block of N. Portsmouth Ave.
Portland, OR

This house has it all. I know, I used to live there at one time. My daughters are still there and unexplained phenomena still occurs, although not with the same frequency and force.
There was a *natural* death in the house. A woman died in her sleep in 1987, (the year before we moved in.) Her husband was very hurried about selling and moving out. We got a very good deal for such a nice house but we didn't plan on all the phenomena which would soon occur.
Shortly after moving in, my youngest daughter was alone on the main floor while I was out back chatting with a neighbor. My daughter was looking for a missing shoe. She said out loud, 'now where is that shoe?' Just as she said that, the shoe came tumbling down the stairs, landing at her feet. No, there was no one upstairs- no humans nor animals. She was quite scared and had me come into the house to explain what had happened.
My daughters have seen a transparent, silver form upstairs. This has occurred many times. It doesn't last long and it does not take on a clear form. The smell of rotting fish has frequented the upstairs and basement areas. Electronic equipment runs by itself. Objects move position..... my oldest daughter used to place tape around her nicknacks. No one would touch them and when checked, they had moved position.
One of the strangest occurrences which I have personally experienced is the *rain.* Yes, it would rain. Drops of water would hit us on the arms, shoulders and head. This happened on the main floor and usually in the kitchen. I wish it *was* a leaky faucet or roof but no, there was no apparent source. The drops were odorless and tasteless which made us believe it was probably water.
Voices have also been heard. Soft, quiet voices asking simple statements such as, 'oh, really?' or 'are you sure?'

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