This is Thelma in her graduation picture from James John Elementary School, St. Johns, in 1948.  She sits on the bottom, at the end; apart from the rest of the children.  Classmates say she had a body odor and called her 'stinky'.  She was shunned and teased but as this picture shows, the ugly duckling would soon be a swan.
She had everything to look forward to.  All the dreams she held dear were just years from fruition..... but all the hopes and dreams were taken away.  The teasing and rejection culminated in her abduction and death.  None of it was kind; none of it was fair.  If there are screams of torment that emanate from the park it is for good reason.

Note:  Her classmates well remember her death.  Some put the time of abduction at two days... others for a week.  Some say they remember an accomplice while others state that a  deranged felon worked alone.  The abductor took Thelma to The Portland Woolen Mill, located under the bridge.

Yes, that is her signature at the top of the page; scanned from the back of the class picture.
The entirety of this article was taken from first hand account; from the memories of those who knew her.  Call it folklore if you will but many claim the screams to be real.



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