Update: 1/27/00
The Watts Street Haunting

North Watts Street
Portland, OR

The following is an update from a college student named Leigh. She was doing a paper on ghosts and I arranged for her to interview the lady of the house at Watts.

Hi Michael,

I had a long conversation with the mother/ wife at Watts Street, who was very nice and gave me a ton of information. Some of it was stuff I had heard before or already knew, but there was also a lot that I didn't know. Probably the best story was one about her husband... he was coming home from work, (a few months ago I believe,) and there was a man standing in his driveway. The man just stood there, looking at him, and not moving. He said that the man was not anyone who knew or recognized. This was at night, and he turned on his bright headlights on this man, but still he didn't move. He grabbed his gun, (the husband is a police officer,) and started to get out of the car and walk closer to him, and sudddenly the man disapeared.
Another story was on Thanksgiving of '98 with her oldest daughter. She was getting ready in the bathroom after her shower. The daughter claims that a woman walked up behind her, who she assumed was her mother, and just stood there. She stood there for a total of about 3 or four minutes. The daughter had somewhat of a conversation with this woman too, she asked her if she needed her help downstairs getting ready for their guests and the woman replied "yes." She asked this woman if people were arriving yet, and the woman said "yes." Her only reply was always "yes". The woman was gone after a moment or two, and the girl began to think it was a weird conversation. So she walked downstairs to question the mom about their encounter. The mom told her daughter that she hadn't been upstairs all morning, she had been in the kitchen cooking.
The youngest daughter had a story, about being home alone and taking a shower. She was in the shower, and the toilet in the bathroom kept flushing. She thought it was someone trying to be funny, but it was making her mad because the water would turn cold everytime the toilet was flushed. It happened numerous times, and there was no one home.
This story is kind of funny. I guess the wife's sister stopped by one afternoon to see the family. When she walked up to the front door she noticed no cars in the driveway. She knocked anyway, and heard the stereo and tv on very loudly. As soon as she knocked, they both turned off. She thought they turned off because her sister was walking to the door, but no one ever came. She began to walk away, slightly irritated because she didn't understand, and the music and tv came back on. She walked back and knocked again. They turned off again. Finally she just left, annoyed because she thought her sister, (the mom,) was being very rude. A few weeks past and the mom had not heard from her sister, so she called her. The events were described to the the mom, and she finally told her sister that there was no one home that afternoon, they had left early and got home late.
Other little things she told me had to do with the cats and the dogs- she said that dogs stay outside because they get too spooked inside. The cats will stare at something in the air for a long period of time with a look of terror, and there won't be anything there. After awhile, they go and hide.
XXXX talked about how much she doesn't mind the ghosts and how she thinks they make life interesting and exciting. She said they never do harm, and if they are acting up you just have to tell them to stop. They are very active in the fall but die down after New year's. They usually create activity on Christmas Eve. I hope this is helpful to you, I will draw up the rest of my notes to see if I left anything out. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I have been swamped with work. I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you have any questions just ask!!


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