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bonzai Southwest Washington Paranormal Research  Purpose:  To educate and provide scientific proof.
Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle, Tacoma.

"The very haunted site of Reneesghost" or something like that.
The Ghosts of Oregon and Washington Jeff Davis - On the web and in print.
Haunted Places A journey beyond the ordinary.
Dorota's Homepage .....Useful tips, links and much, much more. Dorota went to a lot of trouble to put this one together.
NASA Shuttle Status Reports... the site for the few of us who still give a rats about the shuttle program.
Home Planet Astronomy freeware.
Ghost Stories and Mysteries of Sweet Briar. Well done site.... most scary !
Hot Sheet Don't know where to go??? This site will give you an idea.
Hot Sites Sometimes boring, sometimes inspired... updated daily.
UFO Roundup An excellent collection of ufo reports from around the world. Check to see if there have been any sightings in your neck of the woods.
Sat_IR_West Get the weather view from 23,000 miles up.
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Ghost of North Portland
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