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Paranormal Reports

I'm from a little community in north wales (united kingdom) and we have some of the most hauntings in the whole country.

A premises in the High Street has long had a reputation for hauntings. The building was taken over by insurance brokers Barry Williams Associates in 1986, and after some refurbishment very strange things indeed started happening. Computer disks locked in a ground floor office at night were found in the morning scattered all over a room on the top floor. Unexpected chills and sudden periods of muggy warmth were experienced, while the thermometer registered a constant temperature. Filing cabinets jammed or opened as the mood took them,and then, a few days later, the most unexplainable thing of all occurred-the word processor and photocopier started to leak water. People have been in to try to find the problem and wrote down on his card "weird". It was put down to a hoaxer but that was put to rest when it leaked in front of every body in the middle of the day.
The milky residue was taken away for examination but was never named and nobody knew what the liquid was.
There was plenty more but I don't have time to write it all. There are plenty more haunting as well but all to long to write about.


A trendy phantom monk took to the haunting of the ferryman night club in abbot street of Wrexham. Perhaps after a life time of strict monastic denial, he was after a bit of fun - and where better than a disco? He did get a bit rowdy however. Stools were moved about and once the barmaid felt her bottom pinched by an invisible hand. The ghost also enjoyed turning the pages of the calender over just to cause confusion. The manager Mr Tony Green told the press that the staff blamed the strange activities on a ghostly monk who was said to have once haunted tunnels under the club. Some became so afraid that they handed in their notices. Mr Green once saw the apparition himself, entering one of the toilets at 3 a.m. Assuming at first it was a costumer, he followed, but inside found no one there. I have recently heard he is still making a very often appearance and is often seen.


Paranormal Reports