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Was reading your other reports, & was interested in the Crater Lake Story.

If you are telling ghost stories I must mention this one also. My wife has a knack for knowing if places are haunted. I never ask her these things. She just mentions it when I least expect it. One time we went to Crater Lake lodge. Stayed in a room that was away from where everyone else stayed. I don't know why the staff placed us in this particular room but they did. We never had stayed there until this night and had never heard about Crater Lake Lodge from any friends or acquaintances. Anyway, my wife couldn't sleep. Was scared to death of the hotel area we were placed. She kept staring at the door to our room all through the night. I had a weird feeling of the bathroom area. Like I would see something if I looked hard enough which I wouldn't dare do. Daylight finally came and my wife went to the check-in desk and insisted they put us in a different room, in a different part of the hotel for the following night.

The staff didn't look surprised of our request nor inquisitive of us wanting a different room. I finally inquired of what had happened in that part of the 100 year old plus hotel, third floor and they would not comment in any way on our suspicions. They were hiding something and I could not get them to budge to tell us what. But I know something awful happened in that part of the hotel. I have not found out yet what it is and there appears to not be any information about it either. Anyway, don't let the staff place you on the third floor, west wing of that hotel. Something very evil lurks there.

Here's a clip from the story & URL of where the story's at on the net.....

"Engineers contracted by the National Park Service monitored the structural integrity of the lodge through the 1980s. In the spring of 1989, just before the lodge was to open for the summer season, the engineers advised the park that the Great Hall wing was unsafe for occupants. They predicted this part of the building might collapse of its own weight, bringing down the rest of the lodge with it. This compelled the National Park Service to keep the lodge closed and begin a comprehensive rehabilitation project."

Information on Crater Lake and the lodge from

I'm wondering if maybe there was a collapse that happened there???

Larry Ferres:)

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