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Paranormal Reports

I have an eyewitness account of a haunted house in Southeast Portland. Are you interested? In 1989, when I was about 11 years old, my family moved into a house at XXXX SE XXst Street in Portland. It was a nice enough house on a decent-sized piece of property that has a garage out back that leads to the alleyway behind the house (a new house has recently been put in what used to be part of the backyard). We never spoke of the incidents, but about a year after we moved out I mentioned that I had thought that the house had a bad feeling and my mom urged me to elaborate - at which point the whole story unfolded.

Much of the things that happened to me were pure feeling. Being young I would often hide under the blankets all night, crying, while I heard movement in my room - knowing, without being able to explain how, that there was a man standing a few feet away looking at the bed. But I never ventured to actually look. I thought at the time that I might just be a stupid kid who was afraid of the dark, but it had never happened before and when we moved a couple years later it never happened again.

My mother told me after we moved out of the house that she would often wake up and see a man standing in her doorway and on a couple of occassions he was actually hovering over her bed looking down at her. She would wake up my father, but by then the man would be gone.

We tried multiple times to grow vegetables in the backyard and nothing ever turned out. We blamed it on the soil. And while I would go out back to play from time to time I never went near the garage. I've never liked basements and dark places - but that garage had the eeriest feeling I've ever felt.

One night when we'd lived there just a few months my mother came home at night and pulled into the driveway - which was really just an open spot next to the front of the house that left room to pull up to a fence. She pulled up, with her headlights on, and saw a man's full head and shoulders above the fence looking at her (the fence was at least six feet tall on it's own). I was inside washing dishes at a window that overlooked the same part of the back yard, and had been feeling very nervous - like there was something outside looking at me (much like I would feel at night). My mother came running in telling me to call the police because there was someone in the back yard. The police, of course, found nothing, and didn't mention how it was that a man's full head could be seen over a six foot tall fence.

We later went to visit the little old lady across the street, who had lived on that street for over 70 years, and told her about these things that had happened while we'd lived there. She told us that she wasn't surprised. She said that a man had committed suicide by car exhaust in the garage thirty or forty years before.

Paranormal Reports