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My name is Audrey. I just moved away from Portland about three months ago. In the years that I did live there I spent two of them homeless. So yes, I have slept in a number of haunted dwellings in Portland. These two hauntings, however, I thought you might find interesting:

The New Paris Theatre
This was a nightclub that I worked in. It is located on the corner of 3rd and Burnside , Downtown Portland. As I and a few of the other workers were either homeless or had a lack of transportation after the club was closed, we were occasionally allowed to sleep there for a few hours, (I would not really recommend this to most.) I have heard a lot more stories then I will tell you because I have only witnessed so many.
The History of the Paris: It was built sometime in the 1800's. When it first opened it was a Burlesque theatre and a majority of the women that worked there were prostitutes. The most active ghost: I have heard a lot of names for her , but I feel that The White Lady is the most pleasant. I really wish that I could learn more about her past but here is what I do know. She worked at the Paris when it was still a Burlesque theatre , and yes she was a prostitute. Well I do not know much about her personal history , only her death. There is a room off to the right side of the stage. This room used to be a dressing room for the dancers. I'm not sure what year it was , but there was a fight between The White Lady and a lover in that room and he murdered her there. From what I can gather this room has not been used much since. I do not believe that the Paris still owns this room , It might belong to Berbati's Pan (the bar next door) From what I have heard this room is still furnished in its original decor and still contains all the furniture. I personally believe that is why she still remains there. The hauntings of the White lady: She usually is pretty inactive during the winter, However you can usually still feel her presence. After the club is closed is when she makes herself noticed. She is very protective of the stage area. Whoever is supposed to sweep the stage usually hurries while doing it so the can get out of her way quickly. She has never harmed anyone that I know of but she has a very strong energy about her. She will send very strong emotions through you. These are usually a mixture of emotional pain , overwhelming sadness and the feeling that you just lost someone dear. She seems very lonely to me. Sometimes you can hear her hum or scream depending on her mood for the night. She usually will give men a feeling that they are very hated and not welcome in her home, (this is probably because the manner in which she died.) The truly odd thing that she does is that the smoke in the club will never rise completely - it always remains in a cloud floating in the center of the room, instead of flouting to the ceiling like it should. Some of the women that have worked there end up feeling very accepted by her, (like me.) I don't feel that she minded if I was there or not, ( well after she was used to me being there.) There are several other ghosts that frequently haunt different sections of the Paris. I do not know as much about any of them. One, (I believe he is male,) haunts the hallway located to the left of the stage. All that I have witnessed from his hauntings is the occasional girl that goes back there to turn off the light and ends up getting her bum pinched by someone that is not there. There is also one who remains in the basement. He just moves stuff now and then. If you find more info about the white lady I would be happy to hear it. I did grow quite attached to her and would like to know more about her past.

The Abandoned Retirement Home:
This structure used to be located diagonally across the street from the Haunted library you have on your site already. I stayed there for only a short time. This was a hot spot for hauntings. There were so many ghost there that I don't think I could even give you an estimate. Of course being a retirement home a lot of people died there over the years. They were a very lonely bunch, in fact so lonely that they would not let you leave at night (when they where most active). I actually witnessed a friend that tried do jump off out of a door frame (the stairs were already missing) get thrown back in, (this was about 5 feet back up.) 
The oddest thing about this place was if you had sex with your lover there and then you remained very quiet you could here them applaud you. Unfortunately the last time I drove by this place it had been torn down. According to the notice on the building it was supposed to have been torn down years before I stayed there. I am not sure of the truth of the history in either of these cases.


Paranormal Reports