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I don't know if you answer e-mail, you probably get quite a a lot of it.

About three weeks ago my son moved into a home to house sit until the new owners move in next spring. The new owners are the parents of his girlfriend. An elderly lady in her late seventies had been living there as a house sitter until her apartment was ready. She had been there several months.

After my son moved some of his belongings and furniture to the home he had to wait a few days until the lady finished moving her items out. On the last day that she was moving out my son went to stay the first night. When he got to the home all of his belongings were dumped on the floor. All of his tools were even dumped out of his tool boxes and coin collections were dumped out. It would take several days to  determine that nothing was missing. That first night at the home he was unable to sleep and checked out the entire house thinking that someone may be hiding there as it is a very large home. He was unable to find anyone but felt that someone was watching him. 

After a few days he noted that the back bedroom would not warm up. He checked the furnace ducts in the room and they were supplying warm air. He tried to warm up the room with the door open and closed.  Neither of the efforts worked, the room stayed cold.

About this same he noted that while watching TV it would seem that a person would walk between him and a floor lamp and that a faint shadow played on the wall at the same time. Also about this time he noted that hundreds of moth nests were appearing in the home. He would take them down with needle nosed pliers but the next day more would be back.

His girlfriend came to visit one evening and she noted the shadow as something unseen moved through the room. He then relayed to her the other things that were taking place including the fact that he could open all the doors before going to work and they would be closed when he got home. If he closed them they would be open in the evening.

The next day she relayed this information to her parents, the new owners of the residence. Her father contacted the elderly lady without letting her know of the problems asked her if she not noted anything unusual while staying in the home. She stated that the back bedroom, the master bedroom couldn't be warmed and was always cold. She also related her experiences with the shadows on the walls while she was reading in the evenings.

Her father then contacted someone who came to the home and performed some kind of ceremony to rid the home of the spirits. This was done on two different days.

The really odd thing is that all the events have stopped. The back bedroom is now warm like the rest of the home and there are no more shadows on the walls or moths. My son says that the home is now very comfortable and when home alone he really feels all by himself.

Do you think this could all be for real?

O.K. now for what else has happened. The very day of the second attempt to rid the home of the spirits, we started having problems in our home. That night at 2:30 a.m. two end table lights and dining room chandelier and on. My wife had me get up and turn them off. Just after I got  back to bed they came on again but I was asleep and my wife just closed the bedroom door. Nearly every night at least the chandelier over the dining room table comes on between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. We do not even live close to my son. Do you think these events are connected or do we have an unrelated problem?

Note:  I responded to this missive and informed them that yes, indeed, the manifestation could very well have relocated to their residence.  What can be done to be rid of it?  Ritual ceremony of some sort.  As stated many times, I do not perform exorcisms of any form and I do not know of anyone who does.

Paranormal Reports