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My name is Alicia I am 24 years old. ever since I was about 4 I have been "haunted" by something that seems to follow me, or I keep picking up new ghosts. many unusual things happen, voices, sounds, smells, apparitions etc. it never really bothered me I guess I just learned to accept it until recently. My cat often will wake up from a deep sleep severely startled and will run and hide, sometimes he just bats at the air is if playing with something.  My almost one year old daughter will awake from a sound sleep screaming as if someone hit her. When I went in the room to pick her up she just stared at various  spots on the wall,  ceiling and floor and talked and yelled at it.

One day my two year old was playing in her room.   I heard more commotion than usual. I went to ask her what was going on and she was very upset. She said "Mommy that man said the bad word s***," and pointed towards her bed.

One day my mother and older brother came over.  I was telling them about what my oldest child said. almost instantly I could feel something,( I have always been very receptive to paranormal or ghost activities.)  It told my mother, ( who is slightly clairvoyant at times,) that the ghost was back. All of a sudden I got very sick to my stomach and the left side of my face was twitching, which usually happens when the ghosts are around.

I asked both my mom &  brother if they felt something, just then I saw a hazy figure by my side, and could feel it touch my leg. my brother yelled "oh my god Alicia don't move". my mom had also seen it. I told it to go that it was forgiven for any sins and that their family was waiting for them. all three of us saw a shaft of light that moved towards the front door and just hung there for about 5 mins.  It never went through the door but instead it seemed to float back down the hall and into my room. I try to ignore but I often feel it or see it. Sometimes my face starts twitching or I smell rosewater. Sometimes I feel it sit on my bed when I am alone. I have also seen visions of my dead grandmother whom I never met, but when I describe the lady to mom she said I was exact down to the last detail. please e-mail me if you have time and let me know what you think.

P.S.  I currently live in SE Portland and plan on relocating to N. Portland very soon I thank you for your web site.

P.P.S.  I have also been to The White Eagle Tavern and have seen a figure of a woman wearing a dress like that of the ladies in the brothels in the old west


Hi Alicia:

I am back from vacationing and finally getting my email squared away. It sounds to me that you are unusually gifted with psychic ability. Perhaps you could study, practice and learn to use these powers, (rather than allowing them to use you.)
Of major concern is the protection of your children. You must learn to use your abilities and guard them from any harm. Keep a barrier up between them and any negative forces.
I try not to recommend specific paths, (religions, organizations and practices.) If you are Christian, try prayer and place your attention upon The Christ or Holy Mother. Likewise, Eastern methods would have you focused on The Bani, (spirit force,) or a spiritual being. The important thing is NOT to be afraid and to detach from all negative powers.

Blessings to you and yours,

Paranormal Reports