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Some of Audrey's story is true...some of it is not....I was the manager there for years....I remember when she was there...well she never actually worked there she was another employee's girlfriend but if you would like the truth and some more information I would be happy to conduct an e-mail interview.

Note: I responded to Ryan's missive and he replied with the following:

Well, let me get some things straight first off is the story of the lady in white she was not murdered by a lover unless you consider a prostitute and her client lovers. She was a whore murdered by a customer in the back of the stage area on the right, and I have no idea why anyone has called her the lady in white because no one has ever seen her. She just screams a high pitch that lasts a few hours.
The smoke in the room not floating all the way to the top is true and I can only assume that that is spiritual activity. When you smoke, the smoke will rise about 6 feet and that's it - it just lays right at that height.  In the control for the light's, (the crows nest,) people have been pushed off and it's lucky that no one has actually fallen all the way down. The instance I witnessed was with the light operator and he managed grab the side of the rail on the ladder up.
There is also a dj booth on the upper left side of the stage and many people have also reported being groped while they were alone as well as the back hallway. I also don't remember if she mentioned this or not but the toilets will flush themselves and the water will turn itself on and off. I know none of the stuff was rigged because I spent a weekend tearing apart the bathrooms trying to fix it because it was happening so often the boss was complaining because over 3 months the water bill was $1200!
  Another creepy event was the fact that one of the times I was in the bathroom.  I was getting ready to wash my hands and not only did the water turn itself on but hot water came out. There is no hot water in the paris -there isn't even a hot water heater. Ordinarily when you turn the hot water handle on nothing happens, but that time the top of the knob spun and the water was so hot that steam was forming on the mirror.
 So far as I have ever known the upstairs offices have always been safe. That's where I used to sleep after shift. the paris theatre is in the heart of old town/downtown and is currently a punk/rock club and even occasionally has raves. I worked there for almost 2 years and I know that building inside and out all 3 levels every nook and cranny even under the stage, inside the basement and even where the underground tunnels go before they dead end.
 If you have any other questions please let me know. 


 p.s. Also, if you wish to dig up more about the paris historically, a call to the city of Portland's records office should help they have a lot of information. it was first built in 1868 it was the 2nd or 3rd burlesque club in this region and it stayed that way for a while then it turned into a actual performance theatre for the arts for about 40 years and was then turned into a movie house once our fair city started getting motion pictures. and then it was turned into the famous porn theatre and yes it did show devil in miss Jones and even deep throat. then it eventually went out of business in the early 90's and remained unused for a few years then a gentlemen by the name of hugo purchased a lease on the place and used it as a clothing store and then turned it into a night club and it still is.

Paranormal Reports