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Paranormal Reports


Well, in a house I lived in late one night I was home and for some reason my door was closed, I normally didn't closed the door because the room heated up, and I heard knocking, or scratching more accurately on the door. My parents didn't knock, (Or scratch for that matter) And from my window I could see them both standing on the sidewalk. So, (for some reason the light was off) and it was dark outside. I knew there was no one there, but there was something. I don't know how I did. I just did. and I went to open the door and when I had just touched it, the door flung open and a burst of cold air hit the room and the lights flickered on and off many times, then everything stopped, the lights were left on, and the damp feeling that the cold brought into the room went away. According to my parents, they saw it as the lights remained off the whole time they were outside.

Another happening I was again home alone, but It was daylight, and I was walking into my room and I thought I saw a young girl probably about 12 or 13 in a black dress, sopping wet. And I screamed and as soon as I had seen her she was gone.

I also heard doors slamming in an either angered or panicked rage often.

I also had nightly nightmares of drowning, just everything the clear, watery kind of blue, and the same girl dressed in black, with an emotionless face, but with sad, pained eyes, watching me, never moving... but as though in a great deal of emotional pain...

The thing that's strange about this whole thing... that whole town is in a flood zone, the town floods every 100 years or so... and if you think about the first tale I told, everything felt damp... in the door-slamming, couldn't have that been in a panicked rage to get out of a flooding house? And the girl was sopping wet. And in the dreams I was always drowning. And awakening just as I was either giving up, or losing consciousness. It was as though the girl wanted to tell me something, but didn't really want to hurt me, just to be seen, noticed, and understood....

Well, that's the story....


Paranormal Reports