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Yes I would like for you to post my story. This is great way to let people know that ghost are real.

When I was a kid I lived in a big house off 60th and Sandy Blvd. I was about 9 years old. There where several things that happened in this home that where very scary and real. My parents had rented this home and the up stairs was blocked off. My mother told me there where stairs that lead up there at one time and they took them out and that my dad and her tried to open the attic door to go up there and it was locked off. One day I had stayed home from school I was sick with a cold. It was a cold rainy day and there was a big oak tree that had grown over the house. I was watching TV and my parents where both at work. I heard noises coming from the up stairs, at first I thought it was the big tree bumping on the house. But it got louder and then I heard people talking up there and I said who is it and I even checked the door and no one was there. I called my mom  crying and she said its just the tree and don't worry. I said mom the tree doesn't talk and yell mean things.
She said, "Oh April, your just sick and hearing things."  I was like, ok mom and hung up the phone. When I got off the phone I went into the kitchen we had a basement and a glass door that went down the stairs into the basement I saw shadows go by and eyes peeking up the stairs at me. I ran out the door and on to our front porch. I keep hearing yelling and I keep staying please stop please stop and the noises and yelling  got louder.  I ran across to the neighbors house and pounded on their front door and tried to open it but they where not home - they where at work to. I curled up my body and hid on their porch for at least two hours.
I decided to peek up and look at our house. There was a window up in that room on the side of the home where we could not get to and I was horrified to see a ghost with big red eyes and sharp pointy teeth stare right down at me as if he could see me. I hid there until my parents got home, hours later. 
I was wet, cold .. when I saw them pull up.  I ran up to them and told them.  "Mom dad don't go in, there is something in there." They had to drag me inside and I was begging and pleading no. They thought I was just sick and was seeing things. After that my step dad was doing strange things as well. He started getting violent with my mom hitting her and our dog. No one believed me for awhile until I my mother saw the ghost too. Differently, she said she was sleeping one night and there was a little girl standing in her room and she at first thought it was me. She turned on the up the light in her room and the girl disappeared. She seen shadows and heard voices too.
Shortly after that we moved out. My step dad never believed me but my mother does now! We still talk about it today and wonder if the people who live there now have the same things happen to them. About 5 years ago I drove by there and it was up for sale. I'm now 38 years old and I will never forget what happened in that home!

Thanks for hearing my store and hope you post my store! If you have any more questions just let me know.



Paranormal Reports