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Regarding Princeton Street Haunting:

We lived there prior to Meaghan Ferres and her family. We were there in the ealry 70's until fall of 76.

The first time my daughter and I were alone in the house something strange happened. I was organizing the kitchen and she was upstairs doing her room. She ran down the stairs and asked me why I called her name and what I wanted. I said I didn't her. Perhaps she should go back upstairs to finish her room. This went on a couple of times until we both were frustrated. It never happened again.

Two or three times I smelled smoke or burnt wood when I was alone in the house and I thought I heard someone calling or crying. Once my husband smelled smoke but never heard anything. Later we found out there had been a fire years before.

My husband worked nightsand often came home early. He would come upstairs sit on the end of the bed take off his shoes. Then he would go down stairs to read the paper. There would be an indentation left at the end of the bed. I would wake up see the place where he had been sitting and know he was home.

One night, I woke up feeling he was there at the end of the bed. I felt him get up and walk away. I opened my eyes and saw the that he had been sitting on the bed. I got up and went down stairs to see him.

He wasn't there......later when he got home I asked him where he went after he came home, he said he worked late and was just coming home. This happened many several times.

We sold our home to my husband's brother and his family. Meaghan is our niece.

Betty Ferres

Paranormal Reports