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I was really pleased to find your website. My cousin lives in NoPo and she will be excited (if a little freaked out) to hear of the happenings in her neighborhood. (She owns a renovated brownstone.) I know that, due to your busy schedule, you don't investigate ghosts in other places, but I wanted to tell you that there are many ghosts in Oregon, along the coast and in other places.

I'm from Springfield, Oregon (it's right next to Eugene). While attending Springfield High School, class of '94, I spent hours in the school late at night, working on the school paper and so on. There are two ghosts in the school's buildings that I'm aware of.

The first I know little about, but know dozens of students who have seen or experienced this presence. The school auditorium is nicely equipped with catwalks and a light booth from which sound and lighting can be run. The light booth can only be accessed by walking outside the building and going in a door next to one of the main entrances. Then you can walk upstairs and into the booth. The light booth has a large window that overlooks the auditorium and stage, and it's a small enough room that you would be able to tell if someone were in there from almost anywhere in the auditorium. For three years, I heard stories about the ghost in the light booth, but had never glimpsed it despite hundreds of evenings spent there. Then one day my junior year, while rehearsing for a choir concert, two or three of the girls in my choir-- myself included-- looked up to see a vaguely human shape standing at the light booth window looking down on us. As soon as we blinked, it was gone. The wildest story I've heard is from a friend who handled lighting and sound for school plays. During one tense rehearsal, she came down from the booth to discuss some lighting problems with the director. As she walked into the auditorium, the cued music from the play filled the auditorium. Convinced one of her friends had snuck into the booth, she turned around and ran upstairs to catch them, but when she opened the door, nobody was there. The music started up again later that rehearsal, but that seems to be a one-time type of occurance.

The other presence is in the main school building. The northwest bottom corner of the school is the publications department and the art classroom, and the southwest bottom corner is the teacher's lounge, attendance, and pricipal & vice-principals' offices.Upstairs is the social studies department. In the center of the school is the library (north part) and the home ec & counseling centers (south) with the science, math, and foreign language classes above. The far end of the building is the special ed classroom, a computer lab, and some business classrooms, with the English department upstairs. There are stairs at both ends of the building, and there are bathrooms at the top and bottom of each set of stairs. The boys bathrooms are on the north side, the girls on the south. We often used the computer lab to type up our stories, but it was locked at night, which spared us from being at that end of the building when it got dark. There would usually be a handful of students laboring until midnight or two a.m. the night before the newspaper came out, but we stayed in our publications corner most of the night. Sometimes, to blow off steam, we would run around in the building after the janitors had gone home, and on occasion, we could very faintly hear someone talking from a far part of the school. Some of the janitors heard the talking, too, at least according to Kip, the janitor who did the publications rooms. If you went to investigate (and many of us did), the noise would stop, but only until you'd put it out of your mind. It seemed to originate from the boys bathroom nearest the English department, a room I have never had the courage to investigate at night (I have been inside during the day, it felt...odd... but that was possibly just the jitters on my part).

Anyhow, most of the regular late-workers were aware of this disturbance that kept to itself. But what we learned only later was the story behind it (a teacher passed it to a student, or something--these things are always vague). It seems that a student several years prior had come into an English classroom with a gun, perhaps to kill the teacher for a bad grade or something like that. This teacher managed to talk the student out into the hallway, stalling until he could find a way to call for help without endangering anyone else. Abruptly, the student said, "I have to go to the bathroom. If you follow me in, I'll blow your head off." The teacher waited outside for only a second, then heard the shot. He raced into the bathroom to find that the boy had placed the gun to his head and killed himself.

Well, those are the only "real" ghosts I've ever experienced. I thought, as a fellow Oregonian, that I would share them with you.

Paranormal Reports