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Tacoma House Tale. Exorcised but still active.
Demons on the loose. Tales from Kentucky...
The Old Man
Jackie buys a ouija board and later goes ghost hunting.
Larry Ferres More details on The Princeton Haunt.
'Walkers' in my house. Footsteps and cold spots.
The Crater Lake Lodge "Something evil lurks there."
Fort Clatsop on the Oregon coast. A night watchman still on the job.
Followed Missing items with something or someone at the window.
"My dad is happy there." A father who remains.... beyond death.
Oregon Caves Ghost Story Fight or flight syndrome.
Screwy Louie.... and his hurricane appearance.
Eugene, OR A harmless haunt in a house for sale.
Historic Farm House Eugene, OR
A New Owner for the White Eagle Tavern...
A Haunted High School in Springfield, OR
Troubled by Hauntings
The Princeton House More information from the Ferres family.
A Missing Ring... and a miraculous discovery.
Minot State University Hauntings in North Dakota.
White Eagle An ex employee speaks up.
Mohawk A resident from the late 70's wants info.
A Ghost Survivor
A Threat... a pseudo seance, and a new beginning.
Visitations A haunting in Gresham, OR.
A House with a Grave Under It...

Reports from 2000
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