UPS - 1997


United Parcel took a risk
and let the Teamsters strike.
The hope was that the President
would end the feuding fight.
They hoped to end before begin
and bring the strikers back.
They thought the rules would stop the fools
and move the parcel stacks.
But risk can often go a rye
As learned by management
The strike began and on it ran
with protest anger vent.
The company begged the President
to use the striking laws.
But he denied their feeble cries
and claimed that they were flawed.
The strike was long and moving on
with millions lost each day.
The Teamsters spied the public eye
which labeled them okay.
Agreement signed and finally time
for Teamsters to return.
The workers gained an edge to fame
but both were fairly burned.
The boys in brown drive in the towns
with parcels stacked so high.
A scar is left upon the land
from greed we can't deny.

Heber of Swansea
New Creatures