Volume IV


The Maternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James


25. Mott Line


1. John Mott was born in Shalford, Co. Essex, England. He had a son, Thomas Mott.


2. Thomas Mott was born about 1514/15 in Bocking, Co. Essex, England. He died in 1554 in Bocking, Co. Essex, England. He married Alice Meade. She was born about 1523 in England. She died in Bocking, Co. Essex, England.


They two children as follows:


            1. John Mott married September 18, 1557, (1) Catharine Roke and married (2) Joan Gardner, sister of Sir Robert Gardner, Lord President of Ireland under Queen Elizabeth I..


            2. Mark Mott. See below.


3. Mark Mott was born April 25, 1549 in Braintree, Co. Essex, England. He died December 11 or 14, 1637 in Braintree, Co. Essex, England. He married about 1571, Frances Gutter. She was born about 1550 in Bocking or Braintree. She died February 11, 1615/16 in Braintree, Co. Essex, England. He purchased the manor of Sheme Hall in Shalford in 15900, and was the ultimate heir of his father, Thomas. In 1537 he gave a house and a small field, at that time, of the yearly value of forty shillings, the income to be disposed of in shirts and smocks of cloth at twenty pence a yard to be given to the poor of Braintree, Co. Essex, England..


They had the following children:

1. John Mott was born about 1572 in Wiston, Co. Suffolk, England. See below.

2. Adrian Mott

3. Mark Mott died 1630.

4. Joseph Mott

5. Edward Mott

6. Mary Mott

7. Mary Mott died in 1610.

8. Sarah Mott married Robert Tasborough in 1614. She married Sir John Henley 

4. John Mott was born about 1572 in Wiston, Co. Suffolk, England. He married on January 9, 1601/02 in Shalford, England, Alice Harrington, born about 1580 (1565) in Co. Essex, England. She died after 1630 in Wethersfield, CT. She was the daughter of Thomas Harrington, born about 1550 in Althorne, England. They had the following children:


1. Thomas Mott married Sarah Brand.


2. Mark Mott married and had one son, John, who had two daughters: Alice and Mary.


3. Alice Mott was baptized March 8, 1604.


4. Mary Mott


5. John Mott


6. James Mott


7. Frances Mott


8. Dorcus Mott


9. Dorothy Mott was born in 1592 in Braintree, Co. Essex, England. See below.


5. Dorothy Mott was born in 1592 in Braintree, Co. Essex, England. She died in February 1669/70 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. She came to America with her husband and two children in 1632. Another record says she died in Wethersfield, CT. She married in 1625 John Talcott IV. He was born about 1588.


The following was obtained from the Internet January 2007 (http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/GenConnecticut/1999-04/0925320986):


Will of Dorothy (Mott) Talcott, widow of the worshipful Mr John Talcott, late of Hartford, Ct., who deceased February, 1669/70.

"I, Dorothy Talcott, widow, being weak in body (yet perfect in my understanding), being sensible of my own mortality, not knowing how suddenly the Lord may put a period to this short and uncertain life, do therefore commend my immortal soul into the bosom of my most merciful God and father and ever blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ, and Eternal Spirit the Comforter, hoping for eternal life and salvation through the merits and intercession of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and bless the great name of God for his unspeakable love in the manifestations of the boundless riches of his free grace through Jesus Christ to my soul, and rest in hope of a glorious resurrection and re-union of soul and body at the Great Day of His appearance - and as in duty bound, I do make this my last will and testament, leaving my body to be buried at the discretion of my sons John and Samuel Talcott. And after my departure this life, I do give and bequeath unto my son Samuel Talcott the arrears of what is unpaid of eight pounds per annum out of the rent of land at Wethersfield, assigned by my deceased husband to be paid by him during my natural life.

Also I do give and bequeath to my son Samuel a pair of holland pillow beers and a pair of sheets belonging to the bed his father gave him marked M in blue. Also I give to him one flock bed, bolster and a pair of blankets belonging to it in my kitchen chamber, and one-third part of my wearing clothes, both linen and woolen. Also I give my son Samuel one-third part of my household linen, also I give him my pewter flagon and a third part of the pewter belonging to the house, and the iron dripping pan, and the least spit, and the biggest iron pot save one, and the little brass pot, and the least trunk, and one of the chests in the kitchen chamber, and three of my great green cushions. I also give my son Samuel my silver beer bowl and two silver spoons. I give a third part of my wearing clothes to my son Samuel my Turkey Mohair coat excepted. The aforementioned legacies with my debt due to my son John Talcot, or to any other being first discharged, I do give and bequeath to my son John Talcott, all other my estate lying or being in cattle or kine, horse or sheep and swine - as also all sorts of corn or grain belonging to me whatsoever. Also I give my son John my clothes, both woolen and linen, my Turkey Mohair coat, a pair of holland sheets and a pair of rough pillow beers belonging to the bed which his father gave him. All my plate, pewter and brass and iron vessels, utensils or tools, arms, ammunitions and whatsoever else appertains to me, whether within doors or without (not given expressly to my son Samuel by this will). I say, I give all other my estate to my son John Talcott, as if they were particularly named by me. Also I give to my son John all debts due or may be due to me from any person or persons either by book, bill, bond or gift, after my decease. And after my departure this life, I do ordaine and constitute my son John Talcott sole executor of this my last will and testament. In witness that the above written is my will in every particular thereof, I have set to my hand in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixty nine, September the two and twentieth.
Dorothy Talcott
Jeremiah Adams

Inventory of the Estate of Dorothy Talcott, deceased, was taken and

apprised February 28, 1669/70, by John Allyn and Thomas Olcott."


See the Talcott Line elsewhere in this volume.