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Here is a basic web site for me to share stuff with friends and family!

Latest fun is my New Jeep Wrangler!  Had a 1980 CJ 7 I bought new in  Jan of 1981.  Got a used 1997 Wrangler TJ a few years ago-


 Well I loved that TJ, but it was old, and a 4 banger, without A/C and I just decided I DESERVED A/c.  So.......


Here's the new 2013 Wrangler JK!  So far I am loving it and it is a blast to drive!


Also Here is some info on my Two-Wheeled vehicles


I have taken up bicycle riding for my health, and am commuting back and forth to work (8 miles one way).  In Febuary of 2010 I bought the Giant OCR2 above for a great price at Bethany Cycles here in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

One of the toughest things I ever had to do was make the decision to sell my Harley this past spring as well.  The truth was that I am over weight and have high blood pressure.  I started commuting by bike a couple of years ago (late spring through early fall), but until this year I had always found a lot of excuses to swap out the Harley for the bicycle.  I had to let the Harley go to concentrate on the bicycle.  I hope that in a year or two I may be able to get another Harley, but for now the cycling aspect is going to have to take center stage!


Some of my favorite bicycling sites:

http://urbanvelo.org/  This site is pretty hip and new, but even an old codger like me feels welcome.  It is amazing what the younger generation is doing for cycling and I am just riding the wave and trying not to get too much in the way.  Their monthly magazine is posted as a PDF and free, or you can get a very reasonable subscription as I do since I like to read it at night before hitting the sack!




http://www.banjobrothers.com/  These guys make the best cycling backpack and messenger bags IMHO.  As soon as I get a chance I will put some pictures of them up and give my impressions of them as I have both.  The backpack is my daily commuter and it is great!


 http://www.yipsanbicycles.com/about.html Renold Yip is a custom bike builder who builds all his bikes by hand personally.  I have not met Renold, but I have had a couple of online email conversations with him, and he is a very nice guy!  If you read his bio on his site he is also very qualified to do what he does, and the awards he has won for his bikes will also attest to that.  If I ever have a custom bike built for me, I will have Renold do it.  Please check out his website!


http://www.bicycletimesmag.com/  Another great magazine that is also somewhat young and hip, but they definately don't discriminate against anyone.  The magazine is geared toward bicycle commuters and the more practical side of cycling.  A lot of great bicycle and gear reviews.  Done by the folks who do Dirt Rag ( http://www.dirtragmag.com/ ) the mountain bike magazine which is not quite my bag- although every issue has an article about one of my favorite things: BEER!  So it has to go on the list too!



Here is a good online store which has a lot of stuff. I have bought from them and always had a good experience.  If you wait for sales and special deals- they will usually have 10-20% off if you buy X amonut- and were going to spend the money anyway....  I know that it is a good thing to support your LBS (Local Bike Shop), sometimes the price difference makes it hard not to go online.






This is a great site and I love the magazine!  Just renewed it for another year and they have great info on commuting and it is very inspirational and helps keep me motivated to continue to commute by bike as often as I can.  Definitely check it out!




Gary Palmer