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This site is a growing collection of articles that cover such various topics as building a backyard swimming pool, buying an above ground swimming pool, purchasing a portable hot tub, maintaining pools and spas, installing diving boards or slides, designing a deck, and landscaping around your pool. There's a small section on water gardens and installing water features as well. Some of these articles are submitted by visitors but most are written by the web site owner, a freelance writer who enjoys researching and writing, but does not claim to be an expert on any of these topics (that's why most of the articles have one or more sources listed at the bottom--please refer to those books, magazines, or websites for more information). Many of the more popular articles are listed below, but if you want to skip to a particular section, you may want to start with hot tub articles, swimming pool articles, or water garden articles (these are master lists of all the articles related to the topics). You can also visit the swimming pool & hot tub glossary for definitions of some simple industry terms.

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Pools & Spas
The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual
What Color Is Your Swimming Pool?

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