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Cheap Hot Tubs: Your Options

Cheap hot tubs... Is that an oxymoron? Is it possible to find "cheap" hot tubs? I'm afraid the answer is not really. Below, however, I'm going to cover some options for people who really want the feel of a hot tub but don't have $5,000 to spend. Just realize there's a reason why hot tubs are a luxury item. On top of the initial purchase price, chemicals and increased electricity usage alone will add more than $50 a month onto your bills.

I quoted $5,000 as an average hot tub price. That's typically for the six or seven person model (by the way, when the dealers say six or seven people, they mean three or four comfortably). If you're looking to knock some money off the price tag, and you don't have a passel of children who will want to use the hot tub, try checking into two-person models. Two-person hot tubs tend to be shallower with both seats reclining, often next to and facing each other. You can find these for about half the price of the larger models. For many though, $2500 still does not fall under the category of "cheap hot tubs".

Other options to consider are used hot tubs and jetted bathtubs. True, it's hard to host a party in your bathtub, but if you just want the feel of jets of hot water pulsing against your muscles after a long day, you can get that in a bathtub. For information on finding used hot tubs of various sizes (and what you need to watch out for when buying one used), read our article on used hot tubs.

The last thing you can try is to browse for cheap hot tubs at eBay. Usually, you only find new hot tubs for sale at eBay, but because the dealer doesn't need to keep a show room full of salespeople, you often find much better deals on hot tubs online. EBay is particularly good because competition keeps the prices low. However, you need to be something of a do-it-yourselfer because buying online means installing everything yourself. When we bought our hot tub, we had to install an extra 240V line and dig up a trench in the yard in order to bury the cable leading from the house to the tub. Don't forget hot tubs are heavy and chances are the delivery people aren't going to carry it into your backyard for you. You'll definitely need some manpower to install a hot tub yourself, but it's certainly doable.


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