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Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

Some people choose to install hot tubs indoors in order to obtain more privacy or so that they can use their hot tub all year round. If that sounds like you, there are a couple things to consider before you decide to purchase a spa for a room in your home.

First off, you need to consider where it's going to go. You need to find a room (or remodel a room) that can stand up to dampness, both from people getting in and out of the hot tub, and from the perpetual humidity of the steamy water. Obviously, carpeted rooms don't work well. Some people decide to use enclosed porches or basements. Besides being able to withstand water, a room needs to be able to support the weight of a full hot tub. In order to find out if your floor can withstand the thousands of pounds, you may need to have a contractor or structural engineer check it out. Don't assume that just because it's a ground floor, it can support such a massive weight--there may be a crawl space underneath that you certainly don't want to fall through to.

If you find that you have a suitable room, you also need to consider how you're going to get the hot tub in the house. The term "portable" spa can be misleading. All that term really means is that the plumbing is self-contained. Many models are too large to fit through doorways, even if they are flipped sideways. Also, if there are any stairs to maneuver, you need to consider the dimensions there as well. You will need nearby place to drain the water when it's time to change it as well.

If you're planning to put your hot tub inside, make sure to tell the dealer that when you're shopping around. He or she may be able to direct you to models that are most suitable for such use.

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