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Building Permits, Codes, & Zoning Laws

Building Permits for Swimming Pools

Depending on where you live, you may need to apply for a building permit before you begin construction on a pool. If you're planning to hire a contractor to build your pool, make sure the contract says your contractor is in charge of securing any necessary permits. If you're planning to build your pool yourself, ask the local building department to find out whether a permit is required.

Procedures are different depending on where you live. If you apply for a permit, the building department may want to review your pool plans. The building inspector may also visit to make sure the pool will comply with local zoning laws.

Building Codes for Swimming Pools

The purpose of building codes is to enforce a minimum construction requirement to ensure people's safety. This set of documents will vary from city to city. If you live someplace where pools and spas are commonplace, there may be specific code requirements that deal with decks, patios, fences, and electrical work.

Your contractor should be knowledgeable of such codes, but since you are the owner, you are ultimately responsible for the project. Make sure to ask for and look over building codes before you sign any contracts.

Zoning Laws for Swimming Pools

Zoning laws are created to control how land is used in various areas of the city. This keeps commercial areas from building in industrial or residential areas and vice versa. Zoning laws can also affect what you can do on your property.

When you are planning your pool or spa, you'll want to check on things like height restrictions for fences or whether or not been there is a required setback (a set distance between your property line and where you want to build your pool or spa).

You'll definitely want to find out if any zoning laws apply to your situation before you start construction.

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