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The Ideal Swimming Pool Temperature?

Is there an ideal swimming pool temperature? The answer is, not really. Swimmers tend to be comfortable in temperatures around 78-82F. That's not an absolute, however.

For backyard swimming pools without heaters, temperature adjustment isn't even an option. If you do have a pool heater, you're pretty safe just going with something that's comfortable to your swimmers. There are a few factors to keep in mind if you're thinking of cranking up the heater, though.

Increasing the temperature can effect maintenance. At higher temperatures, evaporation rates are increased, which means a faster buildup of total dissolved solids. Higher temperatures also burn off sanitizer more quickly. Bacteria and algae grow faster at higher temperatures. More scale forms in the water, due to an increase in the "saturation index". Warm water is also uncomfortable for exercising.

Even if you're not adjusting the temperature, seasonal changes will typically affect your pool's water. You may need to adjust the total alkalinity to compensate for changes to the saturation index. In cooler weather, increasing the total alkalinity will help keep the saturation index constant. In warmer weather, reducing the total alkalinity with acid should help to keep the saturation index constant.


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