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Seattle Nonduality Dialogues

Quote of the Week:

How can I stand back and observe myself and the different situations that appear? In other words, how can I be a spectator and not feel involved?

You are not the doer, the thinker that rejoices and suffers. Take this for a fact and do not try to be a spectator, to be detached. The fact that you can recall your previous acts proves that you were a witness to them. So above all do not try to be a witness -- this would only be projection, and would keep you in the frame of ideas and expectations. If you accept this a change will come about within you, probably without your even realizing it at the time it occurs.
The witness is only a crutch to bring you to understand that you are not a doer. Once you are free from doership there will be a change of axis and the energy once directed towards the object will shift to the subject aspect, to the witnessing. In the end all residues of subjectivity dissolve and the witness with them. You discover yourself as that in which the object and subject exist, but you are neither one nor the other. Then there is only living silence.

from: I Am, by Jean Klein


SEATTLE NONDUALITY DIALOGUES has been meeting between two and four times a month since 2004. We are currently meeting on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake Forest Park Towne Center, 17171 Bothell Way NE in Lake Forest Park.

We meet at the lower level of the mall, usually at a table between the escalator and Planet Fitness, or sometimes near the Rite Aid. Once a month we meet in the Lake Forest Park Library, which is also in the lower level of the mall.
We don't have a set structure and we don't have a leader.  People bring up whatever they want to talk about. The meetings generally last about two hours.

Here are "Some Suggestions on the Nature of Dialogue" from the Krishnamurti Foundation of America which one of the attendees passed out at one of our meetings.

* Dialogue starts from a willingness to be tentative about what you know.

* The focus of dialogue is on what is rather than on ideas and opinions.

* You can participate by verbally or silently sharing perceptions.

* Dialogue is letting the issue unfold in affection and mutual respect.

* When a reaction arises, neither suppress it nor defend it, but suspend it in the mind and in the group, keeping it constantly available for observation and questioning.

* Dialogue is being together and seeing together in an unfolding relationship.

There are sometimes changes to our schedule. We suggest that you call in advance of the meeting or write us using the Contact link to be placed on the weekly meeting announcement list. Feel free to call or write anytime with any questions you may have.

cell: 206-261-7151