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Southern Maryland Astronomical Society (SMAS):

SMAS News and Events Page:

Astronomical League:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific: - An International Organization of Astronomers and Educators

Astronomy Club of Southern Maryland:

Delmarva Stargazers:

Greenbelt Astronomy Club:

Harford County Astronomical Society:

International Dark Sky Association, Inc.:

Madison Astronomical Society:

Northern Virginia Astronomy Club:

Rappahannock Astronomy Club:

Westminster Astronomical Society:

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4 Teachers - Click on "TrackStar" for Links to Lesson Plans:

The Astronomy Cafe:

Astronomy Top 100:

Bad Astronomy :


Educational Observatory - Astronomy Resources:

The Exploratorium Museum: - Search: Astronomy

Exploring Planets in the Classroom:

Goddard Space Flight Center:

Goddard Space Flight Center - Education Programs:

Goddard Space Flight Center - Educator Resource Center:

Hubble Space Telescope:

Joan Galat, author of the Dot To Dot In The Sky books:

Kids' Astronomy:

Leicester University's Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy:

The Moon:

Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center:


NASA Earth Observatory - Global Maps:

NASA Educational Resources - Education Home Page:

NASA Weather Satellite Imagery:

National Air and Space Museum:

The Nine [8!] Planets:

Planetary Imaging:

Resource Guide: Telescopes on a Budget : - Article, Plus Additional Links, as Recommended by a Home School Instructor


Shareware: - Search: Astronomy

Sky Calls - From the Creators of Thursday's Classroom:

Smithsonian Magazine: - Search: Astronomy

Space and Astronomy:

Spaceflight America:

Space Place at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

Space Science and Engineering Center - Weather Imagery:

Space Weather:

Space Telescope Science Institute Homepage:

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space:

Weather Satellites:

Welcome to the Planets:

Windows to the Universe: - Lots of Fun Links, Including Teacher Resources and Mythology

Yahoo! Kids: - Links to Science Websites for Young People

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Einstein Planetarium:

Meuller Planetarium:

Mount Wilson Observatory:

Nanjemoy Creek Observatory (NCO):

Nanjemoy Creek Observatory (NCO) Slide Show:

National Optical Astronomy Observatories:

National Solar Observatory:

Observatory Links:

Peter F. Hurst Planetarium:

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):

U.S. Naval Observatory:

U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service:

University of Virginia Observatories:

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Astronomy: - Click on Observing at the Top of the Home Page



In The Sky: - An Interactive Calendar of Astronomical Events

Jack Stargazer:

Night Sky Info:


Sky & Telescope: - Click on Observing at the Top of the Home Page

U.S. Naval Observatory:

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Cartes du Ciel Sky Charts:

Sky Maps:

Space Place at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: - Click on Do, then Make Star Finder


Virtual Moon Atlas:

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"Odyssey-Adventures in Science (For Young Adventurers)":

"Sky and Telescope":

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Astronomy - Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series - 1990
Publisher: Boy Scouts of
America, Irving, TX

Astronomy and Planetology - Projects for Young Scientists - Necia H. Apfel - 1983
Library Reference #: J522A

Astronomy for Every Kid - Janice Van Cleave

Atlas of the Skies - 2003
Publisher: TAJ Books, Surrey, U.K.

Atlas of Space Exploration - Tim Furniss - 1999
Library Reference #: J520FUR

Be Your Own Astronomy Expert - Guillaume Cannat - 1996
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Library Reference #: J520CAN

The Big Dipper and You - E.C. Krupp 1989
Publisher: Morrow Junior Books
Library Reference #: J523.8K

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astronomy - Pree and Axelrod - 1999
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company

Dot To Dot In The Sky - Stories In The Stars - Joan Galat (formerly published as Joan Hinz) - 2001
Publisher: Whitecap Books, Canada

Dot To Dot In The Sky - Stories of Planets - Joan Galat (formerly published as Joan Hinz) - 2003
Publisher: Whitecap Books, Canada

Dot to Dot in the Sky - Stories of the Moon - Joan Galat - 2004
Publisher: Whitecap Books, Canada

Dot to Dot in the Sky - Stories of the Zodiac - Joan Galat - 2007
Publisher: Whitecap Books, Canada

Find the Constellations - H.A. Rey - 1982
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

The Friendly Guide to the Universe - Nancy Hathaway

A Guide to Advanced Skywatching - Burnham, Dyer, Garfinkle, George,Kanipe, and Levy - 2002

Publisher: Fog City Press

A Guide to Backyard Astronomy - Burnham, Dyer, Garfinkle, George,Kanipe, and Levy - 2002

Publisher: Fog City Press

A Guide to Skywatching - David H. Levy - 2002

Publisher: Fog City Press

The Handy Space Answer Book - Phillis Engelbert and Diane L. Dupois - 2003

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

(I Didn't Know That) The Sun Is A Star - Kate Petty - 1997

How the Universe Works - Couper and Henbest

The Kingfisher Facts and Record Book of Space - Clive Gifford - 2001 Library Reference #: J520GIF

Learn About Astronomy - Robin Kerrod - 1996 Library Reference #: J520KER

The Man Who Made Time Travel Kathryn Lasky 2003
Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.
Library Reference #: J526.6209LAS

The Messier Album John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer 1978

Publisher: Sky Publishing Corporation

The Moon Book - Moon Legends and Milestones, More Facts - Gail Gibbons
Library Reference #: J523.3GIB

Making and Enjoying Telescopes - 6 Complete Projects and Stargazer's Guide - Miller and Wilson
Library Reference #: J522.2MIL

Ranger Rick's Nature Scope: Astronomy Adventures - 1997
Publisher: National Wildlife Federation

The Really Big Universe 1998

Publisher: FUNFAX

The Science Explorer Out and About
Library Reference #: J507.8

Science For Kids - 39 Easy Astronomy Experiments - Robert W. Wood - 1991 Library Reference #: J522.078

The Science Library - Vol. V - The Moon, Planets and Interplanetary Travel, Stars - Felix Sutton - 1983

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Science Project Ideas about the Sun - Robert Gardner
Library Reference #: J523.7078

Solar System - Spectacular Science Projects (Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects) - Janice VanCleave - 2000 Library Reference #: J523.2078

Space and Astronomy - 49 Science Fair Projects - Robert Bonnet
Library Reference #: J520.78

Space and Planets - 1992 Library Reference #: J520SPA

Star Factories - The Birth of Stars and Planets - Ray Jayawardhana - 2001 Library Reference #: J523.88JAY

The Starlore Handbook - Geoffrey Cornelius - 1997
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Stars and Atoms - From the Big Bang to the Solar System - Stuart Clark - 1995 Library Reference #: J520CLA

The Stars: A New Way To See Them - H.A. Rey - 1980
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Tales of the Shimmering Sky - Susan Milord
Publisher: Williamson Publishing Company

There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars - Bob Crelin - 2006
Publisher: Sky Publishing Corporation

365 Starry Nights - Chet Raymo - 1982

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The Universe (Time Life Student Library) - 1998 Library Reference #: J520UNI

The Universe at Your Fingertips and More Universe at Your Fingertips - Ed. by Andrew Fraknoi - 1995 (loose-leaf format)

Publisher: Project ASTRO at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy and Space - Miles & Smith

A Walk Through the Heavens - Heifetz and Tirion - 1996
Cambridge University Press

The Wrongway Comet and Other Mysteries of Our Solar System - Essays by Barry Evans
Library Reference #: J523.2

The Young Astronomer - Harry Ford - 1998
Publisher: DK Publishing Inc.

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Amazon Books:

Astromart, the Global Astronomy Marketplace: - Features Various Brands

Celestron Telescopes and Binoculars:

Cloudy Nights:

Hands On Optics:

McGraw Hill Publishing Company: Search on "Astronomy" (bulk discounts available): OR 1-800-626-4729

Meade Telescopes and Binoculars:

Optics Planet:

Orion Telescopes and Binoculars:

Skies Unlimited: - Equipment and Reviews


Sky Publishing:

Software Bisque: - Features Various Brands

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Pamela Humbert
SMAS Program Coordinator
E-mail address:

Please remember that this is only a small fraction of the resources available today! Research your school library, public library, planetarium, observatory, museum, bookstore, science store, and the Internet for much more information.

Resources listed are not appropriate for all age levels at all times. Some are aimed toward younger children, while others are for older children and adults. Please be sure to research the items carefully before making any purchase.

This list is intended to provide information only. It is not an endorsement of, nor advertisement for, any resources listed.

To schedule your own Star Party, please contact the SMAS Program Coordinator, shown above.

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